How To Write Leave Application for Fever: A Leave Application due to fever is written to justify your absence from school or work. Both students and employees are entitled to write a formal leave letter for medical issues like fever and others. And Since covid 19, School or work recommends the person take a three-day sick leave to recover in case of fever fully. 

However, asking for sick leave from an office is a little more complicated than from School. But by writing a good Leave application, the chances might increase. we already provided Experience Certificate format and now In this article, we will give detailed information about How to write Leave Application due to Fever in MS Word.

The article has given details about the format of Leave Application due to fever:

Writing for Leave application due to fever in School:

Students have to write a Leave application before or after being absent from School immediately. So it’s essential to write a perfect formal letter. Therefore a leave application should include the following:

  • Addressing the Receiver – As you write the leave application, start with addressing the receiver. Whether it’s a principal or a teacher. For example, The (Principal/teacher). It is the formal way to address the senior.
  • Details about the School – In the next few lines, you should write the school’s name with the proper address and postal code.
  • Date and Subject – The date to be mentioned in the leave application should be in the format of DD/MM/YY. It is the date when the application is written by the Student or parent. While the subject is the reason of taking the leave. The subject comes after the Date.
  • Body – The main body starts with Using a Salutation and prefix(Ms/Mrs./Mr.). It makes the letter tone more polite and formal. The other details included in the body are the aim of writing the letter like, the reason for taking leave, the Period of required leave, and the doctor’s advice if any.
  • Thank Note – An application letter should always have a thank note and response for granting the leave.
  • Closing Details – You should end the sick leave letter by mentioning your name, class, and the signature of your parents.
  • Vacation Leave Letter Format
  • One Day Leave Letter Format

Leave application for fever in school 


The student himself or the parents can send the letter of application at the School in the following way:


The Principal/ Teacher
(School Name)
(School Address)

Date: DD/MM/YY

Subject: Application for Fever to Class Teacher

Respected Ma’am/Sir,

It is respectfully reported that I (Student’s Name & class) have suffered from fever for the last three days and need leave for the remaining week. My doctor has advised me to stay home for a week.

Therefore, I am unable to attend school for the rest week. I hope you understand my problem and grant me sick leave for three days from Date(dd/mm/yy) To Date(dd/mm/yy). 

I would be grateful for your support.

Sincerely Your’s

Student name

(Parent’s Signature)

Leave Application format due to fever

Writing for Leave Application In office:

When writing a leave application due to fever, attaching the medical certificate from a registered doctor is advisable. A leave application to submit in the office must include the following:

  • Subject: Mention the reason for writing the letter. Since it’s a leave application due to fever, one can write Sick leave required due to High Fever.
  • Salutation- A leave application should include a salutation to address the employer.
  • Application Body- In the main body of the application include an Introduction of yourself, the reason for leave, the time period of leave, and contact details in case of urgencies.
  • Thank note- End the leave application with a thank note towards the employer.
  • At last, mention your name and signature.

You can direct it to your manager in the following way:

Subject: Sick Leave Required

Dear Mr/Ms/Mrs. (Recipient’s Name),

This is to inform you that I am suffering from fever and flu, due to which I won’t be able to come to the office for at least (days). My family doctor has advised me to take a rest at home. I will try to periodically check on my email in case you need any urgent work.

I hope you understand and accept my request to grant me leave from Date(DD/MM/YY) to Date(DD/MM/YY). 

Thank you

Yours Sincerely,

(Employee Name)

Sample Leave Application


How can I write Fever leave application?

You can easily write a fever application only you need to mention basic things in your application like Name, Subject, Reason for your leave, Leave Period (No of days) Contact details, etc.

How do I request leave from school?

Write an application to your principal with your Name, Address, Reason for your leave, Leave Period, etc.

How do I apply for 2 days leave for Fever?

Mention the reason for writing the application. Since it’s a leave application due to fever, one can write Sick leave required due to High Fever.


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