Google Net Worth 2024: Top 5 Google (Alphabet) Shareholders

Alphabet or Google Net Worth is $2112 billion as of 2024. Google LLC is one of the world's biggest search engines. It is an American multinational company.


Alphabet Google Net Worth

(Alphabet) Google’s Net Worth is $2112 billion as of 2024. Google LLC is one of the world’s biggest search engine. It is an American multinational company and is used all around the world. Google has a collection of data from literally everywhere and it knows everything. In today’s world, people cannot imagine of living without Google’s help and assistance. The company is spreading its branches more and more as today Google is not only a search engine but a brand too which is famous for it’s smartphones like Google Pixel and many other smart devices. Also read the Net Worth details of Mark ZuckerbergBill Gates Net Worth.

As the world is going more and more digital Google has launched its digital payment platform, Google Pay which has gained immense success in very less time. The payment platform is much more safe and easy to use than any other. The company is growing exponentially and is considered as the five biggest IT companies of the world. Nowadays Google holds most of the app market too with apps like Google Calendar, Google Chrome, Google docs, Google drive etc.

google headquarter
Google Net Worth

Google Net Worth

Google LLC (Alphabet) has a total net worth of $2112 billion. Google’s parent company is Alphabet Inc and Total Net Worth in Indian Currency is 138 Lakh Crore. You haven’t noticed but the no of times you visit is much more than the no of times you eat. The daily earnings of Google is $50 million which shows its worth in todays world. Google earns a huge amount of wealth from the advertisement of products and services.

Despite all the privacy policy concerns Google is still growing exponentially and seeing a surge in its users. You may also like Mukesh Ambani, Ratan Tata Net Worth, and Sundar Pichai.


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Alphabet Net Worth 2024

NameGoogle (Alphabet)
Net Worth 2024$2112 Billion
Net Worth in Indian RupeesRs. 138 Lakh Crore
Total assets 2023:$396.711 Billion
Net income 2023:$60.953 Billion
Revenue 2023$297.132 Billion
PE Ratio 202426.39
Founders:Larry Page, ‎Sergey Brin
CEO:Sundar Pichai (3 Dec 2019–)
Founded:September 4, 1998

Google Net Worth Last 5 Years

YearNet Worth
May 2024$2112 Billion
February 2024$1915 Billion
November 2023$1677 Billion
August 2023$1663 Billion
May 2023$1359 Billion
January 2023$1148 Billion
Nov 2022$1135 Billion
Sept 2022$1420 Billion
April 2022$1853Billion
2020$1210 Billion
2019$934 Billion
2018$749 Billion
2017$670 Billion

Top 5 Google (Alphabet) Shareholders

NameTotal Shares
Larry Page40.1 million shares (Type C)
Sergey Brin38.9 million shares (Type C)
Vanguard Group, Inc.22.6 million shares (Type C)
BlackRock, Inc.20 million shares (Type C)
T. Rowe Price Associates, Inc.12.2 million shares (Type C)

Google organizational Structure

Google’s organizational structure has helped the company to become one of the most successful and innovative technology companies in the world. The matrix structure allows Google to be flexible and adaptable to change, while the flat structure helps to foster a more open and collaborative work environment.

  • Alphabet: Alphabet is Google’s parent company and oversees all of its businesses, including Google, Calico, DeepMind, Waymo, and others.
  • Google: Google is the largest part of Alphabet and is responsible for developing and maintaining Google’s search engine, advertising platform, and other products and services.
  • Functional teams: Functional teams are organized by expertise, such as engineering, sales, marketing, and legal.
  • Product teams: Product teams are organized around specific products or services, such as Search, Gmail, Android, and Chrome.
NameTitleDirect Manager
Sundar PichaiChief Executive Officer (CEO)Alphabet Board of Directors
Ruth PoratChief Financial Officer (CFO)Sundar Pichai
Prabhakar RaghavanSenior Vice President (SVP), Search, Assistant, and AdsSundar Pichai
Rick OsterlohSVP, Devices and ServicesSundar Pichai
Jeff DeanSVP, Google Research and HealthSundar Pichai
Urs HölzleSVP, Technical InfrastructureSundar Pichai
Kent WalkerPresident, Global AffairsSundar Pichai
Fiona CicconiChief People Officer (CPO)Sundar Pichai
Thomas KurianCEO, Google CloudSundar Pichai
Kent WalkerPresident, Global Affairs and Chief Legal OfficerSundar Pichai
Jeff MarkowitzVP, Talent Advisor to the CEOSundar Pichai
Gautam AnandMD, APAC, YouTubeSundar Pichai
Debbie WeinsteinVP, Global Advertising Solutions, YouTubeSundar Pichai



Google LLC was founded way back in 1998 by two PhD students of Stamford University, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Initially they wanted to create something which holds the data of several other platforms and acts as a helping hand to others. They created PageRank which does the same thing and its search engine was BackRub which was later renamed as Google. In 2002 Google LLC was shifted to Mountain View, California and its headquarters is called as Googleplex.

In 2015 Google started working as a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc., Google is working well and is fulfilling Alphabet’s desire to gain more in the field of internet.

Larry Page resigned as the CEO of Google to be the CEO of Alphabet Inc., and as a consequence Sundar Pichai became its CEO. Google has gained immense success over the course of time and it’s just the beginning of something extraordinary.

Alphabet Total Assets 2023

  • Alphabet total assets for the quarter ending September 30, 2023, were $396.711 Billion.
  • Alphabet total assets for 2022 were $365.264 Billion.
  • Alphabet total assets for 2021 were $359.268 Billion.
  • Alphabet total assets for 2020 were $319.616 Billion.
  • Alphabet total assets for 2019 were $275.909 Billion.
YearTotal Assets(Millions of US $)


google Evolution

Google has always worked according to with time like during the early 20s the need of the internet was a primary concern so it focused on bringing the best in it but after smartphones and other smart devices began to roll outGoogle has changed its strategy. From 2010 to 2015 Google has invested hugely in other hardware devices rather than software stuff. It merged itself with nexus, a leading smartphone brand and many other applications and smart devices like smart speakers, smart clocks etc.

Now the current situation is like you can’t imagine a smartphone without any Google services. Everything you do on your device, whether it’s a smartphone or PC or laptop or TV Google is the heart and soul of it. Google is helpful to many poor kids who are not able to study in schools. It is helping people in growing their businesses as being a sponsor for free. The amount of knowledge which you can gain from Google is infinite and if one uses it in the right way, sure it can be very helpful.

Currently, Google is facing several complaints because of its leak of personal data and not having any proper privacy policy rules. The amount of users Google have is huge so it needs to fix the problem ASAP.

Alphabet Revenue | GOOGLE

  • Alphabet revenue for the quarter ending September 30, 2023 was $76.693 Billion.
  • Alphabet revenue for the twelve months ending September 30, 2023 was $297.132 Billion.
  • Alphabet annual revenue for 2022 was $282.836 Billion.
  • Alphabet annual revenue for 2021 was $257.637 Billion.
  • Alphabet annual revenue for 2020 was $182.527 Billion.
  • Alphabet annual revenue for 2019 was $161.857 Billion.
YearAnnual Revenue (Millions of US $)

Alphabet (Google) Net Income Year Wise

  • Alphabet net income for the quarter ending June 30, 2023 was $18.368 Billion.
  • Alphabet net income for the twelve months ending June 30, 2023 was $60.953 Billion.
  • Alphabet annual net income for 2022 was $59.972 Billion.
  • Alphabet annual net income for 2021 was $76.033 Billion.
  • Alphabet annual net income for 2020 was $40.269 Billion.
  • Alphabet annual net income for 2019 was $34.343 Billion.
YearAnnual Net Income (Millions of US $)

Awards and Achievements

Google is the heart and soul of today’s digital world. It holds more than 75% of the internet search engine market. There isn’t any specific award which Google has. The biggest achievement for Google is that what you are reading today is also because of google. Google was once named the second biggest IT company in the world which is a huge success. Everyone or everything either by hook or crook is connected to Google and it’s a fact.


As for the conclusion, we can say that Google is an amazing idea of two people and now the world is taking advantage of it. It is a source of never-ending knowledge which is helping billions. With the help of Google, most underprivileged children can learn a lot. Those who don’t know anything about business and start-up can open their own by using Google. In smartphones, Google is like a backbone. We can’t imagine a smartphone without google chrome or calendar or many other applications.

Google is like a blessing if used properly or a curse if used in a wrong manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the net worth of Google (Alphabet)?

Google’s total net worth is around $2112 Billion.

When Google is Founded?

Google is founded on 4 September 1998 in Menlo Park, California, United States

Who are the founders of Google?

Google’s founders name are Larry Page and Sergey Brin

Who is the CEO of Google?

Currently, Google's CEO is Sundar Pichai (2 Oct 2015–)

How much is the annual income of google?

Alphabet (Google) revenue for the twelve months ending March 31, 2023 was $289.531 Billion.

What is the PE Ratio of Alphabet?

Alphabet PE ratio as of May 04, 2023 is 23.64



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