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The Estimated Net Worth of Sundar Pichai is $1.2 Billion. Sundar Pichai Net Worth grow every year. Google is the most sought after application, which gives instant results within a fraction of seconds. Also, it shows in how much of a second the results have been obtained! In today’s scenario, before we take an expert advice, we first look what Google has to say about it. The greatest fact about Google is that there are tons of solutions available for each and everything. The man who has been an integral part of such an amazing creation is Mr. Sundar Pichai, he is the chief executive officer (CEO) of Google Inc. He is the master mind behind every question we ask Google, or the search we look out for on Google. Also read Net Worth details of Sachin TendulkarSerena Williams and Rajnikanth.

Here, we will discuss about this Indian – American business executive Mr. Sundar Pichai, who manages to administer such a huge company, which has over 53,000 employees across the globe. Mr. Pichai has made every Individual proud, when he was made the head of such a great institution and has earned tremendous respect from every Indian across the nation. To be a part of such a massive institute, comes the great responsibility, and with every successful effort comes great prize.

Sundar Pichai Net Worth

Estimated Net Worth $1.2 Billion
Average Annual Income $220 Million
Personal Investments $572.5 Million
Luxury Cars – 5 $1.3 Million

It was estimated that Google has a brand value of around 101.8 billion USD, which in Indian currency is over 6 Lac Crores INR. The CEO of such a brand value, Mr. Sundar Pichai has a net worth of 1.2 billion USD, which in Indian currency is approximately 7685.40 crores. Mr. Pichai gets an annual income of around 220 million USD i.e. 1409.43 crores INR. Apart from such a massive earning, comes a huge responsibility towards society. Under Mr. Pichai, Google raises donations for several educational institutes, funds for various small technical companies, and supports transition towards taking the world towards a digital era.

Sundar Pichai Net Worth

In order to know about his net worth, we need to analyse his major assets.

Let us now have a look on the assets he possesses:

Sundar Pichai House:

SUNDAR PICHAI bought a luxurious home in the year 2013, the value of his luxurious home is estimated to be around 2.9 million USD. Mr. Pichai also owns several real estate properties in India.

Sundar Pichai Cars:

Mr. Pichai has a good collection of luxury cars in the world. His car brands include Porsche, BMW, Range Rover, and Mercedes Benz.

Average Income: Mr. Pichai takes home a massive 220 million USD annually.

Investments: Mr. Pichai has also invested a huge amount of money at various sources across the globe. His personal investment is estimated to be around 572.5 million USD.

Let us have a look at the facts about Mr. Sundar Pichai whose Approx Annual Earnings for the last few years which are a part of his net worth:

2016 220 million USD
2015 150 million USD

*Mr.  Pichai was the head of many different projects until 2015. In October 2015, he stepped in as a CEO, Soon after becoming the CEO of Google Inc. Mr. Pichai’s net growth had a rapid rise.

Dependency of Mr. Sundar Pichai Net Worth:

His rise from a project head to the CEO of the company is the most significant way that tells us the rise of Pichai is consistent. Considering his current performance and annual growth of the company as well as an individual, we can be very positive about the net worth which will be growing through the years to come.

About Sundar Pichai:

If you use google, which we are sure you do, you might already know a few things about Mr. Sundar pichai that are mentioned below:

Mr. Pichai was born on 12 July, 1972 in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India. His full name is Pichai Sundararajan. Currently he holds United States citizenship and resides at Los Atlos Hills, California, USA.

Pichai is a big fan of cricket, even in his childhood days, he was the captain of his high school cricket team, also he loves playing chess and soccer.

Pichai completed his graduation in Bachelor of Engineering in the field of Electrical Engg. from Indian Institute of Technology. Later, he completed his MS from Stanford and did MBA from Whaton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Pichai joined google in the year 2004. In the year 2011, Twitter tried to hire Mr. Pichai but google refused to let go him, and instead paid him a very huge sum to retain his position at google.

The idea of using a new browser was suggested by Pichai very early, but then at that time the idea was postponed and almost got rejected. Today google chrome is the leading web browser all over the world.

Mr. Pichai plays a very huge role for the creation of Gmail App, Google Drive and Google Codec Video

Mr. Pichai was also considered for the top job of Microsoft, but later which went to Satya Nadella.

Mr. Pichai is a complete family man; he is married to Mrs. Anjali Pichai and has two children.

Mr. Pichai is also said to be memory genius, many people say he never forgets telephone numbers, he remembers all the numbers he has ever dialled.

These were just brief facts about Mr. Pichai. We hope his fortune keeps growing and he becomes very successful in life!

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