How to use your subconscious mind to remove fear 2024

How to use your subconscious mind to remove fear: With this article we will try to understand the ways to remove fear. There are number of fears.

Raju Choudhary

subconscious mind
Subconscious Mind

How to use your subconscious mind to remove fear: With this article we will try to understand the ways to remove fear. There are number of fears we do face in our day-to-day life. During CMA course our students facing fear of failure.

People’s Greatest Enemy

It has been said that people’s greatest enemy is fear. Fear is behind failure, sickness, and poor human relations. Millions of people are afraid of the past, the future, old age, insanity and death. But, fear is a thought in your mind.

Example: A small child can be paralyzed with fear when a playmate says there is a monster under the bed who will grab him in the night. But when the parent turns on the light and shows there is no monster, he is freed from fear.

In the same way, most of your fears have no reality. They are merely a conglomeration of sinister shadows, and shadows have no reality.


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How to Overcome

Ralph Waldo Emerson, the great 90th-century philosopher, and poet, said, “Do the thing you are afraid to do, and the death of fear is certain.”

e.g. Many students/members have to fear the thought of standing before the audience and speaking. The best way to overcome this fear is to “Start Delivering speeches in front of an audience.”

Many times during our chapter seminar and orientation programme, we do offer students to share their feedback on programme but very few students grab the opportunity. Here I request students to grab the opportunities were ever you find the same. It will surely remove fear and also help in your career.

Steps this way to freedom from fear

  • 1) Do the thing you are afraid to do. If you say to yourself with perfect confidence and faith, I am going to master this fear”, you will.
  • 2) Fear is a negative thought in your mind. Overcome it with constructive thought. Confidence is greater than fear.
  • 3) Fear is behind the suggestive amnesia that strikes during the exam period. Students can overcome this by affirming frequently, “I have a perfect memory for everything I need to know.”
  • 4) If you are afraid of failure, give attention to success. If you are afraid of sickness, dwell on perfect heath.
  • 5) Look at your fears; hold them up to the light of reason. Learn to laugh at your fears. That is the best medicine. Nothing can disturb you but your own thought.

I hope that our student/member will apply the simple steps to overcome on any kind of fear.

Raju Choudhary

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