Top reasons to study for the ACCA qualification 2022

The ACCA qualification is a versatile area of study that allows you to acquire knowledge about various accountancy concepts. Top reasons to study for the ACCA.

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Top reasons to study for the ACCA qualification
Top Reasons To Study For The Acca Qualification

The accounting qualification offered by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants is a highly sought-after certification and recognised globally. Today, many students who want to carve a path to enter the finance and accounting industry, opt for the ACCA qualification to develop the necessary skills. The ACCA qualification is a versatile area of study that allows you to acquire extensive knowledge about various accountancy concepts, helping students stay relevant in the constantly changing business world.

If you are still deliberating about whether or not you should make an attempt at the ACCA qualification, you have come to the right place. Read this insightful blog to understand why the ACCA course has witnessed growing popularity among students and the advantages of going forward with your ACCA aspiration.

5 reasons for pursuing the ACCA qualification

  1. Extensive knowledge: The course structure of ACCA is designed to cover core accounting concepts that can help you in a professional career. Starting from tax and auditing to corporate and business law, an ACCA qualification equips you with skills related to various accounting elements. Furthermore, subjects taught in the course are in accordance with the current accounting standards, which enhances your relevance in the finance and accounting industry.
  2. Various career options: Acquiring an ACCA qualification makes you job-ready, allowing you to seek jobs in any part of the world. Since ACCA is a renowned certification in the international accounting circuit, finding a job is easier. Furthermore, it gives you an edge over your contemporaries who do not have an ACCA certificate to their credit. As an ACCA-qualified accountant, you can opt for roles such as that of Business Analyst, Financial Planner and Management Accountant.
  3. Practical experience: One of the major advantages of the ACCA qualification is that it provides you the opportunity to implement acquired knowledge in practice. Students can work with real-world business situations to understand how a particular accounting problem should be addressed and solved. This gives students the upper hand when they enter the actual work setting since they have the prerequisite knowledge and on-the-job training.
  4. Global recognition: The ACCA qualification is recognised worldwide and has a presence in over 170 countries. Top organisations across the world hold ACCA-qualified professionals in high regard and prefer hiring them for senior-level roles within an organisation. It has about 208,000 members and 104 offices and centres, spread across 52 countries.
  5. International standards: In an ACCA course, students are taught critical accounting concepts that are in line with international accounting and auditing standards. This allows ACCA-qualified professionals to acquire skills relevant in the global business sphere.

If you want to start your career in accounting, taking up the ACCA examination can be a good idea. Becoming an ACCA-qualified accountant can open up doors to career avenues across various industries. Furthermore, the ACCA course is structured around business solutions within a global environment, helping students scout for job opportunities with a wider scope.

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