How to Build Confidence – Guide for CA, CS, CMA Students

How to Build Confidence - Guide for CA, CS, CMA Students, Everyone keeps on saying that to become something in life, it is necessary to dream of becoming.

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How to Build Confidence

How to Build Confidence: Everyone keeps on saying that to become something in life, it is necessary to dream of becoming that. Friends this is certainly true. But friends only dreaming of becoming something will not make you that. Dreaming is just like a vision from which we need to determine mission and further objectives.

After talking with around 100 CA students, we have come upon a conclusion that many CA students are suffering from a problem of day dreaming and also they lack confidence. Here, we are providing solutions to these problems:

How to Build Confidence

Let us understand this will the help of actual facts:

Friends I have interrogated many students who get failed in their CPT and IPCC examinations. I would like to share one such experience.

I asked a student that what is the reason you are not able to crack CA exams?


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He replied, “I am not able to concentrate on my studies continuously for more than 30 minutes, after that many things comes to my mind and I lack my concentration and interest in reading and instead keep on dreaming for hours. This dreaming sometimes goes on for hours and I am not able to concentrate on my studies.”

Please suggest me what should I do to concentrate on my studies.

Dear Friends, let me tell you something about our mind.

Our mind has three states

  • Conscious: Here we are completely able to concentrate on what we want
  • Sub conscious: Here almost 70% brain supports you in doing what you want to do actually
  • Unconscious: Here you get support of your brain up to a extent of 30%

Thus, friends in order to concentrate it is essential to shift your brain from unconscious to sub conscious state and then to conscious state.

Friends, here is a list of suggestions on how can you concentrate on your studies and get rid of day dreaming and other problems.

List of All Suggestions to build Confidence


Starting your day with meditation will help you to improve your concentration. Even before starting your studies you should close your eyes and concentrate for 5-6 minutes. Friends believe me this is a very good solution to improve your concentration.

Morning Walk and Involving yourself in some sports:This will help you to get fresh air, which keeps you energetic for the whole day. Friends, walking or running for 15 minutes will do a lot for you. You will surely be able to concentrate on your work. Friends when you play something your mind gets relaxed and thus it helps to improve concentration.

Daily Schedule:

Friends, you should have a daily schedule which helps you to determine when to get up in the morning, when to have bath, when to have breakfast, when to have lunch, etc. Friends you know most of the successful persons have a daily schedule for their life and even a minute late is like a disaster for them.

Study Time table:

For every subject and for every day you should have a timetable. You should consider all subjects, every book to be studied, how many times you need to study, daily portion that should be completed, if you are able to finish your work as per timetable there must be an incentive too. Also, just making this timetable is not sufficient; you need to follow it sincerely. Many of us make time table and fail to follow it leading to failures. Time table helps to analyze your efficiency. You will also come to know about the downtime hours.

Lunch, Dinner, Breakfast:

Friends when you know that you need to study, you should control your diet as eating much can lead to laziness and you might not be able to concentrate. Also, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, pulses, etc.


Friends after you prepare a topic you should take a test either yourself or through some test series arranged by others. Tests help us to analyze whether we need to study more on that topic, what are the topics that are hard, etc. Friends you should also focus on study material provided by ICAI as they help you to understand the types of questions and solutions and helps to improve your overall knowledge.

Do not Waste Time:

We also need to understand that time has got huge importance and we should try not to waste it. Friends when you have appeared for IPCC group 1 and result is awaited, you should study for IPCC group 2 or if you are not sure for group 1 then at least you should study 1 subject of any group, this can save a lot of time.

These suggestions will help you in building confidence and passing with flying colors.

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