Special Tips For Group Discussion: A group discussion can be defined as a formal discussion involving 10 to 12 participants in a group. It is a technique used by organisation to evaluate a candidate’s personality traits and ability to work in a team. we already provided CA Inter Result Updates. In this method, the group of candidates is given a topic or a situation, and are asked to discuss in within the group. A conclusion may not be drawn.

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What is Group Discussion

Group discussion is a famous selection process apart from regular tests and interviews. Tests and interviews test a candidate technically. However, in a professional setup, the candidate must be able to perform even when working with other people.

Importance of Group Discussion

  • Enhances learning of a subject.
  • Increasing critical thinking.
  • Helps in problem-solving skills.
  • Improves decision-making skills.
  • Improve communication skills.
  • Builds confidence and a positive attitude.

Skills Needed in a Group Discussion

  • Communication skills.
  • Knowledge and ideas regarding a given subject.
  • Leadership and coordinating capabilities.
  • Assertiveness.
  • Flexibility.
  • Exchange of thoughts
  • Addressing the group as a whole.
  • Thorough preparations.

Guidelines For a Successful group discussion

group discussion
group discussion

A: Be a team player

The foremost objective of a group discussion is to asses an individual’s ability to perform in a team. Being a team player is a strong personality trait and a times, a difficult one too. An individual’s


Communication skill or perspective is seldom looked forward to in a GD. What counts is the participation of every member and jointly reaching to a mutual conclusion.

For any professional, being an active team member is essential to succeed. A good team member will have the following qualities:

  • Build a positive rapport with fellow members.
  • Encourage other members to participate.
  • Respect other member’s opinions.
  • Does not interrupt while another member is speaking
  • Participates in discussion.

B: Reasoning ability skill

Careful arguments must be given in group discussions. A group discussion has many participants with all kinds of sensibilities. So, the speaker participant must be very careful while presenting his/her views to the group. Sometimes the topics of group discussion can be sensitive religious-wise; ethnicity– wise, caste-wise, etc. So, the arguments must always be supported by appropriate facts and figures.

Group Discussion Tips CAknowledge.in

C: – Leadership role

“A leader is an authority who influences the group towards achieving the objective.” The leader in a discussion plays the role of a facilitator. And has to often act in situations like:

  • A discussion where participants do not speak much and are unable to build a proper rapport.
  • A discussion where participants get emotionally charged which results in a chaotic situation.
  • A discussion where participants discuss the topic in an aggressive manner.

In situations like these, the leader steps in and facilities the discussion. The leader interrupts and gets the group back to the subject of discussion. He/she then coordinates with members and their efforts. The leader inspires and motivates the team members to express their views and collectively reach to a conclusion.

D: Qualities of a good leader

A leader should have the following qualities:

  • The leader shows the direction to the group and moves away from the topic in the discussion.
  • The leader coordinates the efforts of all team members in the discussion.
  • The leader stimulates and contributes by giving his/her valuable insights.
  • The leader motivates the team members to express their views and reach to a collective mutual conclusion.

A leader is not a mere coordinator in a discussion, the role of a coordinator is a secondary role. A good leader makes a contribution to the discussion with his/her ideas and opinion, and stimulates and steers the conversation towards achieving a goal.

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