ITT Question Bank for CA Students, CA Advance ITT Online Test 2020

CA ITT Question and Answers, Download ITT Question Bank For CA Students. Take CA ITT Online Test. ITT Exam is compulsory Exam for CA IPCC Students.

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ITT Question Bank

CA ITT Question and Answers, DownloadITT Question Bank For CA Students. Take CA ITT Online Test. ITT Exam is compulsory Exam for CA IPCC Students. ITT Exam is conducted in online manner. Before this exam ICAI provided Training of ITT Program. Information Training Program is 100 hrs. Training Program and compulsory for Every CA Student. Day by Day this exam will become very hard exam and many students are fail in this Exam so students are search for practice test papers for ITT Exam. Download ITT Question Bank For CA Students from Below.

Today we are providing ITT Question Bank for CA students. In Information training program institute will provide basic training for Computer likeBasic Fundamentalof Computer, Internet, MS- Excel, Word, Power point, E-Filing, Database, Tally etc. This training is completed in 100 hrs. After passing of this Exam institute provide certificate of ITT Program.

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We provide Some Questions of ITT Program. You can also download full questions in Word format. Now you can scroll down below and download all ITT Questions from one Place

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ITT Question Bank For CA Students


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  • BBS stands for______(bulletin board system)
  • USENET is a BBS on ____ scale(large)
  • Internet can be defined as _______(network of network)
  • _________is a program that displays information about a host connected to the net(finger service)
  • _______ is a program or a tool that helps in locating a file anywhere on the net(ARCHIE)
  • URL stands for ____________(uniform research locator)
  • A ______ always begins with a slash(command line)
  • The World Wide Web is referred to shortly as the _______(web)
  • ______ is a program that helps us to log on to other networks(telnet)
  • HTTP is the acronym for __________(Hyper text transfer protocol)
  • ______is used to transfer and copy files over the internet(uucp)
  • _____ is a program that helps us to log on to other networks(telnet)
  • TCP/IP stands for ________________(transmission control protocol/internet protocol)
  • HTTP stands for______(hyper text transfer protocol)
  • Two of the important browsers are_____ and_____(netscape,ie)
  • ________ are defined as ways of communication amongst networks(protocols)
  • HTML stands for_____(hyper textmarkup language)
  • The system of interlinked documents is known as_______(hyperlink)
  • The small programmes that create animation,multimedia,real-time games and multi user games are called______(applets)
  • The information displayed on the web page includes______,_____ and_____(graphics,videos,audio)
  • The web pages that represent online home of their author are called______(home page)
  • _____ is the most popular internet service(electronic mail)
  • _______ is a program or a tool that helps us find a file anywhere on the net(archive)
  • Yahoo,lycos,excite and webcrawlers are _____(web directories)
  • GIF is the acronym for ____________(Graphical interchange Format)
  • JPEG is the acronym for ___________(Joint Pictures Expert Group)
  • The World Wide Web consists of _________(web pages)
  • A hyperlink can be on ___________(text or image)
  • Web is a collection of ___________(web sites)
  • The two major browsers used to surf the Internet are ________,_______(MS Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator)
  • The internet is also called as _______________(the net)
  • The internet is similar to _________________(peer-to-peer connectivity)
  • The net transfers______ from one place to another(data)
  • The net provides interesting services like______,______ and______(email,fileretrived,internet tools)
  • ________ is the ancestors of the internet(arpanet)
  • DARPA stands for _______________________________________________(defensive advanced research projects administration net)
  • DARPA is broken into ________ and _______(milnet,smallerarpanet)
  • NSFNET is the united states provides service to _____ and_____(education,research)
  • HTML stands for ______________________________________(Hyper textmarkup Language)
  • The first international IP network connections were established in 1973 with _____ and_____(england,norway)
  • A_____ is a set of computers interconnected by transmission paths to exchange information in internet(network)
  • A computer that provides a service usable by other computers is called______(servers)
  • _____ can be owed by multiple organisation(WAN)
  • Data is transmitted in the form of_____ signals(digital)
  • Modem stands for __________________(Modulation/demodulation)
  • ______ is the process of the digital signals being converted into a form suitable for analog transmission(Modulation)
  • ________ and______ are two basic ways of getting connected to the internet(Dedicated access and dial up access)
  • SLIP stands for ________________(Serial line protocol)
  • PPP stands for _____(Point to point protocol)
  • Identify the need for controls and auditing in a computerised environment.(All of the above)

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  • The IRC II client program command begins with a ….(Slash)
  • The IRC conversations are organized into….(Channels)
  • Identify the output of the IRC command ” /list -min 10″ .(Display channels with at least ten users)
  • Lynx text browser is a web client in which users can login with …..(Shell accounts)
  • A web browser provides this hotlist for a user.(Bookmarks)
  • The tool to obtain information on the web by menus and more flexible than Archie is….(Gopher)

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