How to be more confident in the workplace: Get tips on how you feel more confident in the workplace. Believing in yourself, in your ideas and skills, is the first step to doing exemplary work.

1. Change your vocabulary

To be more confident in your workplace, you should eliminate phrases like “I’m not sure” or “I don’t know if I can” from your vocabulary. “I will get it” or at least “I will try my best” is what you have to say to others and yourself.

2. Change your clothes

It can also change the way you dress and present yourself at work. Used clothes and appearances have an impact on how other people come to us and consider us. To feel strong, you must dress as well as possible and always maintain your appearance. You might be able to use fancy accessories such as luxury watches for example. Of course the Swiss watch such as breitling watch or Rolex watch is the first option that should be considered.

3. Change your posture

To improve poor posture it is necessary to position the head properly, strengthen the muscles of the back and abdominal area because with weak abdominal muscles and spinal erector there is a greater tendency for the shoulders to lie down and face forward, provided that the hyperkinesis known as ‘hunchback’, which is one of the most common types of bad postures.


What can be done to improve this posture, with the shoulders in front, including:

  • Exercise regularly to keep muscles strong;
  • Have body awareness and make minor adjustments throughout the day;
  • When sitting, make sure he sits on the buttocks bones and keep your back in the chair and your feet on the floor without crossing your legs.

People who sit more than 5 hours a day should pay special attention to the way they sit in a chair or sofa to avoid the formation of kyphosis, which is’ hump ‘when the thoracic spine becomes more’ when viewed tilted.

For this it is very important to be aware of the body and keep the abdominal muscles from contracting, making small contractions, which consist of ‘shrinking the stomach’, bringing the navel more to the stomach. This small contraction activates the abdominal muscles and transverse diaphragm which also helps in maintaining good posture throughout the day.

4. Know how to say no

It must also be able to say no to unrealistic requests. Accessing everyone’s requests causes stress, fatigue, and destroys personal trust. This is even characteristic of people who are confident. If you become Yes man, you will forever be someone who is dominated by others. Of course you don’t want you to always be subordinate.

5. Setting Goals

Setting goals for your daily work will gain confidence when you reach them. After packing at work, it’s hard to stop their confidence.

6. To be more in touch with your boss

The closer you are to your boss, the more confidence you will feel. Maintain a good relationship with your boss and find a great motivator in the workplace who can guide you. If other people reach the top, you can too, with a little effort and dedication.

7. Exercise

One concern you should have outside of work is to practice sport. Doing exercise increases self-esteem and personal well-being, which helps to make work more confident and competent. When you start applying these strategies you will see that your confidence in the work will increase.

Do the 7 tips above then you will be able to grow your confidence, slowly but surely.

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