Joining Articleship before clearing IPCC Group II – Difficulties and Solutions

Joining Articleship before clearing IPCC Group II – Difficulties and Solutions, Dear friends, after passing CA IPCC group 1 examination students.

CA Ridhi Dhoot

Joining Articleship before clearing IPCC Group II

Joining Articleship before clearing IPCC Group II – Difficulties and Solutions.Dear friends, ICAI is going to declareCA IPCC ResultandCA Inter Resultvery soon and after passing CA IPCC group 1 examination students have to undergo articleship for the period of three years. After completion of Two and a Half year of Articleship you become eligible for CA final examinations. The most important issue is passing your IPCC group 2 examinations along with your Articleship.

Another issue is your CA Final coaching and self studies along with Articleship and if you are yet to clear CA IPCC GROUP 2 then doing all the three together. Next important thing is focusing on Articleship along with other constraints mentioned above. It may be possible to carry out all these things simultaneously; but will you be able to grasp all these things together? This is what we are going to deal with here.

Joining Articleship before clearing IPCC Group II

Life is very short, so it is not possible to learn everything from your own mistake, you should try to learn from other’s mistakes too. Here I will let you know what are the mistakes committed by other students.

OVERCONFIDENCE: After passing CA IPCC Group 1, sometimes one may become overconfident that he has cleared IPCC GROUP 1 so he can easily clear IPCC group 2. Students in the initial phase think that Group 2 has only three subjects as compared to four subjects of CA IPCC GROUP 1. But friends let me tell you one important thing IPCC Group 2 has TWO theory subjects and only ONE practical subject and so it is not that easy to pass these subjects. Moreover once you have started with Articleship, you have to manage time in such a manner that you are able to perform both the tasks simultaneously and in a good way.


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LACKING SERIOUSNESS: Students may sometime think that just now we have cleared IPCC group 1 and now we need some break. This can truly be said as lacking seriousness .You should never take a break when you are running successful. Breaks are to be taken when you are not able to analyze reasons for your failure.

GOING FOR CA FINAL CLASSES: We see our friends are joining ca final classes and feel like joining the same classes with them. If you are in IPCC group 2, I would suggest you not to join ca final coaching classes. There is no benefit of joining ca final coaching because you will not be able to revise the course at your home and you need to give your full focus on your IPCC exams.

Importance of articleship and failure to do it properly because of second group

Institute makes it mandatory to do articleship for three years so that we can learn from our principals the way of working, understanding different concepts, how to work in different situations, learn audit, understand taxation. Make various reports, how to present ourselves in front of others, building reasoning ability in ourselves and basically understanding what we are actually studying. Friends, articleship is a very important part of ca curriculum and you should do it with 100% dedication. It is only in articleship that you can ask each and every doubt to your principal but once you become a CA, no one is going to help you out for your silly questions.

Sometimes your boss may give you quality work but you may not be able to focus on it because of huge pressure of CA IPCC second group or other studies. For ex: during the tax audit period in September you are given a tax audit by your boss but you are not able to focus on it. Friends you are not wrong but we need to think how to get rid of this situation.

Suggestion for overcoming such situations:

Friends before joining Articleship, try to clear both the group of IPCC. If you have cleared both the groups beforehand, you only have to focus on articleship and you will learn a lot. After clearing first group you can give one chance to clear group 2 and after that attempt you can join articleship.

If you want to join articleship at that time only, then, friends you should make a robust time table which will help you to clear your exams in that attempt itself.

You should read practice manuals, RTPs along with module. The material issued by institute helps you to understand the concepts in detail.

Friends try not to join ca final classes unless you clear your ipcc group 2.

Friends try to manage time and don’t be shy of reading at office whenever you get time. Principals always encourage students to study whenever they are free at office. No one else is going to give your exams, you have to give it yourself and so you yourself need to study.

Remember friends “where there is a will there is a way!”

If once you decide whole heartedly that I want to do this, no one can stop you from doing that.

People would learn from you and you will create your own success stories for sure.

Give it a cool thought, give yourself a second chance.

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  1. Thanks for your suggestions. No one can travel to two different places at a same time. So it is better to clear Group 2 before joining articleship.


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