Importance of Articleship Training in CA : Detailed Analysis

Importance of Articleship Training in CA, Articleship! Yes, going to office at such an early age, working there instead of going to college.

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Importance of Articleship Training in CA

Importance of Articleship Training in CA,Articleship! Yes, going to office at such an early age, working there instead of going to some college or bunking, working all day through and even late nights during high time like March or September, Articleship is not like a big blessing to us – CA Aspirants!

But, earning something (agreed, it’s not much!), getting to learn new things, dealing with clients, going to industries, seeing huge machines running in front of you, learning how to adjust yourself in the corporate world, working with experienced professionals, going for audits, verifying data of clients, isn’t that of a punishment either! Let us have a look on the benefits of articleship and then you can decide, it is the best thing for us or not?

Importance of Articleship Training in CA

Practical Exposure:

The best thing about the CA course is that it is very different from all other courses! Not just theoretical knowledge, we also get real-life experience of subjects like Accounts, Taxation, Audit and to a good extent, Law. Even when we are writing our exams, you might observe that in most of the papers our basic knowledge of the subject is tested and this knowledge will best come through practical practice.

Professional Behaviour:

Be it how you behave, or be it timely presence for a meeting, or be it submitting a report at the proper time, we learn professional behavior while working with the best professionals of the world. We learn how to manage deadlines, how to do multiple tasks together and also how to keep patience in such hectic situations.


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Not that boring!:

I agree, we don’t get to go to college like other people, but we have our colleagues with us in our office! No denying the fact that we get great opportunities to bunk too! And that enjoyment we do, while working extra time during late nights or when the boss is not in the office, AWESOME! This is the best part of articleship.

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Fresher Ca, Still With Experience:

The reason why articleship is an integral part of our profession is that when we qualify as a CA, we just don’t have bookish knowledge, but have, lots of practice of working as a CA. The motto behind this is that as soon as we become a CA, we are ready to start up with an office of our own. We have skills and we know how to deal with and handle our clients.

You Learn The ‘Seems Impossible Time Management’:

You learn the Art of Managing! CA Final studies or be it IPCE studies, tuitions, classes, audits, reports, returns, meeting friends, hang outs, social networking, family time – you will manage it all in a short day of 24 hours. Well, if you can manage so much when you are just doing your articleship, you will be a ‘time management guru’ after becoming a professional!

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After considering all the above mentioned stuff, I think it’s definitely worth undergoing a 3 year long articleship journey ride! Have fun! Do come back to us and share your experience!

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