CA Articleship Completion Form 108, CA articleship form 108. After Completion of 3 Years Articleship Training Every CA Student Require to submit Form 108 to ICAI . Print Your Articleship Completion Form Online From Below link. Here we provide Complete guide for Form 108. now you can scroll down below and check CA Articleship Completion Form 108 Guide.

The Principal shall on completion of the service of an articled clerk, forthwith issue a certificate in respect of the service rendered under him, in the prescribed Form 108 in case of articles, in Form 105 in case of Industrial Training and in Form 114 in case of audit service. A copy of certificate be submitted thereof duly filled in and signed by both the Principal and the articled clerk within 30 days of completion of training.

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CA Articleship Completion Form 108

Form 108 is only required to be submitted on completion of the full period of articleship. In case a CA Student takes a transfer before the full period of articleship, in such cases Form 109 would be required to be submitted with ICAI


An article assistant will not be eligible for the membership of ICAI unless he produces a certificate in Form 108 for the completion of articleship duely signed by the member under whom the articleship is being pursued.

Requirements for Form 108

an articled assistant who has completed 3 years of articleship training are require to submit form 108. Form 108 is on submitted on completion of the full period of articleship, If you want to take transfer then please submit form 109.

The articled clerk / audit clerk / Industrial Trainee due to appear in the Final examination must submit the service certificate in Form 108 / 114/ 105 as applicable, immediately after completing the practical training.

When Form 108 is Submitted to ICAI

After Completion of your articleship training, please submit form 108 at ICAI within 30 days. In case of delay in filing the form beyond the stipulated period, it has to be accompanied by a request for condonation and appropriate condonation fee as

Fees Payable for Late Submission of form 108

(i) Delay upto 30 days beyond the initial periodRs. 100/-
[ii] Delay between 31 days – 180 daysRs. 300/-
(iii) Delay beyond 181 daysRs. 1000/-

The Demand Draft (DD) should be drawn in favour of “The Secretary, The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India”, payable at CHENNAI, KANPUR, MUMBAI, DELHI, KOLKATA (Choose as per your regional office)

Download Sample Filled Format 108

Click Here to Download Form 108 Sample filled format of ICAI

Download Condonation Letter Format for Late Submit of Form 108

Details to Furnished in Form 108

The time spent by a CA Student in different work areas are also required to be mentioned in the Form 108. This time is required to be mentioned in weeks. Any other work area not falling under the captions given should also be specified

Articleship Completion For 108

Other Notes

  • The time spent by a CA Article Assistant in different work areas are also required to be mentioned in the Form 108. This time is required to be mentioned in weeks. Any other work area not falling under the captions given should also be specified.
  • Separate record should be preferably maintained in regard to the work experience during secondment/ exchange and should be counter-signed by such other member under whom the trainee has had the work experience.
  • This form should be signed by the Principal in all circumstances.
  • The details of the Bank Account No., Bank Name & Branch of your Bank in which the stipend has been regularly deposited are also required to be furnished in Form 108.

Where to Submit Form 108

Logging in to ICAI Self Service Portal

  • As a user, you will have to login using the following URL:
  • Click on Articleship Menu button.
  • Click on Articleship tab.
  • Now Click on Form 108 and fill all details and then submit your form online.

Please Submit your Form 108 at your nearest ICAI Branch or Send your Form 108 at your regional office via registered post.


Latest Comments

  1. Sir I completed my articleship on 3/10/2016 nd form submitted on 15/01/2017. But articleship
    completion letter not received till now.

  2. I have completed my articles on 23.06.2018. but I will post my completion form on 23.07.2018. shall I pay delay fee for late.

  3. sir ,
    i had completed my articleship 3years,but i had 2month extension period.i wont want to serve under same please kindly tell me a prodcure which form i have submit.

  4. Good morning,
    Hi sir I have transferred my article ship from Chennai to Bangalore & i continued my article ship from 11/7/2014 to 30/3/2017 & for confirmation in institute also I asked they said 30/3/2017 article ship is going to over I have sended the form to institute with delay fees & institute has send the reply letter that I should do more 4 days of article ship but I have confirmed with institute na but what to do now help me sir

  5. Hello, I have completed my articleship as on 12-08-2015 and submitted 108 with condoned letter due to delay in submission.
    I had extension of a month but I didn’t completed it so far. So what is the procedure now?
    Should I fill form 102 & 103?
    Will I have to pay any late fees or draw any DD?

  6. Hi sir,
    My Articleship going to end in July 14th 2017 but my principal refuse to sign form 108 now
    My articleship is complete according to ICAI rules but my principal said to serve till December and stop my stipend also.
    My advance ITT and GMCS II is also pending.

  7. Is it possible to served excess leave period with new principal by execute fresh reg. for excess leave ?
    Please reply .

  8. hello sir, sir i had registered for artilceship on 25.10.2012 and as per my reg date my training was required to be completed on 24.10.2015(3years) but after 2 years of my articleship i had taken transfer in which i had taken excess leave of 370 days, further my training was terminated on 26.12.2014 and i got re-registered for articleship from 27.12.14 which is to be completed on 27.10.2016 (including excess leave).Sir, now when i had sent my completion form mentioning date of completion of articleship as 26.10.2016 ,they said i have to re-send form 108 and mentioned completion date as 26.10.2015 and for excess leave they said i have to sent form 103.They also said i have submitted fee rs. 10000. for delaying this.
    please guide me sir what I’m suppose to do now.

  9. Sir my articleship is completed on 27 april nd as per d guidelines i have to submit d form till 27 may bt 27 may is saturday so i cannt sbmit d form if i submit d form on 29 may,is late fees to be paid with d form ? plz help me on dis

  10. Sir my principal changed the firm in 2nd year of my articleship and I am filling the form 108 as my articleship ended on 19/3/2017

  11. helo sir
    i have completed my articles but still i am working under same principaland sent my 109 form , but it had got rejected due to extra 2 days excess leave
    to mention it as 156 i have mentioned as 158 days
    so kindly help me out in this issue

  12. Dear Sir,

    Actually my articleship is going to complete on 4 march 2017 but due to medical reasons i am on leave for 2 and half months and so my principal is applying extension. So can i fill up both the forms late after may 2017 exam because its not convinient to for me complete all formalities.
    Can i do so if i m Ready to pay late fees

  13. I started my articleship on 31st march 2014 and then i took transfer on 21at march 2015 (Saturday).
    Due to sunday i couldn’t restart my articleship from 22nd march 2015 thats y i registered myself in new firm on 23rd march 2015. So there is a gap of 1 day in my articleship .
    So what shall i do?

  14. Sir
    My articleship started on 12/09/14 nd i took a transfer in d first year and my principal charged me an extension of 180 days. In or to b eligible for may 17 attempt i took only a leave of 16 days so that including extension my articleship ends of 31st october using the calculation of 1/6th period served. Bt since study leave taken was on 16 days i was advised to giv only one grp at a time. Now while attempting another grp in nov 17 will d leave taken b shown in 108? If yes will i become ineligible for may17?

  15. sir i hv completed my articleship nd it terminated on 28may 2015 but still i hvnt furnished form 108 wat will br d procedure for problem

  16. Dear Sir
    Received cash from principal…how could I show this to ICAI ? My principal is ready to give a cheque…will ICAI accept? Can submit cash receipts ALONG WITH FORM 108? Please reply …

  17. Dear Sir,
    My Articleship got completed on 15/11/2016 and i submitted form 108 on 19/12/16 with 100rs D.D(delay). I got to know from icai that i hv taken excess leave of 15 days. So now what i have to do if i want to serve excess leave taken under same employer ? Shld i submit form 107 with late fees now (asap) ?

    Sir Please reply at earliest.


  18. Hi Sir,
    I have started my articleship as on 17/01/2014 and it is getting completed on 16/01/2017.When i calculated my leave as per ICAI procedure 10 days of extension is there.But my principle do not allow me the interveining exam holidays as present,he is calculatting it as leave.Also sundays between short leaves(less than 4 days)taken as leave resulting 47 days extension .what to do?

  19. hello sir ,sir i had taken the transfer from my articleship and re-registered for articleship from 27/12/2014 and my artileship had completed on 28/10/2016. Sir wanna know two things about the details that is to be mention in form 108.
    1. Is there is any requirement to mention the details of my previous article-ship in 108 ?and
    2. Should it is necessary to mention leave in this form or i should not mention any leave in this .
    please Do reply..

    • 1. If you have filed form 109 at the time of transfer of articleship so There is no requirement of details about previous article ship. You have to just file details of current employer.
      2. You have to mention leave for current employer not previous employer

  20. I submitted form 108 on time but it was received by icai on 2 days delay icai replied for dd and cobdonation letter.

    Whether attestion and sign of principal requiered in condonation letter?

  21. Hello sir my query is that my articleship period is 24 oct 2013 to 23 oct 2016 but I discontinue my articleship fro july 2015 now I want to complete my articleship under new ca what is the procedure which form I have to submit to institute

    • Discontinue your articleship by submiting form 108 under old CA.
      You need to submit form 102 and 103 under another CA (New principal)

  22. I had send Form 108 But I got reply from the ICAI as 46 Days to be extended due to the Excess leave. My doubt is – in the Form 107 the column given as SIGNED SEALED & DELIVERED BY IN THE PRESENCE OF .. then Signature of witness .. in this column whose witness is required either me & principal or third person ?? please help me soon

    • Dear Sir,

      My articleship completion date was 09.06.2016 but my principle employer did not sign my papers (Form 108) till 20.08.2016 and my articleship has been extended for a period of 5 days as per the records of the Institute (Vishwas Nagar Office). Also, my principle did not submit Form 107 along with Form 108.

      Now since there is a break in the continuity in my articleship, can I serve the period of extension (of 5 days) under any Chartered Accountant or do I have to continue serving under my current Principle employer only.
      Also, what forms do I have to submit so as to complete the aforementioned period of 5 days of my extension?
      Kindly adise me regarding the same as soon as possible.
      Thank you.

      Yours truely,
      Rohit Tahlan

      • If you do not want to continue with the old principal, you have to first terminate your office under your principal by submiting form 108 to icai regional office.
        Then submit form 102 and 103 under new principal or the extended period

  23. Sir I’m duly filled and sent form 108 to icai(chennai) but problem is I filled mandatory filling with pencil and I forget to erase and place with pen,what course of action taken by icai….please suggest me what I have to do

  24. Sir I have submitted form 108 as on 05/09/2016. My signature was different in form 102 & 103 then Icai sent a letter to attest the old and new signature of the studen t from the employer but problem is that employer is not ready to attest it and he also refuse to sign revised form 108. How I can solve it

  25. Through Which post Form 108 has be to be sent ? Speed Post or Registered Post or any other if any. Please some one help me out in this

  26. Dear sir I will start training 24/12/2014 and I will leaves for 5-6 months form 10/10/3016 to 31/03/2017 due to some problems which form no submitted to the institute and also give the process of form. And who will be sign and where to submitt and when I will submit the formplease give the extra leaves please give me details in argent case

  27. Hello sir,
    Afer serving for 2yrs and 5months i took transfer to another firm and completed my remaining 7 months so i have completed my 3 years of articleship in all. I submitted my form 108 and i left the leave taken column blank since i did not take any leave under my new principle and had mentioned the old leaves under form 109 while taking transfer. I have received letter from ICAI for not mentioning and i am required to submit revised Form 108. Kindly help as do i have to mention the total leave taken in 3yrs?

  28. Hello Sir,

    Please Do comment over following Queries:-

    1.In case of break in Articleship, Can we Submit Form 103 at our own or it is required to be submitted only after a notice of excess leaves(total leaves 258 in original form 108) from Institute?

    2.In case of break in Articleship, As per rules form 103 is required to be submitted for relevant extended period, then Is another form 108(for completion of extended period) also required to be submitted after completion of that extended period?

    3.Where to Post Such Forms if Employer is From New Delhi, ICAI- Indraprashtha Or ICAI -Vishwas Nagar?

    Sir Please Put Light Over these situations.

    Eagerly Waiting.

  29. DEAR SIR




  30. I submitted my Article Completion form 108 in May 2016, bt there was overwriting so ICAI didn’t issued my completion certificate. Now I’am required to submit form 108 again. My question is do I have to submit any late fees also? And I don’t have any details regarding leave mentioned and details required in weeks which I filled in my previous form 108, do they cross check form? can I change details in New form?

    • Hi varsha

      Don’t submit form 108 again, first Call to ICAI and ask then that why my completion is not issued? and also open an online grievance to icai and ask then for send my articleship completion certificate, if ICAI say that your form is accepted then submit form 108 again otherwise not require to submit again.

      • Sir, I completed my articleship on 8-4-2016 But 108 yet to be submit.So my principle suggest me to fill form 108 now and attach copy of it with exam form.But sir in 1st year i have excess leave of 20 days from previous employer. will i got extension of 20days and which column should i select during filling exam form for final serving last 6 month or service completed.Plz reply asap

        • Hi Anshi

          Please Submit Both form separately, don’t attach form 108 with exam form, because exam forms are submitted at Delhi examination office and form 108 is submitted at your regional office and choose service completed and also try to get help from ICAI.

      • Gd morning Mr Raju

        My query is regarding invalidation of exam due to extention of articleship.

        My articleship started on 30.09.2013
        Due date for completion is 29.09.2016

        I appeard in May 2016 Ca finals and got exemption in one subject. Now while applying for Nov 2016 exams I requested my Principal for not showing my extention for 90days and submit my Form 108 once I have served those 90 days and the only consequence will be that I will have to a DD on 600.

        Please guide whether i am doing right or there is no issue in showing extention and no invaliation of result will be made on showing extention on Form 108.

  31. if within 30 days couldn’t submit 108 thn as per rule d.d. of Rs. 100 have to paid so I have a question that only have to paid extra d.d. of Rs. 100 or any other application also have to give with my 108 ??? please give me rply

  32. In case of transfer of Article assistant to Industrial training, after completion of 2 years what documents to be forwarded to ICAI – Form 109 and form and Form 104? Is there any necessary to deposit Form 108? Kindly clarify to my maid id:

  33. Sir,
    Do I need to intimate ICAI about the change in firm of my principal? My principal left one firm and joined another firm as a partner during my articleship period. Also which firm’s name should I mention in my form 108?

  34. Sir my articalship have completed on 08/04/2016 but when i have not sent my articalship completion form 108 to ICAI, now i sending to icai my completion form. so in this case any condonation letter required with completion form ??
    My principal has sign on the date of completion on completion form.

  35. Sir I served my training under two employer. While filling 108 whether I have to fill the current employers details or the previous employer also.

  36. Hello sir

    Got letter from icai tat my signature in form 108 is not matched as per ICAI records….. my doubt is what signature is considered as per ICAI record 103 form signature or at the time cpt registration signature. Pls carify in this regard sir……

  37. My article are complete after transfer of article, now which form submitted to completion & also inform about leave fill up in form that is consider with previous principle or only current principle because i already sent previous article termination form and work completion in weekly basis fill up only with new article principle or including with previous firm ?

    • Hi Ashish If your articleship training is completed then no need to do any training at your current principle submit form 108 for articleship completion and server extension training at another principle.

  38. Hello sir,
    My training will be completed at 24/3/2016 including exetension of 5 months,now my principal wanted to forcefully retained me for further work, but due to may 16 exam i dont want to do any, plz suggest me what should i do in this situation.

  39. Sir ,
    Is this necessary to attest the training completion certificate from CA while enclosing this certificate with the CA Final exam form ?
    Sir please advise me .

  40. Hello sir,
    My articles completion due date is 30.09.2015
    My auditor told me to do excess leave for a period of 4 months.

    so after 30.09.2015 i took leave for exams and for house shifting process and i came to ofc on 16.02.2016.

    today i.e 16.02.2016, i want to continue rest of the 4 months under another auditor.

    pls tell the forms that i have to submit from old auditor and new auditor.

    please reply asap.

    • Sir this is surya kanth.
      so based on my above query. .
      i have to give my final exam in may 2016,
      from whom should i take the signature in the exam form.
      new auditor or old auditor.
      pls reply asap.

  41. hi, my articleship got completed on 18/09/2015, but i failed to fill my form 108 on time… and going to submit it by 15/02/2015 only along with DD of Rs.300/- and Condonation letter signed by my Principal… so when am going to fill up my may 2016 final exam application form, i have selected Eligible Criteria as “Completed 3 years of service”. it shows that, i need to declare that i’ve completed my articleship training along with confirmation letter dated—— received from ICAI…. since i’ve not yet submitted 108 form and even if i apply it’ll take sum amount of tym to get d confirmation letter, so regarding this,when i asked the concerned regional office, they said u just apply for the exam… dont wait for confirmation letter …. so can u pls guide me abt the form 108 late submission, and whether it’ll create any problem when i apply for my exams… (or) do i just need to send the photocopy of form 108 to clarify this issue along with exam application???

  42. Dear Sir,
    What is the maximum extension that is allowed so that my attempt doesn’t get delayed?
    Please help! I’m really confused.

    • Sir,
      I have completed my articleship on 22/08/2015. I submitted form 108 in time and also received a Termination letter from ICAI(no extention). But, I havent recieved any articleship completion letter. Is the termination letter itself the articleship completion letter?? I tried to download the completion letter from the site but was unable to do so. Please reply.

  43. Hi,

    My articleship is going to complete on 17th Feb and as per calculation there shall not be any excess leave. But, while taking transfer from 1st principle on 4th Jan 2014, there was a day gap on 5th Jan 2014 which was weekend i.e, Sunday and i registered under new principle on 6th Jan.

    Will the 1 day gap be taken as vacant or will be considered as leave day as it was public holiday (Sunday) ?

  44. Dear Sir,

    I have left articleship since Aug,2014 and joined job in a company when my 2 years of articleship was completed. I have not submitted my 108 form to institute. How shall i complete my balance articleship now? I am relocating due to marriage. What shall i do for the gap period from Aug 2014 to Jan 2016? Kindly guide. Thanks a lot.

  45. Sir,

    My 3 years of Articles would be ending on 21st Feb, 2016. Now i’m sure my Principal is going to extend my articles by around 4 months. I’m planning to serve the extended period under some other CA. Can you please guide me regarding the procedures I need to follow? Also Can my existing Principal take any steps against me?

    • Hi Ishita

      Ye you can serve this training under another Principle, your old principle can not do anything regarding this and if you can serve extended period at another principle then you will again require to fill Form 102 and 103, as per ICAI Rules “In case there is a break in the continuity of training and/ or there is a change in the employer, an agreement, in form “107” would not be valid. In such a case, a fresh agreement in FORM “1 02” should be entered into and the particulars in form “103” should be sent to the office of Institute for registration within 30 days of the commencement of training”

  46. I have completed my articleship on 17th Sept., 2015 and have submitted Form 108 in the month of December’15. On 7th January, 2016, I have received a letter regarding Termination of Articled Service stating that i have taken excess leave of 8 days upto 17/09/2015. Now, i am serving the extension period from 18th Jan,16 to 26th Jan, 16 under the same principal. Which form should i submit for serving the extension period as per the letter received and what are the related procedures? Will this be considered as a break in service or continuous service?

  47. Sir, My form 108 is with my Principle and he said that he submitted my form without and extension, however I got a letter from institute saying “your articleship got terminated on 04/06/2015” it further said that “The Article clerk has taken excess leave of 77 days upto 04/06/2015”

    Please advice whether I need to submit form 107 to the institute or whether I don’t need to submit as 77 days is less that 180 (1/6th of articleship days) which is allowed to be taken as leave by the institute?

  48. Sir,
    I goted extension of 209 days, from my first firm, now i want to served by extension period in other ca. But my principal writte a letter to icai in which he increase my leaves. Is this possible?????? Plz help me soon

  49. I have completed my articleship in Sept-15 and submitted the duly signed form 108 to ICAI. Will I get any reply or intimation from ICAI stating that my completion of Articleship has been recorded in their records or any sort of letter in reply to the form submitted?
    It’s been 3 three months now and I haven’t received anything. Kindly help.

  50. I registered for articleship in the first firm on 30-11-2013 and i took transfer from there on 14 jan 2014 and joined to 2nd firm. I had shown 25 leaved in form 109 while taking transfer from 1st firm. I am doing articleship in 2nd firm. My firm is allowing 5.5 months leaves for exams. Now tell me will my artclshp extend. Can i submit form 108 before one month from my termination date i.e. 30-11-2016.

  51. Dear Sir,

    My articleship registration is in Surat firm & completed on 26/08/2015. I took leave from mid July for my Nov. 15 exam prepartions, & in August, my principal shifted to USA due to which i didnt submit Form 108 on time. Now, i got letter from institute regarding withholding of result & i am very much afraid. Plzzz. help…

    • Hi Dheeraj Bhansali

      Please Write a letter to ICAI and tell them that “my principle is shifted to USA so i am not submitted form 108 so please don’t hold my result and also suggest me how can i submit form 108 now”. and also talk to your principle for sign form 108.

  52. Dear sir…I hav an extension of 90 days. so this 90 days i hav served under a new principle.Hence i hav submitted form 103.
    Now under this extension period i have taken leave of 20 days. Now what shud i do in this case?? whether i need to fill form 107 or increase my extension period served in form 108??

  53. Respected sir,
    My training got over on 12/09/2015,I had sent form 108 within time but I haven’t received completion letter but received termination latter.In letter mention that my training got extended by 7 days.Will you please help me that what forms and documents I should send now?


      • Sir,
        I have completed my Articleship of 3 years and filled form 108 but institute has given 50 days extension then I have also served such 50 days of extesnion under another employer from 26/11/15 to 15/01/16 and for that I filled form 103 and also 108 filled after completion but still institute has not take the effect of new Articleship commencement and completion. So I don’t get Articleship Completion certificate from ICAI.
        So here I want to ask that what should I mention in exams form (because if I mention completed then I have to attach completion letter)or from which employer I require to signing the exams form ?

  54. Dear sir,
    my articleship was completed on 11/09/2015 but i have not recieved any letter from icai, 2-3 day ago i mailed icai for same and they replied that i have got 26 days extension what documents are required along with form 107

    • Hi shubham
      As per ICAI Rules An articled assistant who has taken leave in excess of the period allowed under Regulation 59 is required to serve for a period equivalent to the excess leave taken in order that his training may be completed. For this purpose a supplementary deed of articles in form No. “107” should be executed in triplicate with the same employer in continuation of the previous training on a non-judicial stamp paper or special adhesive stamp of the requisite value should be affixed on the supplementary deed form. The supplementary deed in duplicate along with form No. 108 for the period already served, should be sent so as to reach the office of the Institute within 60 days of the expiry of the normal terms of articles.

  55. Hello sir,
    My training got over on 25/09/2015,I had sent form 108 within time but I haven’t received any letter yet.Yesterday I called up the institute they told me that my training got extended by 5 days.Will you please help me that what forms and documents I should send now?

  56. sir,
    I got registered in articleship on 26.10.2012.
    and after that i took transfer from my 1st firm to 2nd firm on 21.10.2013.
    and in 1st firm i took leave of 233 days.
    I had shown these 233 days in form 109 while taking tranfer in 2nd firm.
    I did no less the allowed leave of 1/6th in form 109.
    Then i got registered in 2nd firm from 25.10.2013 to 30.10.2015 by filling form 103.
    In 2nd firm i did not took any leave.
    And on 30.10.2015 my articleship got completed.
    Now my query is that should i serve the leave of 1st firm in 2nd firm?
    And how much leave i will show in form 107 i.e. leave of 233 days or by substracting the allowed leave as per icai rules and serve the excess leave of 89 days?
    Please Also let me know the forms I required to submit.
    I want to serve the leave period in my 2nd firm i.e. current firm.
    Please sir reply to my query as earliest.

  57. Hi sir ,
    I finish my articles officially today. However o have extention of 4 months which I’m planning to do under a different CA. But the CA under whom I am currently registered is my 2nd principle . My 1st principle resigned from service so I terminated my articles under him and got re registered under a different CA. Now am I suppose to submit 2 different forms of 108 with signatures of both the principles? And am I also suppose to obtain my service certificate from both the principles? And about my extension, since I’m doing it under a different CA from my current principle (principle no 2), I’m only suppose to submit form 102 and 103 or any other form for extention as well ? Please advice.

  58. DEAR SIR,


  59. Sir i hav completed my Articleship in April 15 n deposited form 108 with late fee in july 15 … didnt got the article completion letter yet (nov) . plz suggest

  60. As my articleship is completed and I mean to return to my home which is 500km away from the place where I was engaed for articleship and I have provided the local address of place where I was engaged in the articleship but I mean to ask that whether I can provide my permanent address i.e home address in Form 108 as my correspondence address, please suggest me

  61. Hello
    I have appeared for May 2015 CA-Final Exam. As on 1st May, 2015, I was serving last six months of my articleship, ie, my articleship, including excess leave, was to get over on 22nd Oct, 2015. But after coming from exams to office, I took some more leaves due to which it got extended beyond 31st Oct, 2015, ie, upto 13th Nov, 2015.
    Is this a ground for my non-eligibility for May, 2015 attempt? Will it affect my result? Is it possible that my principal can take any action against me?? On what basis can I defend myself? Please give me the reference of any rule/Circular of the ICAI.

  62. Hi
    I completed my articleship training on 27/09/2015 and submitted Form 108 on 30th sep. I got a mail notification from Icai regarding articles completion, but didn’t get the letter till date. Please clarify whether I can apply for membership with Form 108 copy or the letter is mandatory.

  63. Dear sir,
    I Have completed my articles on 24/09/2015, after filling 108 I have to get it signed by my principal and then take three copies of it ? Really confused with which to keep and which to send to icai &principal? What about original copy? Can u please clearly mention the procedure of completion of articles?

    • Hi Siya sharma

      all copies are same you can keep any copy of form and submit any copy to ICAI, and Please fill all 3 copies yourself and submit all copies to your nearest ICAI Branch, after submitted all copies ICAI return you remaining 2 copies with stamping, then keep one copy yourself and provide another copy to your principle.

  64. I hav completed my articles on sep 15 2015. Now I filled form 108 and my principal signed it on Oct 15 .I will post it on Oct my doubt is should I pay the condonation fee

  65. Please help me in knowing formalities to get service completion certificate through form 108 if we took secondment in last year under a PCA

  66. I took secondment under a pca in last year although I remain registered with my principal employer then in this case what is the procedure for filing form 108

  67. Sir,
    My articleship will be completed on April 26 2016, is it necessary to submit form 108 before final exam if i want to appear for may 2016??
    Or I may submit it anytime before 26 may 2016 I.e before one month…..

    • Hi Ramesh

      as per ICAI The form should be submitted to the office of the Institute within 30 days, If you can not submit your form then you will require to pay late fine fess, I don’t know why you not submitted your form but as per my suggestion please submit Form 108 as soon possible before exams.

  68. Is leave days required to be included while calculating number of weeks while filling Form 108 ??? I completed my 3 years of service and I have 70 days leave. Do I need to include those 70 days while calculating number of weeks spent in particular field.

  69. Hi, I finished my articleship on 5-Sep-2015 but have excess leaves of 26 days which I am currently undergoing with the same principal. I have not submitted 107 or 108 as I am a little confused as to how to go about it.
    1) Do I have to submit 108 twice? One for 5th and the other one after 26 days?
    2) And form 107 says that a witness is required. What is that exactly?
    3) Lastly I am currently working in Delhi NCR but my employer’s membership no. is for Kanpur. So do I have to send the documents directly to Kanpur office or can I submit it in Delhi office?

    • Hi Shreya

      Please check Your Queries answer from Below

      1. No Submit 108 only one Time and Submit Form 107 for Excess Leave
      2. Any Gazetted Officer or Chartered Accountant or any Student
      3. Please ask this query answer to your Principle

      • Thank you Sir. However I posted this query in the grievance section of ICAI as well and this was the reply “1. yes, u have to submt 108 twice as u noted. 2. yes, one witness is required , witness can be a student or membe rof icai.3.submit all required papers to kanpur. ”
        I am still a little confused regarding form 107. Incase you have a filled form for reference, that would be a huge help.

  70. Hello, I have completed my articleship and submitted 108 with condoned letter due to delay in submission, but the completion letter is not received yet. During this my principle is continuously calling me to come office and to do assignments even after submission of 108. I m completely getting distracted on my preparation for exam in nov-15. What should i do, what should i response to my principle, whether they have further any right on us still after completion of articleship? Please help. Thanks in advance!!!

  71. Dear sir,

    i have completed my articleship training. I have to send from 108 to Icai. But what my problem is I have taken transfer of articles in my 1st year. i have transfered my articles to another CA Firm. Now i completed my articles.
    My question is how to fill up my form 108. In articles period coloumn what period i have to mention..

    Please reply sir

    Thanking You

    • Hi Siva

      Please Mention only your current training period details means do not Mention previous employer or training details because you already sent previous training details when you will take transfer.

  72. my filling of form108 got delayed now i need to pat condonation fees by dd please inform me the dd should be in favour of whar and payable at……?????

  73. I am shifting out of my place to another state. what should be done, should i submit 108 in new place or in old branch. help me out raju

  74. Hello Sir,

    I have started my articleship as on 04/06/2012 and it is completed as on 04/06/2015., but from 2 months my CA (Principal) is in hospital and he is not in a condition to sign on my Articleship form 108, thats why i did not submit my articleship form 108.

    I want to write exam in month of Nov 2015. exam forms will come in August, So can you please suggest me in this situaion with whom i can take sign on my Form 108 of Articleship.

  75. Dear Sir
    I have submitted articleship completion form 108 one month ago but i have not received letter yet i have filled only 2 page form and the portion which you are showing i have not filled because it was written that it is applicable to article registered prior to 1 aprail 2003 i have sent today kanpur a mail and i tried to contact icai kanpur but the lines are always busy what should i do do we need letter compulosory to give next attempt of ca final


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