How to Choose Top CA Firms for Articleship Training, Big 4 CA Firms

How to Choose Top CA Firms for Articleship Training. Details for Big 4 CA Firms, Mid Size CA Articleship Firms etc. Best Guide for selection of CA Firms.


How to Choose Top CA Firms for Articleship Training

How to Choose Top CA Firms for Articleship Training. Details for Big 4 CA Firms, Mid Size CA Articleship Firms, big firm for articleship, etc. Recently CA Inter Result and CA IPCC Result is declared and Many Students Pass CA IPCC Exam and After Passing CA IPCC Exam They are searching Articleship Firms for Articleship Training. Here we are providing a complete guide for How to choose CA Articleship Firms.

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How to Choose Top CA Firms for Articleship Training

It’s a very difficult task to choose among the various ca firms for joining articleship. After the results of CA-IPCC are announced, every student who qualify at least the group-1 is eligible for doing their articleship. But it’s very difficult to choose a best place that fits your purpose of articleship. But the development of technology and tremendous changes in the field of internet made this process some easier than earlier.


Here I’m going to discuss how many types of ca firms are there and how they provide an opportunity to the trainees to learn.


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Articleship is the golden period of a CA Student’s career. How a trainee undergoes it, would have an impact on what type of CA he/she is destined to become. Taking Articleship lightly would have an adverse impact on training and overall learning experience.

Just like utmost care is taken by the parents to decide which school/college should the child study in, the decision of selecting a place to do articleship must be decided with utmost care too. This decision should not be taken based on the convenience that would be available to the student during his articleship, but should be based on the quality of the work that the student intends to learn. Guidance/opinion can be sought from various seniors or students who have already done their articleship or are in process of completing it.

Many a times the students decide to get registered for the articleship training under a known/relative practising CA and chose not to actually undergo training. (Dummy Articles). This doesn’t help to gain any practical knowledge, this activity is not permissible by the institute and can cost the student his entire career.

ImportantCA Articleship Registration

For the purpose of articleship CA firms can be categorized into 3 types as:

  • 1. Big 4 firms
  • 2. Big firms
  • 3. Mid sized firm.

Big 4 CA Firms :

Deloitte, Pwc, EandY, Kpmg are the big 4 firms in India.They offer a growth stimulating work environment to “specialise” in a particular area. If desired to work for a Big 4, the question that arises would be for which team to work. Big 4’s have various areas of practice. Audit and Assurance, Direct Taxes, Indirect Taxes, Internal Audit and Risk 3 advisory services, Mergers and Acquisitions and many more. Since the student would be just starting his career, it would be very difficult for him/her to decide which area to work in. The area can be chosen based on the area of interest or an opinion can be sought from a senior.

The best feature about a big 4 is that the systems that are developed and implemented by them are the best of its class. Every activity/assignment has a process associated with it. The big 4’s have a prescribed system/code of going about with every activity. Since the systems are developed for every activity, the process of accomplishing the work becomes much easier and simple. This does not mean that the work as such becomes simple.

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Big CA firms:

A big firm would be one with a size of 10-20 partners. Though the size is big, it might not be as big as a Big 4. These firms also have a wide area of expertise which includes Audit, Taxation, and Internal Audit, etc. The only difference would be that these firms are not present globally and hence would be difficult to provide services for clients having multiple locations.

Another advantage in these kinds of firm over big 4’s would be that the policies would not be so strict and as an article trainee, the article would be allowed to get trained in various teams as desired by him. Also, in these kinds of firms, the articled student would be getting a more variety of experience compared to the mid sized firms.

These firms, because of their size and experience, are usually empanelled in the list of firms eligible to audit the Public Sector Companies including Public Sector Banks. The firm may also be eligible for other special assignments given by the Comptroller and Auditor General of India.

Here for the purpose better understanding I’m giving an inexhaustible list of some big firms:

  • Asa and associates
  • Pkf Sridhar and santhanam
  • Desai Haribhakti and co
  • Brahmayya and co
  • Sagar and associates.

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  1. Sir,i have complete my graduation and iam on direct entry scheme.and how to choose firm..and what type of firm is best for me plss suggest me

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  3. hey. this website is very useful. I am very confused right now about articleship. Basically the problem is I am thinking of doing a corporate or normal c.a. job after my 3 years of articleship. Right now, i dont have any plan of practicing c.a personally for the next 5-6 years. So i seek suggestion and guidance on how to choose the firm. I have the option of applying for Big 4 and medium firms as well. So can you help me know amongst the Big 4 which one to prioritize and an idea about the articleship working of mediocre firms by way comparision with big 4 in different work aspects.

    Also do you have any suggestion if i should go for articleship in mumbai or delhi ncr

  4. Sir,
    I cleared my ipcc 1st group in november 2014 and waiting for 2nd group results which will be declared on 31-07-15. I would like to grow my career in corporate sector. Could you please suggest me which type of firm should be selected ?


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