At his peak, Napoleon Net Worth was $27 Trillion dollars, with enormous hoards of Gold and Diamonds in his war chest. Napoleon has conquered and owned over 7 Million Square miles of land spread across Asia and Europe.

Napoleon Net Worth

Net Worth$27 Trillion
Castles Owned590
Gold$8 Trillion
Diamonds$3 Trillion
Land$12 Trillion

Value of Land Conquered by Napoleon

At his peak, Napoleon has conquered and owned over 7 Million Square miles of land spread across Asia and Europe. If you compare the current market price of this land, the value of land owned by Napoleon is estimated to be over $12 Trillion US Dollars. Check out Adolf Hitler’s Wealth.

Lands Owned by Napoleon

Italy900,000 Square Miles
German States2 Million Square Miles
Denmark, Norway500,000 Square Miles
France3 Million Square Miles
Other Countries5 Million Square Miles

Who Inherited Napoleon’s Wealth?

Napoleon’s assets in France were confiscated by the British Empire. By the time Napoleon died on Saint Helena, we were left with only 400 grams of gold, which were taken by his followers on the Island. See Genghis Khan Net Worth.



Napoleon was born on the island of Corsica not long after its annexation by the Kingdom of France. Napoleon Bonaparte was a French military and political leader who rose to prominence during the French Revolution. Napoleon dominated European and global affairs for a decade while leading France against a series of coalitions in the Napoleonic Wars.

Napoleon was educated at three schools: briefly at Autun, for five years at the military college of Brienne, and finally for one year at the military academy in Paris.

Napoleon’s Career

Aged 15, Napoleon Bonaparte was admitted to the elite École Militaire in Paris, but was forced to complete the two-year course just one after his father died of stomach cancer, leaving Napoleon as the family’s chief source of income. As the war was about to break out across Europe, Napoleon was still a second lieutenant stationed in a sleepy garrison town.


Napoleon’s Exile to Elba

In the Treaty of Fontainebleau, the Allies exiled Napoleon to Elba, an island of 12,000 inhabitants in the Mediterranean. A few months into his exile, Napoleon learned that his ex-wife Josephine had died in France. Napoleon was devastated by the news, locking himself in his room and refusing to leave for two days. Napoleon escaped from Elba in the brig Inconstant on 26 February 1815.

Napoleon’s War

Napoleon’s forces fought two Coalition armies, commanded by the British Duke of Wellington and the Prussian Prince Blücher, at the Battle of Waterloo. Napoleon returned to Paris and found that both the legislature and the people had turned against him. When Napoleon heard that Prussian troops had orders to capture him dead or alive, he fled to Rochefort, considering an escape to the United States. Napoleon surrendered to Captain Frederick Maitland on HMS Bellerophon on 15 July 1815.

Napoleon’s Exile on Saint Helena

The British kept Napoleon on the island of Saint Helena in the Atlantic Ocean. Napoleon was moved to Longwood House on Saint Helena. While in exile, Napoleon wrote a book about Julius Caesar, one of his great heroes. Napoleon’s health began to deteriorate rapidly, and he reconciled with the Catholic Church. He died on 5 May 1821 at Longwood House at age 51.

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