How to prepare for CMA Examination in less time – A Guide

How to prepare for CMA Examination in less time: Preparing for professional examinations like CMA require lots of hard-work and consistency in preparation.

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How to prepare for CMA Examination in less time

How to prepare for CMA Examination in less time: Preparing for professional examinations like CMA require lots of hard-work and consistency in preparation. Preparing for CMA Examination in just 2-3 months is not an easy task; however, it is not impossible. Further, CMA course being one of the professional courses, hence detailed study is very much desired.

How to prepare for CMA Examination in less time

However, when time is short due to any reason, there are few points which may be considered for quick preparation. For this student has to be committed towards study after setting goal. To face examination effectively, a smart study plan has to be prepared by every student. Every student shall prepare his/her own study plan. Such study plan has to be revised from time to time after deliberate review. Study plan should be achievable in given time frame otherwise syllabus completion will not be possible.

Student may follow some of the study guidelines in there preparation strategy.

  • 1. All students shall be first familiar with the syllabus and detailed content provided by Institute in its study material. It is recommended that at least student shall go through same once and understand areas of topics covered in every subject.
  • 2. It is advisable that student shall go through the Main Basic Concepts, Formats, Accounting Procedures, Formulas, and steps to Solve Answers, etc. from the Institute Material. Our CMA Institute has provided very rich literature at all levels. During my whole course, I was only focusing on CMA Institute material. Apart from main CMA Study Material, students shall make extensive use of Revision Test Papers (RTP), Mock Test Papers (MTP), Practice Test Paper (PTP) and Suggested Answers of last examination available on ICMAI website.
  • 3. Recently, our CMA Institute has come up work Work-Book for the benefit of students. Students shall make endeavour to use them for practice purposes. It has been said that “Practice makes man perfect”. Students shall plan and practice lot many variety of questions of different kinds before final examination.
  • 4. Student may also go through the past exam questions and types of questions asked by Institute. For that purpose one can use scanner. Based your study on scanner and prepare frequently asked questions. Avoid preparation of non-important chapters. In short, simply go for selective study and avoid unnecessary experiments with your study

Some of the basics of study are as follows especially when time is short:

  • a. Follow scanner (covering trend of past exam questions) for preparation and checking the preference of chapters. This will help you to utilize your time in a much better way.
  • b. Avoid non-important topics and chapters because there are some topics which are totally irrelevant for exam. So develop a sense what is useful for exam purpose and left the other material.
  • c. Go for selective study when time is short. However, for a professional course like CMA selective study is not recommended at all. CMA is a course which requires lot of time and study to go deep into subject.
  • d. Never waste time. Correct utilization of Time is indeed a key to success as we all know the importance of time in professional studies. Try to learn some basic techniques of time management in study.
  • e. Discuss topics with friends for good grip. It is a very good idea to re-call provisions in the exam hall. But this has to be resorted when you have enough time in hand for discussion.
  • f. Junior should seek advice from CMA Final Experience holder. Trust me their advice can really help you regarding what to prepare and what to skip from particular paper for exam-oriented study.
  • g. Use summary notes or books for quick revision of subject. It is also very important to save your time and energy for preparing for subject.
  • h. Further it is advisable to go through ICAI study material quickly because Institute may asks questions from latest RTP, PTP, MTP, Suggested Answers and Main Study Material.
  • i. Student shall also make use of ICAI student journal for getting regular updates from various subjects and make extra efforts to read same.
  • j. Use marker when you are reading and mark important points and concepts, note down important formulas etc. It will help for quick revision of subject during exam days.

I have tried to share some tips which I had used for preparation of CS and CMA exams. At least 15-16 hours study per day required to ensure Rank in CMA exam and to complete both group in one seating. I have completed CS Final in 1st Attempt with 6th Rank from Pune Chapter on 25 August 2008 and CMA Final in 2nd Attempt in 21st August 2019 from Pune Chapter by preparing in short span of time.


Last but not least, studying for multiple courses at a time helped me to study same kind of subject of sister Institute like CA, CS and CMA. It enriches one’s knowledge and makes subject very friendly for student.

I hope some of the study techniques shared herewith may certainly prove useful throughout this journey of knowledge to students.

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