What is Franking ? Why Documents Need to be Franking ?, Charges


What is Franking ? Why Documents Need to be Franking ? This is important Question in Present Time. Everyone Ask What is Franking ? Why Documents Need To Be Franking? Only Banks Can Do Franking Or Other Firms Are Given Authority ?. Today we are providing all solutions of these question and also tell full details of franking.

Franking, on the other hand, is the process of actually getting the documents stamped. This refers to any types of marks or stamps that are affixed to a paper to indicate that the postage has been paid or does not need to be paid. Over time, the process was utilized for legal documents, in which the term refers to any stamps or marks on legal documents that indicate that any fees or taxes applicable on those documents have been paid.

we also provide What is the difference between Franking and Stamping. Every CA, CS , CMA and another Professional Student Want to Know for what is Franking Because this is common word in present time. Principles Send articles for Franking of the Documents but articles or trainees not know what is franking now you can scroll down below and check complete details regarding “What is Franking ? Why Documents Need to be Franking ?”

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What is Franking

Franking involves stamping. Oxford meaning of Franking is stamp a mark to indicate that amount has been paid.

Everyone want to know the difference between Franking and Printed Stamp Papers. If it is true, NJS ( Non Judicial Stamp ) Paper can be purchased from the Stamp Vendor and later on you can type on it. Because of Telgi effect Govt brought some changes. You first prepare a document on paper and before signing parties on it, take it to nominated Branch of a Bank pay the stamp duty there and then the bank will put stamp on your document indicating the value of the stamp duty. That is called franking.

FRANKING : This is one of the several methods of indicating the payment of stamp duty. Franking machines are installed in some Sub-Registrar office in the State. These machines frank upto a denomination of 999 rupees. An application indicating the amount of duty to be frank is made to the proper officer authorize under the rules along with the unexecuted typed or printed documents. The necessary amount is paid in cash to the proper officer and the required denomination is franked on the document and return to the applicant.

in Another Words – In so far I know previously the NJSP were printed in Government press and were available with the Stamp Vendors who used to take the same from Treasury but now the Government has authorized the banks and post offices who are selling them after franking the documents.

How does franking work?

In case you want to frank a document, you need to print the agreement on plain paper. Before executing the agreement (signing the papers), you will have to take it to an authorised bank or franking agency. They will provide you with an application form. You will have to fill the form, pay the stamp duty and get a stamp affixed on the document to indicate the amount of stamp duty paid.

For this purpose, a franking machine will be used. This machine uses a special adhesive stamp to affix the stamp on the document. You can sign or execute the document once the franking is done.

What are the charges for franking?

Franking charges different from one state to another. Every state will have its own minimum amount that needs to be paid for franking. While some charge a flat fee, there are others that charge a percentage of the sale value in case of property documents.

However, franking charges are usually only a fraction of stamp duty charges and are sometimes adjusted against stamp duty charges. For example, the minimum franking charge is pegged at 0.1% of the sale value for property documents in Bengaluru.

So, if you decide to buy a house for Rs. 50 lakhs, you will have to pay 0.1% or Rs. 5,000 as franking charges. You can adjust this against the stamp duty that you need to pay. Suppose the stamp duty for the agreement is 4.5%, then, you will have to pay only 4.4%. Note that for simple transactions, the franking charges can be as low as Rs. 50.

If You Have any Query Related to Franking Please tell us via comment. we try to solve your Query as soon Possible.

Download List of the Authorised franking Vendors

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  1. sandeep kumar mishra says

    I have taken a home loan of Rs 1100000 from SBI. They asked me stamp papers of Rs 5800, wherein there has to be 3 stamps of Rs 100 denominations on which they got my signatures and remaining 5000 & 500 denominations stamp they didnt ask for my sign. Apart from this a processing fees of Rs 4853 also charged from my account. I am little dubious on that Rs 5500 stamp papers.

  2. Pooja Joshi says

    Dear Team,

    I am confused, coz I got top up.loan of 3lakhs on my home loan in Dhfl and they are asking me to pay procceing fees in advance that is 5800rs and also franking charges of 6850rs, I told them I have no the to do franking by my own so the sales guys said he will do it thru his broker and I need to pay him 300rs extra that is 7050rs that too.in cash, my question is do franking charges are so high for 3lakh ruppes and that too in cash, also will the broker do franking without my signature? Can’t I pay in cheque??

    Please help me

  3. Mithun Singh says

    I want to know for what the franking is to be paid and for what limit and what are the calculations please explain me briefly…

    Mithun Singh

  4. Gitesh Sayaji Lad says

    Can franking be done through post office on articleship form?

  5. Santosh gaikwad says

    My registered notary sell dead dacument i want to
    Its possible what can i do
    s guide me
    I am not possition to paid stampduety registration

  6. Milind Surve says

    SBI ask me for Franking of stamps duty documents. My existing loan I m going to transfer to SBI. Bank representative ask to do Franking with amt 5500 Rs. need confirmation is it required? Bank have agents to do this work. If it is required then plz let me no the Franking office address near Ghatkopar West without any agents. and what be the real charges.

  7. Priyesh says

    I have e stamp paper, with bank seal. I have 5 more pages which are normal A4 printed pages. Do I need to go to the bank and franked all pages? Or notary sign is ok

  8. shareef Mohammed says

    sir i am from Hyderabad and in the business of Documentation.
    so i want know, how can i get franking authorisation at my office (can get lisence to franking) if i can. please advice me how can i

  9. arvind says

    franking done with signature or without signatere

  10. Laxminarayan Proddutoor says

    Sir, I have to get a Rental agreement franked. I have a few doubts: Is franking done only in Sub-registrar offices? Are franking and registration of the document same? if not, how do we go about registering our document, without a broker/ agent?

  11. R. Suresh says

    Please inform the Authorised franking dealers in Salem (Tamil Nadu) and Ahmedabad (Gujarat.

  12. dr surya says

    is franking is equal to special adhesive stamps

  13. SAMAR KADHI says

    Dear Sir,

    I have a safe deposit locker with BANK OF BARODA. For some amendments in the operation of my locker, the bank asked me to do franking of Rs. 500/-i had done franking of Rs. 500/- on 19/05/2016. However it stayed unused till Ferb. 2017

    now when i approached the bank they asked me to do fresh franking stating that the franking has validity of 3 months only and as such i will have to do fresh franking.

    The Kapole Cooperative bank where i had done the franking clearly denied that there is anything such as validity in case of franking.


  14. purushothama bv says

    the documents dated to be franked on the same date or later also we can franked, pls let me know.



  16. Antony says

    i need to do franking from nationalized bank.can any one say where it could be done in chennai

  17. soma says

    one document of agreement between a builder and us is franked , now i want break the deal how it will effect us ? it was for construction of our house. pl reply , thanks

  18. Abhilash says

    Hi, I want to do a franking for a franchise agreement. Please help me with this

  19. Tejal Panchal says

    why Franking is done before Signature and Date

  20. Stock Broker says

    Can we demand to frank the document by specific amount of our choice?
    Say for eg, i want it to be franked by Rs100 instead of 0.1% of the deed?

  21. Siddharth says

    I am still confused between franking and stamp papers. Is buying a stamp paper for Rs.100 same as getting it stamped with Rs.100???

  22. Krish says

    I want a simple notarized affidavit from my cousin in Navi Mumbai. The content is there printed on legal(green) paper. In order to have least inconvenience only to sign,
    From where can I get it franked before getting Notarized?
    How much is the franking amount required, Rs.20 or 50?
    Will I need any of her Id proof to get franking?
    Thanks in advance.

  23. SuvP says

    Hi Raju,

    I wanted to book a locker in Central Bank of India. They have asked me to create an FD of 15K which is almost thrice the 3 year rent of the locker. However, I don’t have an issue with it. But, they also gave me the form for the locker and asked me to get a franking of 500 Rs. needed on it. Why do I need to do the franking? Isn’t it the banks responsibility?

  24. Chintan Sheth says

    Dear Sir,

    I want to withdraw my money from ICICI prulife insurance policy but I lost my original document of policy. As per ICICI customer relationship employee, I have to do franking of Rs. 200 and then notaring of Rs. 100 . Is it right procedure or not???

    1. Raju Choudhary says

      Hi Chintan Sheth

      We are not able to provide any information regarding this, Please contact to your ICICI Branch, and Franking is same as Stamp so there are no problem ig you can do franking.

  25. Swati says

    how to do franking for transfer of shares, involving stamp duty in lakhs in Rajasthan??
    Pls share the procedure.

  26. Nagaraj Arolli says

    Dear Sir,

    I want to do franking on share certificates. And denomination for the same is Rs. 650/- and Rs. 450/-. When I had been to Sub-registrar office they did the franking for Rs. 450/- share certificate by taking cash. But for 650 they asked me to draw DD as it is more than 500. As mentioned in article they are not doing franking upto denomination Rs. 999/-

    1. Raju Choudhary says

      Dear Nagaraj Arolli

      as per Article – Franking machines are installed in some Sub-Registrar office in the State. These machines frank upto a denomination of 999 rupees, we can not mention anywhere for thay are not doing franking upto denomination Rs. 999/-.

  27. Stobdin ribeiro says

    HI sir,
    I have payed the franking about and completed the franking service from a bank after which I have notarised the franked document however I had made the document on a regular white paper, is there any specific kind of paper or size that I had to use? I have to submit this document to the education board. Please clarify! Thanks!

    1. Raju Choudhary says

      Hi Stobdin ribeiro

      Please check Your Mail

  28. Rajasingh says

    I want to frank a service agreement.
    But the service agreement has a sign in it which is printed.
    So they are not franking my documents.
    What should I do ??
    Please reply fast sir.

    1. Raju Choudhary says

      Hi Rajasingh

      Please check your mail

    2. Nikhil Karkera says


      I need to do franking for amount more than 5000.00 INR applicable for home loan, i am not able to find any online payment facility for payment of this amount.

      Kindly advice where franking can be done for amount more than 5000.00 INR also can it be done online without visiting anyof the banks.

  29. Mahi says

    sir i would like to know if franking is done, at a Bank, who authorizes banks to do , rbi or they apply to sum one or the records go to rbi r the bank who does franking only it is responsible or the records go , r where the records goes, if one is doing franking do they sign in any book or register there, or are there any camera recordings

    1. Mahi says

      I had asked for how franking is done and who authorizes it to do

      1. Raju Choudhary says

        Hi Mahi

        only Banks and SUB – Registrars is do Franking

  30. Babu says

    2 queries
    1- does for franking we first need stamp and then signature ? or first signature can be done and then get the stamp.
    2- do we need any kind of photo-id or photo for the franking ?

    1. Raju Choudhary says

      Hi Babu

      Signature is Required Before Stamping and No Photo ID is Required for Franking

  31. commenter says

    Good target on what is franking for google and it works and one more I have added

  32. A MOORTHY says

    Why Documents Need to be Franking ? pl. explain sir.

    1. Raju Choudhary says

      Hi A MOORTHY

      Please Read Full Article I already Provided reason for Why Documents Need to be Franking ?

  33. Anil Atre says

    I have applied for change in the name on one of my equity shares document. As per the guidelines and option indicated by the concerned agencies, I have paid the stamp duty through net banking.
    The entire set of document is returned back to me with an objection of documents franking not done.
    I am staying in Pune and visited some banks like Bank of Maharashtra, Janata Bank. But no where the franking facilty is available.
    1. Can I get the location where franking can be done ?
    2. If the stamp duty is paid through net banking of nationalised bank – State Bank of Hyderabad, does the printed challan need franking ?

    Anil Atre

    1. Raju Choudhary says

      Dear Sir

      Please download List of the Authorised franking Vendors from Below link


      or Visit

      Vidya Sahakari Bank
      Paud Road, +(91)-20-25432234
      P 3 Prashant HSG Soc, Paud Road, Paud Road, Pune – 411038, Nr Krishna Hospital

      ​Rajgurunagar Sahakari Bank LTD
      Budhwar Peth​​​ pune​

      Dharmavir Sambhaji Urban Co Operative Bank Limited
      +(91)-20-22932500, +(91)-9273407275
      Plot No 4 & 5 Survey No 39/3 Suryanarayan Building, Wakad Hinjewadi Road, Hinjewadi, Pune – 411057

  34. HARSH DALAL says





    1. Raju Choudhary says

      Hi Harsh

      At this time only Banks and SUB – Registrars are allowed for Franking No Individual is allowed for Franking

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