ICSI Exam Form Dec 2020, CS Online Exam Form December 2020


ICSI Exam Form Dec 2020: The Institute of Company Secretary of India (ICSI) Started CS Online Exam Forms for Dec 2020 attempt, CS Exam forms for Dec 2020 are started from 26th July, 2020 and Last Date for CS Exam forms is 25th September, 2O2O. CS Online Exam Form Dec 2020 for Foundation, Executive, Professional Programs. We wish to inform that online examination enrolment for Dec, 2020 session has been activated and would like to bring to your notice that the last date for submission of examination form (without late fee) is 25th September, 2O2O. Further, the last date for submission of examination form with late fee is 9th October, 2020 and no requests will be entertained after the said date.

All Foundation, Executive and Professional Programme students eligible for appearing in Dec, 2020 Session of Examinations are advised to go through the following important guidelines to be followed by them during the examination enrollment and while appearing in the examinations. Students are advised to take note of the same for strict compliance. Recently we provide CS Executive Registration and CS Professional Registration.

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Merge Instruction from June 2020 to Dec 2020

  • lCSl Examinations for the June 2020 session which has been merged with the December, 2020 Examinations shall commence from 21st December, 2020 as per the Examination Time-table which will be released separately.
  • Examination form already submitted by the candidates for the lCSl Examinations, June 2020 session will hold good for lCSl Examinations to be held in December, 2020. Such candidates should not apply again. However, such candidates may apply online for change of Examination Centre, Module and/or Medium without payment of fee from 26th July, 2020 till 20th November, 2O2O for appearing in lCSl Examinations to be held in December, 2020.
  • candidates who have submitted their examination form for the lCSl Examinations, June 2020 session shall be allowed to carryover all benefits available to them including payment of fee and subject-wise exemptions for lCSl Examinations to be held in December, 2020.
  • candidates who have submitted examination form for lCSl Examinations, June 2020 session are allowed to add their module(s) with payment of differential examination fee during the above specified period for appearing in lCSl Examinations to be held in December, 2020.
  • The candidates who have not enrolled for lCSl Examinations June, 2020 session may enrol by submitting online examination form together with requisite examination fee from 26th July, 2020 till 25th September, 2O2O (without late fee) and upto 9th October, 2020 (with late fee).
  • The students of Executive Programme (old syllabus) and professional programme (old syllabus) are given opportunity to appear in the examination to be held in December, 2020, as per their old Syllabus.

CS Online Exam Form Dec 2020: Executive, Professional

Important dates for CS Exam form Dec 2020

Date of Start of ICSI Exam Form Dec 202026th July, 2020
Last Date for online submission of form without late fee25th September, 2O2O
Last Date for online submission of form with late fee9th October, 2020

Important Update – 25th September, 2O2O is the Last Date for Submission of Exam Form(Without Late Fee) for Dec 2020 Session. Thereafter, Requests for enrollment will not be entertained. Hurry Up!

ICSI Online Exam Form Fees For Dec 2020 Attempt

The examination fee payable for appearing in different stages of CS Course during Dec, 2020 session are as under :-

Stage Examination Fee (Rs.)
Foundation ProgrammeRs.1200/
Executive ProgrammeRs.1200/- per Module
Professional ProgrammeRs.1200/- per Module
Fee for Change of Examination Centre/ Combination of Module(s) / Medium of ExaminationRs. 250/-
Late Fee (for all Stages)Rs. 250/-
Surcharge applicable for appearing from Dubai CentreUS$100 or its equivalent amount in Indian Rupees i.e. 7497/

Pre-Examination Test

All Students desirous of appearing in the Dec, 2020 CS Executive and Professional Programmes Examinations under New Syllabus (2017) are required to successfully complete a Pre-Examination Test to become eligible for appearing in the main examinations. Students are advised to refer to detailed FAQ available at the website www.icsi.edu . CSEETT (Entrance Test)

One Day Orientation Programme:

All Students pertaining to Foundation & Executive Programme stage registered from June,2019 onwards and desirous of appearing in the CS Examinations are required to successfully complete One Day Orientation Programme to become eligible for main examinations.

How to Apply for CS Online Exam Form Dec 2020

From Dec, 2020 Session, the examination enrollment has been facilitated through the new software module. All students in the old system have to reset their password as a first step in the direction of moving to the new system. The Institute has uploaded various user manuals on the website and advised to the students to go through the user manuals.

Click here to Reset your Password (if you are new user or old User or if you already have old system login ID & Password

Please Note – User Id or Login ID is always your CS Course registration number

Now Please Follow Below Procedure

  • User will double click on web browser (recommended web browser Internet explorer 9 or above, Google Chrome 39 or above, Mozilla 38 or above) to open the web browser and type the URL http://smash.icsi.in in the web browser address bar.
  • Login to Online Services at www.icsi.edu (Click Here to Login ICSI PortalBefore login, please forget or reset your password by click on “Forget Password” link (Please forget password only first time, not repeat this step every time)
ICSI CS Online Exam Form
  • After successful login user will navigate to Welcome screen where user go to the header menu MODULE and go to sub menu ENROLLMENT.
  • User will click on Examination Enrollment Request under ENROLLMENT sub menu and navigated to the Examination Enrollment Request screen as shown in below screen.

Step 2

CS Exam Form
  • User will be navigated to below screen where User Request to Enroll.
  • Click on the “Add Enrollment Request” button to open the enrollment form.
  • Note: Enable popup window of the web browser.

Note: Review all the selected information in the enrollment form before clicking on the “Next” button as any later changes will be allowed up to certain stipulated dates and additional fee (varies from time to time) will be levied for all such changes.

  • After the click on “Next” button from screen Enrollment Form, Fee Detail page will be displayed.
  • Read the agreement and check the agreement checkbox (if agree) and then click on “Next” button on Fee Detail screen. On this screen user will have option to go back and make any changes.
  • Preview screen will be displayed to review the enrollment detail and confirm the enrollment for the session. On this screen user will have option to go back and make any changes
  • Click on “Confirm Application” button to make the payment.
  • Select the payment mode and click on “Next” button.
  • Click on Next button to progress the payment and see the payment detail.
  • Click on “Proceed” button to enter the payment detail, system will generate the payment receipt.
  • Student will retain the copy of the receipt for the examination fee remitted by them during the examination enrollment process.

Complete Enrollment Request

  • In case the enrollment process was not completed in one sitting then user can find the initiated enrollment form under Examination Enrollment Request screen, Search Result.

If user click on “Add Enrollment Request” button after enrollment initiation then the message will be displayed “Your request is in progress, please complete it.” on the top of Enrollment Form. Follow below steps if this message displayed.

  • Select the enrolment record and click on “Complete Enrollment Request” button.
  • Make sure popup window is enabled.
CS Exam Form Complete Enrolment Request
  • Continue completing the form from where it was left.

Last Date CS Online Exam Form Dec 2020

Receipt of Examination Enrollment application (for appearing in Dec, 2020 Examination)25.09.2020

Changes in CS Online Exam Form (Correction Window)

Students may please note that changes in the enrollment status are not ordinarily allowed. However, in unavoidable circumstances, they may seek change of Examination Centre, Combination Module(s), Medium of Examination and Cancellation of Paper-wise Exemptions granted during the periods mentioned below :-

StageStart Date for submission of Online Requests for change of Examination Centre, Medium & Combination of ModulesLast Date for submission of Online Change Requests
Foundation, Executive & Professional Programme Examinations10th October,202020th November ,2020
Fee applicable for each changeRs. 250/=
(In case of submission of request for Change of Examination Centre from any of the Centres located in India to Dubai, Surcharge of US$ 100 or its equivalent amount in Indian rupee i.e. 7497/= will be applicable in addition to the prescribed fee of Rs.250/-).

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