Withdrawing EPF without Employer’s Attestation, By Using this procedure any employee can  withdraw EPF Amount without any Sign if Employer. There have been various cases, where we have found that the employees are stressed due to the employers being not signing the withdrawals which the employees require. Due to this the department has got the functionality of getting the forms ready without the attestation of the employers which has been very much useful to the employees. I have discussed in detail the procedure and the functionality for using the same. Now you can check more details about “Withdrawing EPF without Employer’s Attestation” Form Below…

Withdrawing EPF without Employer’s Attestation

Reasons for getting Withdrawal without attestation?

There may be various reasons to the withdrawal by the employees for which the attestation should not be required as follows:

  1. The employer does not want to attest only because the employer wants to harass the employee.
  2. The company has no policy to attest the form before the previous notice for the withdrawal of the same.
  3. The employer does want his employee to leave the job as it would affect the reputation of the company.

Criteria for getting EPF Withdrawal:

  1. The completed service should amount to 2 months or more. Employment for less than 2 months will not be eligible for withdrawal.
  2. Partial withdrawal of the EPF is also possible so employees can apply for that also.
  3. If the EPF is withdrawal before 5 years of continuous service, then the amount would be taxable.
  4. Before, Employer had to send the attested copy of the form within 1 week of the submission, but now the attestation process has been removed.

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Procedure for EPF Withdrawal:

  1. The employee will need to have form filled as –
    1. Form 19 UAN – For withdrawal of EPF amount
    2. Form 10C UAN – For withdrawal of Pension Benefit
    3. Form 31
  2. The other details required in the form is –
    1. UAN
    2. Name
    3. Address
    4. Mobile Number
    5. Company Leaving Date
    6. Reason of Leaving
    7. PAN
  3. A cancelled cheque is required to be attached with the forms for the bank confirmation.
  4. Before, this documents were required to be sent to the near by EPF office, but now it can be uploaded easily only without any attestation.

Other points regarding the non attestation of forms:

Before the employees or the subscribers were required to mandatorily attest the forms and then send to the office, but now the organization has made very simple process for the effective utilization of the resources. This facility of online filing of the forms and getting the withdrawal without attestation of the forms has been available for the employees which have linked there Universal Account Number and the bank account number with the KYC norms. To use this facility, this seeding is compulsory.

An order was passed from the office of the EPFO stating as under:

“Employees whose details like Aadhaar Number and Bank Account Number have been seeded in their UAN and whose UAN have been activated, may submit claims in Form-19, Form-lOC and Form 31 directly to the Commissioner without attestation of their employers for fast settlement of claims (direction be made operational with immediate effect)”


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  2. Unless Employer will approve the KYC norms uploded by emplyee at EPF Site, UAN does not becomes active. therefore suppose an emplyee has left job and not joined elesewhere he will be required to go with previous employer. If there is alternate to this then share plz.


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