GST Rates in 2024 – Item Wise GST Rate List in PDF, GST Slabs

GST Rates 2021, GST Rates in India 2021 (Item Wise GST Rate List in PDF). GST Tax Rate in India in PDF. GST Rates Finalised i.e Nil, 3%, 5%, 12%, 18% andamp; 28%.


Gst Rates List

GST Rates in 2021: List of Goods and Service Tax Rates, Slab and Revision, GST Rates in India 2021 (Item Wise GST Rate List in PDF). Download GST Rate Finder. Search GST Rate List in PDF Format and Excel Format with HSN Code List. Download GST Rates 2021 in PDF Format, We finally have the GST rates out and a near certainty of implementation with effect from 1st July, GST Item Wise list available in PDF format for Download.

GST Tax Rate in India. GST Rates Finalised, GST Rate Slabs 5%, 12%, 18% and 28%. Combined GST rate is being discussed by the Government. Here you may check gst rates in india item wise in pdf format or gst tax rate list 2021 as approved by GST Council in various meetings. .

For Example:- Rajesh, a dealer in Maharashtra sold goods to Anand in Maharashtra worth INR 10,000. The GST rate is 18% comprising of CGST rate of 9% and SGST rate of 9%, in such case the dealer collects INR 1800 and INR 900 will go to the central government and INR 900 will go to the Maharashtra government.

Again, if Rajesh sells goods to dealer in Delhi worth INR 10,000, this being inter- state, the dealer will charge IGST at the rate of 18% and the amount collected INR 1800 will go the central government and will later be apportioned between the union and the states on the recommendation of the GST Council.


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GST rates on Covid-related essentials

Covid-related essentials Present GST rateRevised GST rate
Pulse oximeters12%5%
Hand sanitisers18%5%
Equipment to check body temperature18%5%
Furnaces for cremation and their installation18%5%

GST rates on Covid medicines and tasting kits

Covid-related medicines and testing kitsPresent GST rateRevised GST rate
Testing kits12%5%
Specified inflammatory diagnostic kits12%5%

GST rates on oxygen and oxygen-related medical devices

Oxygen and oxygen-related medical devicesPresent GST rateRevised GST rate
Medical grade oxygen12%5%
Oxygen concentrator or generator12%5%
Mak, canula, or helmet12%5%
BiPAP machine12%5%
High flow nasal canula device12%5%

GST rates on Covid-related drugs

Covid-related drugsPresent GST rateRevised GST rate
Amphotericin B5%NIL
Heparin and other anti-coagulants12%5%
Any other drugs recommended by ministry of healthNA5%

GST Tax Slab Rates List for Goods

5% GST12% GST18% GST28% GST
SpicesCakesWashing MachinePersonal Aircraft
Frozen vegetablesDrip Irrigation SystemVacuum CleanerSunscreen
Fish filletPack water bottle of 20 litreTyresHair clippers
Pizza breadButterBiscuitsBidis
SabudanaMechanical sprayersVanity caseWeighing machine
TeaGheePastriesWaffles plus wafers which are coated with chocolate
Baby milk foodAlmondsSoupsWallpaper
Plain Chapati and KhakhraPouches, purses and HandbagsPreserved VegetablesATM Vending Machine
Floor coveringFruitsCameraYachts
FertilizersArt ware of ironCurry pasteMotorcycles
Footwear under ₹ 1,000Boiled sugar confectioneryInstant food mixesCeramic tiles
Apparels under ₹ 1,000Packaged coconut waterShampooDishwasher
Real zariPicklePrintersAerated Water
AgarbattiMirrors framed with OrnamentsMixed condimentsPan Masala
Pizza breadNutsComputers
Edible OilsBamboo wood buildingMixed Seasonings
Skimmed milkChutneyCCTV
MedicinesApparel above ₹ 1,000Hair Dryers
Paper wasteJamElectric transformer
Revenue stampsBhujiaTissues
StentNotebooksSteel products
EthanolFrozen meatElectrical transformer
Mehndi PasteAnimal fat sausageStationery items
InsulinPackaged dry fruitsPaint
Scrap of GlassCake serversSheets
Velvet FabricPacked Dry FruitsKajal pencil sticks
Plastic wasteLadlesPumps
Post stampsForksSanitaryware
Stamp PostmarksMobileBinoculars
Tamarind Kernel PowderTooth powderVarnishes
Plastic wasteNon-AC RestaurantsSpeakers
Coir matsState-run LotteriesWater Heaters
MattingWork ContractsFans
First Day CoversTongsGoggles
Braille WatchesFish knivesSafety Glass
Sliced mangoJellyCircuits
Domestic LPGBrass Kerosene Pressure StoveOptical fibre
Fertilizer – grade Phosphoric AcidHair Shavers
Playing CardsWindows
Carom boardFridge
Chess boardFollage
Manmade YarnMulti functional Printers
Sewing Thread of Manmade Staple FibresTelescope
MurabbaModelling Paste for Children
Biodiesel and select biopesticidesBranded Garments
LudoMusical instruments and their parts
Razor and razor blades
Exercise BooksLight fitting
Preparation of vegetablesSome parts of pumps
Aluminium Foil Furniture
Paddling Pools
Cigarette Filter Rods
Steel Products
Electrical boards, panels and wires
Juicer Mixer
Power Banks with Lithium ion batteries, video games, carriage accessories for disabled, small sport related items.
Salad dressings
Footwear priced above ₹ 500
Washing Powder
Poster Colours
Large and medium cars (Second hand). SUVs
Swimming pools and padding pools
Woven and Non-woven bags

GST Rateson Goods Chapter Wise

If you want to know more about the GSTrates, please check the below table.

Name of ChapterGST Rates
Chapter 1Live Animals, Bovine and Poultry
Chapter 2Meat and Edible Offal of Animals
Chapter 3Fish Meat and Fillets
Chapter 4Eggs, Honey and Milk Products
Chapter 5Non Edible Animal Products
Chapter 6Live Trees and Plants
Chapter 7Vegetables
Chapter 8Fruits and Dry Fruits
Chapter 9Tea, Coffee and Spices
Chapter 10Edible Grains
Chapter 11Milling Industry Products
Chapter 12Oil Seeds, Fruit and Part of Plants
Chapter 13Gums, Resins, Vegetable SAP and Extracts
Chapter 14Vegetable Material and Products
Chapter 15Fats, Oils and Waxes their Fractions
Chapter 16Preserved/Prepared Food Items
Chapter 17Sugar, Jaggery, Honey and bubble Gums
Chapter 18Chocolate and Cocoa Products
Chapter 19Pizza, Cake, Bread, Pasta and Waffles
Chapter 20Edible Plants – Fruits, Nuts and Juices
Chapter 21Tea and Coffee Extract and Essence
Chapter 22Water – Mineral and Aerated
Chapter 23Flours, Meals and Pellets
Chapter 24Tobacco, Stemmed and Stripped
Chapter 25Salts and Sands
Chapter 26Mineral Ores and Slags
Chapter 27Fossil Fuels – Coal and Petroleum
Chapter 28Gases and Non Metals
Chapter 29Hydrocarbons – Cyclic and Acyclic
Chapter 30Drugs and Pharmaceuticals
Chapter 31Fertilisers
Chapter 32Tanning and Colouring Products
Chapter 33Essential Oils, Beauty Products
Chapter 34Soaps, Waxes, Polish products
Chapter 35Casein, Albumin, Gelatin, Enzymes
Chapter 36Propellants, Explosives, Fuses, Fireworks
Chapter 37Photographic and Cinematographic Films
Chapter 38Insecticides, Artificial Carbon and Graphite
Chapter 39Polymers, Polyethylene, Cellulose
Chapter 40Rubber, Plates, Belt, Condesnsed Milk
Chapter 41Raw hides and Skins, Leather
Chapter 42Trunks, Suit-cases, Vanity cases
Chapter 43Raw Fur Skins, Articles of apparel
Chapter 44Fuel wood, Wood Charcoal
Chapter 45Natural Cork, Shuttlecock Cork
Chapter 46Plaiting Materials, Basketwork
Chapter 47Mechanical and Chemical woodpulp
Chapter 48Newsprint, Uncoated paper and paperboard
Chapter 49Printed Books, Brochures, Newspapers
Chapter 50Silk Worm Coccon, Yarn, Waste and Woven Fabrics
Chapter 51Wool materials and Waste, Animal Hairs
Chapter 52Cotton materials, Synthetics and Woven fabrics
Chapter 53Flex raw, Vegetable materials and Paper yarn
Chapter 54Synthetic felaments, Woven fabrics and Rayons
Chapter 55Synthetic felament tows and Polyster staple fiber
Chapter 56Towels, Napkins, ropes and Netting materials
Chapter 57Carpets and Floor coverings textile Handlooms
Chapter 58Labels, Bades, Woven pile and Chennile, Terry towelings
Chapter 59Rubberised textile fabrics, Convayer belts
Chapter 60Pile,Wrap Knit,Tarry and Croched fabrics
Chapter 61Men and Women Clothing
Chapter 62Men and Women Jackets, Coats and Garments
Chapter 63Blankets and Bedsheets
Chapter 64Shoes and Footwear Products
Chapter 65Hats and Accessories
Chapter 66Umbrellas and Accessories
Chapter 67Artificial flowers, Wigs and False Beards
Chapter 68Monumental and Building Stones
Chapter 69Bricks, Blocks and Ceramics
Chapter 70Glasses, Mirrors, Flasks
Chapter 71Pearls, Diamonds, Gold, Platinum
Chapter 72Iron, Alloys, Scrap and Granules
Chapter 73Iron tube, piles and Sheets
Chapter 74Copper Mattes, Rods, Bars, Wires, Plates
Chapter 75Nickel Mattes and Unwrought Nickel
Chapter 76Unwrought Aluminium- Rods, Sheets and Profiles
Chapter 78Unwrought Lead – Rods, Sheets and Profiles
Chapter 79Unwrought Zinc – Rods, Sheets and Profiles
Chapter 80Unwrought Tin – Rods, Sheets and Profiles
Chapter 81Magnesium, Cobalt, Tungsten Articles
Chapter 82Hand Tools and Cutlery
Chapter 83Locks, Metal Mountings and Fittings
Chapter 84Industrial Machinery
Chapter 85Electrical Parts and Electronics
Chapter 86Railway Locomotives and Parts
Chapter 87Tractors and Motor Vehicles
Chapter 88Balloons, Parachutes and Airlift Gear
Chapter 89Cruise Ships and Boats
Chapter 90Medical, Chemical and Astronomy
Chapter 91Watches and Clocks
Chapter 92Musical Instruments
Chapter 93Military Weapons and firearms
Chapter 94Furniture, Bedding and lighting
Chapter 95Children Toys, Table and Board Games and Sports Goods
Chapter 96Pencil Lighter Toiletries
Chapter 97Paintings Decoratives Sculptures
Chapter 98Machinery Lab Chemicals Drugs Medicines

It may be noted that date of receipt of payment shall be the date of credit in the bank account if such credit in the bank

How to Deal After Changes in GST rate of goods

The CBEC vide Notification No. 41/2017-Central Tax (Rate) dated 14th November 2017 effective from 15th November 2017 reduced GST rates on goods from 28% to 18% on goods falling in 178 headings at 4-digit level (including 4 tariff heading that are partially pruned). After these changes, only 50 items will attract GST rate of 28%

Q- How do we determine the rate of tax in case, if there is change in the tax rates?

Ans. Three important events need to be considered – Date of raising invoice, receipt of payment and completion of supply. If any of the two events occur before the change in rate of tax, then the old rate will apply, else the new rate will apply.

Illustration – Rate of GST on Supply made on or after November 15, 2017 reduced from say 28% to 18% then the tax to be applied on supplies will be as under :

  • Before– Event occurred before November 15, 2017
  • After– Event occurred on or after November 15, 2017
Supply ProvidedInvoice issuedPayment receivedGST Rate

GST Rates by item wise at One Place in PDF and Articles Format

GST Rates ArticlesGST Rates in PDF
Revised GST All Rates on Some GoodsDownload Now
Revised GST All Rates on Some GoodsDownload Now
List of all Services Taxable in GSTDownload Now
List of all Services Exempted in GSTDownload Now
list of all Services Under Reverse ChargeDownload Now
List of Goods Exempted in GST (0%) (Full List)Download Now
GST All Rates on Gold, Biscuits (3% Items List)Download Now
GST All Rates Covered in 5% Items List (Full List)Download Now
GST All Rates Covered in 12% Items List (Full List)Download Now
GST All all Rates Covered in 18% Items List (Full List)Download Now
GST All Rates Covered in 28% Items List (Full List)Download Now
Classification Scheme for Services under GST
GST All Rates 2017 in Hindi
GST All Rates Comparison Chart Existing Vs New
List of all Services at 5% GST Rate
List of all Services at 12% GST Rate
List of all Services at 18% GST Rate
List of all Services at 28% GST Rate

GST Rates on Services in Hindi –

For More details about GST Rates in Hindi, Please visit on following link – GST Rate in Hindi

GST Nil rate (0%):

No tax will be imposed on items like fresh meat, fish chicken, eggs, milk, butter milk, curd, natural honey, fresh fruits and vegetables, flour, besan, bread, prasad, salt, bindi. Sindoor, stamps, judicial papers, printed books, newspapers, bangles, handloom etc. click here for list of all goods exempted from GST

GST 5% Items List

Items such as fish fillet, cream, skimmed milk powder, branded paneer, frozen vegetables, coffee, tea, spices, pizza bread, rusk, sabudana, kerosene, coal, medicines, stent, lifeboats will attract tax of 5 here for list of all goods Covered under 5%GST Rate

GST 12% Items list

Frozen meat products , butter, cheese, ghee, dry fruits in packaged form, animal fat, sausage, fruit juices, Bhutia, namkeen, Ayurvedic medicines, tooth powder, agarbatti, colouring books, picture books, umbrella, sewing machine, and cellphones will be under 12 per cent tax here for list of all goods Covered under 12%GST Rate

GST 18% Items List

Most items are under this tax slab which include flavoured refined sugar, pasta, cornflakes, pastries and cakes, preserved vegetables, jams, sauces, soups, ice cream, instant food mixes, mineral water, tissues, envelopes, tampons, note books, steel products, printed circuits, camera, speakers and here for list of all goods Covered under 18%GST Rate

GST 28% Items list

The highest under GST system. click here for list of all goods Covered under 28%GST Rate

GST Rates Finalised, GST Rate Slabs 5%, 12%, 18% and 28%.GST rate structure finalized. Check more details from the following link…

Click Here to Download Item Wise GST Rate List

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    • Works Contract defined U/Sec 2 (119) should be treated as supply of service [Schedule II Clause (6)(a)] and the applicable rate of GST is 18%.
      Job Work defined U/Sec 2(68) and Sec 143 speaks about the procedure for job work.

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    • Service of transportation of passengers, with or without accompanied belongings, by—
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      (ii) an air-conditioned coach;
      (b) metro, monorail or tramway;
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  15. Plywood & wooden boxes/wooden crates
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    • HSN 4415: Packing cases, boxes, crates, drums and similar packings, of wood; cable-drums of wood; pallets, box pallets and other load boards, of wood; pallet collars of wood [GST rate 12%]
      HSN 4412: Plywood, veneered panels and similar laminated wood [GST rate 28%]
      For other packaging materials, please refer Chapter 48 [HSN Code 48xx]


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