List of all Goods Covered under GST 28% Rate list updated till 18 July 2022, GST 28% Items List, GST 28% Rate List 2022. Check list of all items under GST Rate 28%. GST Tax list 2022 is release by CBEC, Check list of all goods covered under 28% Rate. GST Rate Schedule for Goods. 28% goods list in GST RegimeGST rate schedule for goods in india, GST Council finally decided GST Rates 2022, in this article we provide Item wise Item list of all goods covers in 28% Tax Rate under GST Regime.

The fitment of rates of goods were discussed today GST Council meeting held at Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir. The Council has broadly approved the GST rates for goods at nil rate, 5%, 12%, 18% and 28% to be levied on certain goods. The information is being uploaded immediately after the GST Council’s decision and it will be subject to further vetting during which the list may undergo some changes.

GST 28% Rate list, GST Rate List 28%

(updated till 18.07.2022)

IV2 [Omitted] 
IV3 [Omitted] 
IV4 [Omitted] 
IV5 [Omitted] 
IV6 [Omitted] 
IV7 [Omitted] 
IV8 [Omitted] 
IV9  [Omitted] 
IV102106 90 20Pan masala28%
IV11 [Omitted] 
IV122202 10All     goods     [including     aerated     waters],
containing  added  sugar  or  other   sweetening matter or flavoured
IV12A2202 99 90Caffeinated Beverages28%
IV12B2202Carbonated    Beverages    of   Fruit    Drink    or
Carbonated Beverages with Fruit Juice
IV132401Unmanufactured tobacco; tobacco refuse [other
than tobacco leaves]
IV142402Cigars,  cheroots,  cigarillos  and  cigarettes,  of
tobacco or of tobacco substitutes
IV152403Other manufactured tobacco and manufactured tobacco      substitutes;      “homogenised”      or “reconstituted”  tobacco;  tobacco  extracts  and
essences [including biris]
IV15A2404 11 00Products  containing  tobacco  or  reconstituted
tobacco  and  intended  for   inhalation  without combustion
IV15B2404 19 00Products    containing    tobacco    or    nicotine
substitutes and  intended  for  inhalation without combustion
IV16 [Omitted] 
IV17 [Omitted] 
IV182523Portland    cement,    aluminous    cement,    slag
cement,   super   sulphate   cement   and   similar hydraulic  cements,  whether  or  not  coloured or
in the form of clinkers
IV19 [Omitted] 
IV20 [Omitted] 
IV21 [Omitted] 
IV22 [Omitted] 
IV23 [Omitted] 
IV24 [Omitted] 
IV25 [Omitted] 
IV26 [Omitted] 
IV27 [Omitted] 
IV28 [Omitted] 
IV29 [Omitted] 
IV30 [Omitted] 
IV31 [Omitted] 
IV32 [Omitted] 
IV33 [Omitted] 
IV34 [Omitted] 
IV35 [Omitted] 
IV36 [Omitted] 
IV37 [Omitted] 
IV38 [Omitted] 
IV39 [Omitted] 
IV40 [Omitted] 
IV41 [Omitted] 
IV42 [Omitted] 
IV43 [Omitted] 
IV44 [Omitted] 
IV45  [Omitted] 
IV464011New pneumatic tyres, of rubber [other than of a kind  used  on/in  bicycles,  cycle-rickshaws  and three wheeled powered cycle rickshaws;   [rear
tractor tyres; and of a kind used on aircraft]
IV47 [Omitted] 
IV48 [Omitted] 
IV49  [Omitted] 
IV50  [Omitted] 
IV51 [Omitted] 
IV52 [Omitted] 
IV53 [Omitted] 
IV54 [Omitted] 
IV55 [Omitted] 
IV56 [Omitted] 
IV57 [Omitted] 
IV58 [Omitted] 
IV59 [Omitted] 
IV60 [Omitted] 
IV61 [Omitted] 
IV62 [Omitted] 
IV63 [Omitted] 
IV64 [Omitted] 
IV65 [Omitted] 
IV66 [Omitted] 
IV67 [Omitted] 
IV68 [Omitted] 
IV69 [Omitted] 
IV70  [Omitted] 
IV71 [Omitted] 
IV72 [Omitted] 
IV73 [Omitted] 
IV74 [Omitted] 
IV75 [Omitted] 
IV76 [Omitted] 
IV77 [Omitted] 
IV78 [Omitted] 
IV79 [Omitted] 
IV80 [Omitted] 
IV81 [Omitted] 
IV82 [Omitted] 
IV83 [Omitted] 
IV84 [Omitted] 
IV85  [Omitted] 
IV86 [Omitted] 
IV87 [Omitted] 
IV88 [Omitted] 
IV89 [Omitted] 
IV90 [Omitted] 
IV91 [Omitted] 
IV92 [Omitted] 
IV93 [Omitted] 
IV94 [Omitted] 
IV95 [Omitted] 
IV96 [Omitted] 
IV97 [Omitted] 
IV98 [Omitted] 
IV99 [Omitted] 
IV100 [Omitted] 
IV101 [Omitted] 
IV102 [Omitted] 
IV103 [Omitted] 
IV104 [Omitted] 
IV105 [Omitted] 
IV106 [Omitted] 
IV107 [Omitted] 
IV108 [Omitted] 
IV109 [Omitted] 
IV110 [Omitted] 
IV111 [Omitted] 
IV112 [Omitted] 
IV113 [Omitted] 
IV1148407Spark-ignition reciprocating or rotary internal combustion  piston  engine  [other  than  aircraft
IV1158408Compression-ignition      internal     combustion piston engines (diesel or semi-diesel engines)28%
IV1168409Parts suitable for use solely or principally with
the engines of heading 8407 or 8408
IV1178413Pumps  for  dispensing  fuel or  lubricants of the type  used  in  filling  stations  or  garages  [8413 11],   Fuel,   lubricating   or   cooling   medium pumps  for  internal  combustion  piston  engines
[8413 30]
IV118 [Omitted] 
IV1198415Air-conditioning     machines,     comprising     a motor-driven fan and elements for changing the temperature   and   humidity,   including   those machines   in  which  the   humidity  cannot   be
separately regulated
IV120 [Omitted] 
IV121 [Omitted] 
IV1228422Dish  washing  machines,  household  [8422  11
00] and other [8422 19 00]
IV123 [Omitted] 
IV124 [Omitted] 
IV125 [Omitted] 
IV126 [Omitted] 
IV127 [Omitted] 
IV128 [Omitted] 
IV129 [Omitted] 
IV130 [Omitted] 
IV131 [Omitted] 
IV132 [Omitted] 
IV133 [Omitted] 
IV134 [Omitted] 
IV135 [Omitted] 
IV136 [Omitted] 
IV137 [Omitted] 
IV138 [Omitted] 
IV1398507Electric   accumulators,   including   separators therefor, whether or not  rectangular  (including square)  other  than  Lithiumion  battery and
other    Lithium-ion    accumulators    including Lithium-ion power banks
IV140 [Omitted] 
IV141 [Omitted] 
IV142 [Omitted] 
IV1438511Electrical  ignition  or  starting  equipment  of  a kind  used  for  spark-ignition  or  compression- ignition    internal    combustion    engines    (for example,      ignition      magnetos,      magneto- dynamos,   ignition  coils,   sparking  plugs  and glow   plugs,   starter   motors);   generators   (for example, dynamos, alternators) and cut-outs of
a kind used in conjunction with such engines
IV144 [Omitted] 
IV145 [Omitted] 
IV146 [Omitted] 
IV147 [Omitted] 
IV148 [Omitted] 
IV149 [Omitted] 
IV150 [Omitted] 
IV151  [Omitted] 
IV152 [Omitted] 
IV153 [Omitted] 
IV1548528Monitors   and   projectors,   not   incorporating television     reception     apparatus;     reception apparatus    for    television,    whether    or    not incorporating radio-broadcast receiver or sound or video recording or reproducing apparatus  [other    than    computer    monitors    not exceeding     32  inches  ,  set  top  box  for television  and  Television  set  (including  LCD and    LED    television)    of   screen    size    not
exceeding 32 inches
IV155 [Omitted] 
IV156 [Omitted] 
IV157 [Omitted] 
IV158  [Omitted] 
IV159 [Omitted] 
IV160 [Omitted] 
IV161  [Omitted] 
IV162 [Omitted] 
IV163 [Omitted] 
IV163A8701Road    tractors    for    semi-trailers    of   engine
capacity more than 1800 cc]
IV1648702Motor  vehicles  for  the  transport  of  ten  or more  persons,  including  the  driver  [other  than
buses   for   use   in   public   transport,   which exclusively run on Bio-fuels]
IV1658703Motor cars and other motor vehicles principally designed  for  the  transport  of  persons  (other than  those  of heading  8702),  including  station wagons  and  racing  cars  [other  than  Cars  for
physically handicapped persons]
IV1668704Motor vehicles for the transport of goods [other
than Refrigerated motor vehicles]
IV167 [Omitted] 
IV1688706Chassis   fitted   with   engines,   for   the   motor
vehicles of headings 8701 to 8705
IV1698707Bodies (including cabs), for the motor vehicles
of headings 8701 to 8705
IV1708708Parts and  accessories  of the  motor  vehicles  of headings  8701  to  8705  [other  than  specified
parts of tractors]
IV171 [Omitted] 
IV172 [Omitted] 
IV1738711Motorcycles   (including   mopeds)   and   cycles fitted with an auxiliary motor, with or without
side-cars; side-cars
IV1748714Parts  and  accessories  of  vehicles  of  heading
IV175 [Omitted] 
IV1768802 or
Aircrafts for personal use28%
IV1778903Yachts and other vessels for pleasure or sports;
rowing boats and canoes
IV178 [Omitted] 
IV179 [Omitted] 
IV180 [Omitted] 
IV181 [Omitted] 
IV182 [Omitted] 
IV183 [Omitted] 
IV184 [Omitted] 
IV185 [Omitted] 
IV186 [Omitted] 
IV187 [Omitted] 
IV188 [Omitted] 
IV189 [Omitted] 
IV190 [Omitted] 
IV191 [Omitted] 
IV192 [Omitted] 
IV193 [Omitted] 
IV194 [Omitted] 
IV195 [Omitted] 
IV196 [Omitted] 
IV197 [Omitted] 
IV198 [Omitted] 
IV199 [Omitted] 
IV200 [Omitted] 
IV201 [Omitted] 
IV202 [Omitted] 
IV203 [Omitted] 
IV204 [Omitted] 
IV205 [Omitted] 
IV206 [Omitted] 
IV207 [Omitted] 
IV208 [Omitted] 
IV209 [Omitted] 
IV2109302Revolvers   and   pistols,   other   than   those   of
heading 9303 or 9304
IV211 [Omitted] 
IV212 [Omitted] 
IV213 [Omitted] 
IV214 [Omitted] 
IV215 [Omitted] 
IV216 [Omitted] 
IV217 [Omitted] 
IV218 [Omitted] 
IV219 [Omitted] 
IV220 [Omitted] 
IV221 [Omitted] 
IV222  [Omitted] 
IV2239614Smoking   pipes   (including   pipe   bowls)   and
cigar or cigarette holders, and parts thereof
IV224 [Omitted] 
IV225 [Omitted] 
IV226 [Omitted] 
IV2279804All dutiable articles intended for personal use28%
IV229Any ChapterActionable claim in the  form of chance to win
in  betting,  gambling,  or  horse  racing  in  race club
V17101Pearls, natural or cultured, whether or not  worked or graded but  not strung, mounted or set; pearls, natural or cultured, temporarily strung
for convenience of transport

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List of all Goods Covered under GST 28% Rate list,

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