Ron DeSantis Net Worth is $55 Million US Dollars. Ron DeSantis is an American politician and attorney serving as the Governor of Florida since 2019. DeSantis is one of the wealthiest Governors in United States. DeSantis receives a fixed $215,000 salary as Governor from the Florida State Treasury. Ron DeSantis ow ns some of the best luxury cars and watches. Note: The wealth data provided below belongs to both DeSantis and his Spouse, and a part of the information is crowd-sourced. Check out Pope Francis Net Worth.

Ron DeSantis Net Worth

DeSantis’s net worth is expected to reach $100 million over the next few years due to his business ventures and also support from wealthy donors. Considering the money juggernaut he has built for himself, DeSantis will very likely win the upcoming elections in Florida.

Net Worth$55 Million
Governor Salary$215,000
Other Income$5 Million
Assets & Investments$28 Million
Donations Received$8 Million
Taxes Paid$4 Million
Loans and mortgages$3 Million
Taxes Paid$135,000
Monthly Expense$300,000
Approval Rating49%
House Properties5
Weight198 lbs (90 kg)
Ron DeSantis Net Worth Summary

Ron DeSantis Car Collection

Ron DeSantis has recently bought a brand-new Lexus GX at a price of $41,000 USD. Ron DeSantis also owns an Land Rover Velar that’s worth $90,000 USD. A few other cars in Ron DeSantis’s collection are listed down below. You should see Ben Shapiro Net Worth.

  • Lexus ES
  • Chevrolet El Camino SS 1970
  • Audi RS Q8
  • Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 1965
  • 1961 Jaguar E-Type

Ron DeSantis House

Even though DeSantis lives in the government mansion, he owns few real estate property investments. Ron DeSantis owns one of the expensive houses in Jacksonville, Florida (On his wife’s name). This property is a 7,000 square foot mansion with 5 bathrooms and 2 pools. Ron DeSantis bought his house for $8 Million and the current market value is $22 Million. This Prussian-style house has the following features. Also see Sean Hannity Net Worth.

  • 2 Swimming Pools
  • 7 Bedrooms
  • 8 Bathrooms
  • 1,000 Wine Cellar
  • Gigantic Dining Room
  • Tennis Court
  • Home Theater
Ron DeSantis net worth is $52 Million

Ron DeSantis’s Watch Collection

Over the years, a lot of wealthy donors have gifted Ron DeSantis with luxury and vintage watches. Below we have listed out the watches owned by Ron DeSantis. Checkout Laura Ingraham Net Worth.

  • Roger Dubuis – $260,000 USD
  • Girard Perregaux – $160,000 USD
  • Grand Seiko – $30,000 USD

Stock Portfolio of Ron DeSantis

Ron DeSantis has investments in stock markets (on his wife’s name). Ron DeSantis started investing in stocks since 2010. Ron DeSantis mostly prefers investing in the stocks of Energy, Manufacturing and Automobile companies, which are heavily dependent on government regulations. Ron DeSantis’s portfolio consists of the following stocks. See Mitch McConnell Net Worth.


  1. Chevron
  2. Pfizer
  3. Texas Instruments
  4. Pepsi Co
  5. ConocoPhillips

DeSantis Net Worth Trend

Ron DeSantis Net Worth in 2023$55 Million
Ron DeSantis Net Worth in 2022$44 Million
Ron DeSantis Net Worth in 2021$35 Million
Ron DeSantis Net Worth in 2020$30 Million
Ron DeSantis Net Worth in 2019$28 Million
Ron DeSantis Net Worth in 2018$24 Million

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ron DeSantis Net Worth?

Ron DeSantis’s Net Worth is $55 Million USD.

Where is Ron DeSantis from originally?

Jacksonville, Florida, United States

What’s Ron DeSantis nationality?


Who is Ron DeSantis’s wife?

Ron DeSantis’s wife is Casey Black. ​

Is DeSantis an Italian name?

DeSantis or De Santis is an Italian surname.

What is Ron DeSantis’s height?

1.90 meters (6 feet 1 inches).

Ron DeSantis Bio

Ronald Dion DeSantis was born on September 14, 1978, in Jacksonville, Florida, the son of Karen (née Rogers) and Ronald Daniel DeSantis. After graduating from Yale in 2001 with a B.A. magna cum laude in history, Ron DeSantis spent a year as a history teacher at the Darlington School.

Military service of Ron DeSantis

 Ron DeSantis completed Naval Justice School in 2005. Later that year, Ron DeSantis received orders to the JAG Trial Service Office Command South East at Naval Station Mayport, Florida, as a prosecutor. The U.S. Department of Justice appointed him to serve as an assistant U.S. attorney at the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Middle District of Florida.

Ron DeSantis won the six-candidate Republican primary with 39% of the vote, with the runner-up, state representative Fred Costello, receiving 23%. In the November general election, DeSantis defeated Democratic nominee Heather Beaven 57–43%, with majorities in all four counties. Don’t miss Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Net Worth .

DeSantis Governorship – Florida Election

In January 2018, Ron DeSantis announced his candidacy for governor of Florida to succeed term-limited Republican incumbent Rick Scott. On August 28, 2018, Ron DeSantis won the Republican primary, His Democratic opponent in the general election was Andrew Gillum.

Ron DeSantis’s handling of COVID-19 in Florida was initially unpopular among the state’s voters: as of May 2020, Ron DeSantis was the only U.S. governor whose approval had declined after COVID-19 became widespread in the U.S. Ron DeSantis rejected the implementation of a statewide face mask mandate, belatedly implemented stay-at-home orders, and let his stay-at-home order implemented in April expire.

Ron DeSantis is a Trumpist and Tea Party conservative. Ron DeSantis has called himself a “Teddy Roosevelt conservationist”.


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