As we get involved in new virtual currency systems called Cryptocurrency, it becomes difficult to recognize the risks involved in different transactions. Besides being volatile, digital coins have other issues. These include the online scams that are rampant on the web. Also, you can experience the same on the exchanges as well. As you intend to invest in different startup groups and exchanges, you need to check particular possibilities about losing your digital currency investments.

5 Effective Ways to Avoid Cryptocurrency Scams

When you check with the experts dealing with startups and digital currencies companies, they recommend you confirm the Blockchain power first and then move to the next. It helps in tracking complex transactions and various data. At the same time, you need to check how they remain competitive with their actual business plans, which addresses the real problems. We can see companies specifying the liquidity of digital coins and even the ICO protocols.

Well, how about checking the ways of avoiding digital currency scams. Meanwhile, for more details, you can explore sites like BitQT Trading Bot. Now let’s top five ways of avoiding the scams:

1). Be Wary of the Imposter Sites

You certainly know about the risk of falling into the trap of such websites. Yet you can become a victim of the same with an accident. There is a bulk amount of websites that can resemble in a big way certain valid startup groups. Avoid visiting such sites if you fail to see the lock or icon over the URL bar.


Even if you find these websites very similar to the one you intend to visit, you can think of directing to yet another platform for payment. For instance, you can even click the link, which appears to be a legitimate website, but can have attackers having created the fake kind of URL found with zero instead of the alphabet o. Such a platform can squeeze your money in the name of digital currency investment.

2). Say No to Fake phone applications

The other way you can become the victim of scammers is to trick digital currency investors via fake applications. These are even found in Google Play and the iOS-based App Store. We see several stakeholders coming across these apps, and they get rid of the same as well. However, these still exist on the platforms. Many people could have downloaded such fake digital currency-based apps, claims several reports. The Android-based users remain at a higher risk as more such apps are present in Play Store. You need to be conscious about the app by checking the reviews. Also, you can think of relying on credible and known applications.

3). Get Away from illegitimate tweets & SM Updates

If you have the flair of following certain celebs on Twitter or Instagram, you may not be very sure regarding the impostor accounts. Similar is the story with digital currencies, as these remain risky since you can find several malicious bots on the run to attack you. So make sure you do not rely on sites that lure you with fake accounts. If you get a request on such sites, even for a trivial amount of digital coin, then be prepared to lose it. Even if you see others replying to it, keep in mind to avoid them permanently.

4). Beware of Scamming Emails

Even if you find certain emails lucrative and exciting, as if these have come up from any legitimate website, think again before you act. Investing some time to investigate the authenticity of the currency also makes a huge difference. Check a few things like the branding image and logo, and you can make out the difference there. You can quickly see their email address that is linked to the claimed company. The capability to check on it can give you enough reason why it becomes vital while choosing the company with real people who are seen working for the same.

5). Carry Out the proper research

We see cyber frauds and crooks using fake ICOs to lure people for the fake offering. Also, they have other tricks to fool people when mining digital coins. It would help if you were sure about staying secure and even securing yourself the best in this domain. Start investing in digital currency and then find out the right solution.

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