Tires Online Canada: Impacts of Tires on Fuel Consumption

Tires Online Canada: Impacts of Tires on Fuel Consumption. The continued rise in fuel prices has had vehicle owners rushing to get tires online Canada.

Raju Choudhary

Tires Online Canada
Tires Online Canada

The continued rise in fuel prices has had vehicle owners rushing to get tires online Canada, which can help save on fuel consumption. A thing that most people do not know is that the type of tires you have on your vehicle has an impact on the rate at which your vehicle consumes fuel. Therefore, it is important that you install tires that have a low roll resistance with the surface.

Roll resistance is the friction force created when the tires roll over a surface. The higher the friction, the more energy is required to keep the tires rolling. This means your vehicle will consume a lot of energy for short distances. The following are ways to choose, maintain and use your low-resistance tires online Canada to decrease fuel consumption;

Choosing Fuel-Efficient Tires Canada Online

Tires with low rolling resistance can help to save up to 20% of fuel. This is because they have less friction with the surface; hence less energy is required to keep the vehicle moving. The best fuel-efficient tires are the radial ones usually made using lightweight materials to help reduce friction with the surface.

When purchasing fuel-efficient tires, always consider their size. The tire’s width helps to determine how much friction the tire will have with the surface. The narrower the tire, the less contact the tire will have with the surface, reducing the amount of friction generated. It is important to note that narrow tires are best for dry roads and might have difficulties on sharp surfaces.


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However, it is important that you consult with vehicle experts on the best tire size for your vehicle that can help reduce fuel consumption. This is because different vehicle types have different tire specifications.

How To Maintain Tires For Better Fuel Efficiency

Reducing fuel consumption for your vehicle does not necessarily mean that you should get new tires online Canada. Maintaining the old tires in a better way can also help to reduce the amount of fuel that your vehicle consumes.

The first step in ensuring that your old tires help fuel consumption is checking the tire pressure occasionally. The pressure on your tires at each time impacts how the vehicle consumes energy. When the tires have low pressure, a larger part of the time gets into contact with the surface.

The increased contact with the ground increases friction. This means a lot of energy will be required to keep the tires rolling. This will lead to very high fuel consumption. It is therefore important to always check the amount of pressure left on your tires, especially during the cold season.

This is because cold temperatures tend to reduce pressure in tires. Each inflated tire adds up to 2 % of the fuel consumed, which is a lot of fuel considering the rising cost of living.

How To Achieve Fuel Efficiency In The Cold Season

The low temperatures during winter increase the fuel your vehicle are likely to consume. According to research, a slight drop in temperature raises fuel consumption by around 12 to 28 percent. When this increase is added to the fuel used to run the motor and the one required to warm up your vehicle, you will spend a lot on fuel during winter.

The first thing to reduce fuel consumption in the cold season is to get tires specifically meant for winter. This means that your tires will not strain to grind through the icy roads reducing the amount of fuel consumed.

Prioritize using tires made from lightweight materials as they usually have a good grip on slippery roads during winter. Ensure the tires online Canada that you buy have tread patterns that can help to evacuate snow and ice, making it easy to maneuver on wet roads. The most important thing to do during winter is to invest in a good quality tire. The better the tire’s performance on slippery roads, the higher the chances that your vehicle will decrease fuel consumption.

Now you understand the correlation between tires Canada online and fuel efficiency; it is your role to make the right decisions when shopping online for tires.

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