6 Possible Reasons Why Aircon Unable to Blow Cool Air

6 Possible Reasons Why Aircon Unable to Blow Cool Air. Investing in an air conditioner should be your best decision, after all a cooler temperature.

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Aircon Unable to Blow Cool Air
Aircon Unable To Blow Cool Air

Is your home’s air conditioner failing to perform as expected? Instead of cooling the room properly, your aircon is only blowing warm or hot air? Such issues can be particularly frustrating, especially if you live in tropical climates where hot weather is a daily struggle.

Investing in an air conditioner should be your best decision, after all a cooler temperature can give many benefits, including a healthier body and a more focused mind. Unfortunately, air conditioning systems are intricate. It relies on the precise balance of temperature, airflow, and pressure to function effectively.

Thus sometimes numerous potential issues can happen to an air conditioner and make it underperform.

But do keep your calm, because not all problems with your air conditioner require hefty repair. To help discover the problem that may affect your aircon’s ability to cool a room, here are several factors that you can watch out for!


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1. Remote Control Issues

The first thing you should check when encountering faulty air conditioners is the aircon remote control. In some cases, there might be an issue where your air conditioner remote control fails to transmit temperature change signals to the unit. This might be because you run out of battery, or it can also be because there’s a problem with the remote control.

To resolve this issue, you can try to change the battery first. But if it still doesn’t work, consider replacing the remote control with a new one. This problem is one of the most common, simple, and affordable issues to tackle.

2. Elevated Outdoor Temperature

Air conditioners have an optimal operating temperature range in which they function most efficiently. If the surrounding temperature exceeds this range, the air conditioner’s ability will naturally drop. In some extreme cases, such as when temperatures soar significantly, the compressor may cease functioning entirely, resulting in the central air system no longer blowing cold air.

3. Not Purchasing the Right Air Conditioner Size

One common mistake people make when purchasing air conditioners is not doing proper research first. Many tend to only select air conditioners based on their budget, and fail to understand the requirements needed to achieve optimal cooling from the air conditioner.

Choosing the right size for an air conditioner is crucial because an improper air conditioner size can bring issues later on. For example, if a small air conditioner is used in a large room, it may struggle to cool the space effectively. In the end, you will probably set the aircon at the lowest temperature constantly. When an air conditioning system is set to a low temperature, the compressor will need to work harder to maintain the desired low temperature. This increased workload on the compressor can eventually result in a broken machine.

Thus, before purchasing an air conditioner it is important to check the appropriate air conditioner requirement for the place you plan to install it.

4. Clogged Air Filter

Insufficient airflow is often the ultimate culprit that makes air conditioners struggle to deliver cold air. The fan’s role is to pass air over the evaporator coils, where it’s cooled before being circulated back into the room. If the air conditioner’s air flow is hindered by dirty filters, it may struggle to circulate cool air and achieve the desired room temperature.

To avoid this issue from disturbing your comfort, you should clean or replace the air conditioner filter as necessary. Additionally, if the evaporator coil appears excessively dusty, it should be cleaned with a brush dipped in soapy water. Worry not because this simple maintenance can be done by yourself. You only need to follow the simple instructions usually present in the air conditioner guidelines.

5. Dirty Outdoor Unit

Air conditioners work by absorbing heat from the indoor air with the evaporator and then releasing that heat outdoors through the condenser. However, if the condenser unit of your aircon is dirty or covered in dust, it can’t effectively dissipate heat. Instead, this can make it challenging for the air conditioner to cool the room.

To address this issue, you can remove the dirt surrounding your air conditioners by lightly spraying them with a garden hose. This is so very easy and effective to remove any accumulated dust or mildew around the unit.

6. Low or Leaking Refrigerant

If you see ice forming on your air conditioner outdoor unit or unusual noises start emanating from the inside of your aircon, you should immediately turn your air conditioner off and seek professional assistance. These signs above may indicate a refrigerant leak is happening in the unit. Neglecting these signs and continuing to operate the air conditioner in this condition can potentially damage the compressor, and make it irreparable.

These are some potential causes of why your air conditioner unit is failing to cool your space effectively. To ensure your air conditioner won’t disappoint you, it is important to enlist the expertise of professional technicians to maintain your aircon regularly.

Not only that, but professional maintenance can also diagnose why your aircon is unable to cool your space and determine the necessary troubleshooting steps for this problem. Check out should you need the help of a professional and reliable air conditioner to help you out with any of your air conditioner needs!

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