Best ways to get from Wellington, New Zealand, to Canberra, Australia

Best ways to get from Wellington, New Zealand, to Canberra, Australia. Australia and New Zealand are excellent choices for exotic travel destinations.

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Best ways to get from Wellington
Best Ways To Get From Wellington

Australia and New Zealand are excellent choices for exotic travel destinations. The opportunity to combine visits to these two countries in one trip will provide a variety of experiences and more adventure. Below you will find the best ways to get from Wellington to Canberra with maximum comfort or a touch of adventure.

Distance: Wellington to Canberra

The Tasman Sea separates New Zealand and Australia, excluding the possibility of land routes. Your options are sea and air. Please note that it is worth making allowances for the weather. Therefore the question “How far is Wellington, New Zealand from Canberra, Australia?” can only be answered formally:1446 miles (or 1257 nautical miles).

However, weather conditions may force you to change the route, significantly affecting the travel time. In addition, the time difference between Wellington to Canberra is 2 hours. Keep this fact in mind when planning your trip!

Air flight

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, direct flights from Wellington to Canberra are still unavailable. Canberra Airport is modest in size, but to adhere to quarantine measures and carry out checks, large airports are convenient. Therefore, the airports of Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane remained international, while Canberra receives only domestic flights. The situation is slowly changing, but not for New Zealand-Australia flights.


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It is better to arrive in Wellington in advance to explore this cozy city. Car rental Wellington services will allow you to travel comfortably and see more attractions. When traveling with friends or family, consider the advantages of a spacious vehicle and select the best van rentals in Wellington in advance. The optimal passenger van rental will allow you to save money and get more opportunities for spending time together.

So, concerning flights, you have two optimal options:

  • to take a flight from Wellington to Canberra with a change in Melbourne or Sydney (takes from 7 hours),
  • to fly to the nearest airport, then travel to Canberra by public transport or rental car.

In the latter case, the flight will take about 4 hours. Then everything depends on the choice of ground transport. At the same time, a rented car will save 2-3 hours of travel time to Canberra.

Sea adventures

Worth noting that Canberra does not have access to the sea, being away from the coastline. Therefore, when traveling from Wellington to Canberra, the best option would be to sail to Sydney and move further overland. What options are available?

On a cargo ship

There are no optimal ferry routes between Wellington and Sydney. In the past, the fastest and cheapest way to cross the Tasman Sea was to travel on a cargo ship. Among the amenities are a modest cabin and a sailor’s ration for a small price, but how much romance! Such was before the pandemic, and now this type of movement is rare. However, keep in mind for the future.

A cruise ship

If you are on holiday and your goal is a luxurious trip, consider booking a ticket on a cruise ship. Unforgettable experiences are guaranteed but make sure you’re willing to pay the price. Cruises from Wellington to Sydney last an average of a week (like Coral Expeditions offers). In addition to the breathtaking sea views, such cruises most often involve:

  • three meals a day from the chef,
  • training in sailing and navigation,
  • spa services and swimming pool,
  • cocktail bars,
  • inflatable boats for excursions,
  • and even a library.
A cruise ship

Where do cruise ships dock in Wellington, New Zealand?

Such luxury hotels on the water pick up passengers at Wellington cruise port (at Wellington Queens Wharf mostly). It is a historic place named after Her Majesty Queen Victoria. Arrive early for a walk and enjoy one of the marvelous coffee shops nearby. You can also visit The New Zealand Portrait Gallery, within a few minutes from the Wharf.

Free sailing

The most adventurous, dangerous, but at the same time exciting option is a private boat cruise. It is suitable for owners of yachts or sailboats (but both can be rented, as well as the captain). You should have sailing skills for such a journey. The Tasman Sea is famous for its changeable weather, and Australia is far away.

If you decide to go, the summer months will be the best time to implement your plans. A possible stop could be Lord Howe Island if the weather is inappropriate. Consider also necessary documents, medical certificates, and customs restrictions. Travel time depends on your route, trip conditions, and speed.

In conclusion

To sum up, the fastest and optimal way to get from Wellington to Canberra is a flight. When choosing between air and sea travel options, evaluate all the advantages and disadvantages and rely on your preferences. In any case, you will have to transfer to another mode of transport, reaching Australia to get to Canberra. Think over all stages of the journey and book tickets and vehicles as early as possible.

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