Canada is a country that is above the United States of America. It is a developed country that has a presence of diverse nationalities as immigrants. These nationalities have different purposes of moving, visiting or permanently residing in Canada. They follow certain Immigration laws and rules specifically in line with their status set by the state, which they can consult with through lawyers for immigration present in where they reside in. 

Just like their different purposes, their visas are very much based on their immigrant status. Each Canadian visa issued to immigrants is usually for tourists, Educational purposes, citizenship due to marrying a Canadian citizen spouse and many more. Many Immigrants choose to go to Canada for the experience of the benefits that come with becoming a permanent resident or Citizen, such as Free Healthcare Benefits, Educational benefits and social benefits as well.

In this article, we will help you narrow down some different types of Visas in Canada

Visitors Visa

Most common type. Best suits immigrants that want to go to the country temporarily. For a vacation that is within the duration based on their applied visa. These individuals or immigrants also refer to this Temporary Resident Visa. They are handed to foreign nationals that are not planning to take residence in the state.

Student Visas

This visa is what most foreign nationals or immigrants look for, especially those searching for MBAs or Doctorate Degrees or planning to learn to speak the English Language in prestigious universities in Canada. This is very much sought after since Canada offers a “work-while studying” setup for this type. 

Work Permits

Immigrants looking for job opportunities or even work experience in Canada apply for this visa and are most likely to be able to be fit in becoming a resident. Though this may have minor factors and conditions for eligibility, this is still a very strong choice for the application for their Canadian visa. This allows immigrants to stay in Canada for a much more extended period due to their work.


Canada Business Visa

Issued to those groups of people or individual immigrants that have to travel to Canada for official business purposes. This only allows the specific individual to visit the state for a short time, usually less than 6 months, to conduct their business. To be clear, they are not allowed to work but only facilitate agreements, meetings, and other proposals for their interaction with their business partners and investors.

Visa to give birth in Canada

An individual or foreign national that is issued with this visa can only be allowed to visit for the purpose of giving birth to their offspring. This criteria or visa falls on the Temporary Resident Visa being published as well by the state. Some immigrants in Canada or individuals might find intimate relationships long distance. The most relatable happening regarding this is when a Canadian National, Male, visits their partner and has created life. Though not their spouse, they may encourage their partner to apply for this visa and have their offspring born in the state.


Other states also experience this type of setup like in America, Norway, or even the UK. The presence of a visa K3 in the UK may seem somewhat similar but is with certain contingencies when it comes to the terms and policies individuals and foreign nationals adhere to when it comes to entering their state. The Canadian Government is encouraging a lot of immigrants into their state and applying for the visas they offer so that they can increase their population and keep up with the development of fast labor markets growing in their rural areas and cities.

Though some visas only allow immigrants in the state for a short period of time, these individuals can always apply for a different visa based on what they need while they are currently under the present visa they have as stated in one of the examples above. 

Regardless, The Canadian Government has provided support for immigrants interested in applying for these visas. The diplomatic relations of consulates and embassies for different countries with bilateral ties with Canada support many immigrants as well while they are residing in the state whether for educational, work, permanent resident or citizenship. The strong ties and demand for Canada’s immigrant population are very much sought after. They offer many opportunities for them as much as the visa’s they can cater to applicants.

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