How does a Tax Return Preparer help for Filing IT Return, In this article you can find all details related to How TRP is Help Us for Filing our Income Tax Return. The first question which comes to our mind when we hear the word TRP is, Who is a Tax Return Preparer and what does he do? , For the purpose of enabling any specified class or classes of persons to prepare and furnish their returns of income, the CBDT may notify a Scheme to provide that such persons may furnish their returns of income through a TRP.

How does a Tax Return Preparer help for Filing IT Return

What does a TRP do?

The Tax Return Preparer shall assist the persons furnishing the return in the specified manner.

Who can be a TRP?

 A Tax Return Preparer can be an individual, excluding the following:

  • any officer of a scheduled bank with which the assessee maintains a current account or has other regular dealings.
  • any legal practitioner who is entitled to practice in any civil court in India.
  • a Chartered Accountant
  • an employee of the specified class as defined in the Act.

How can we find a TRP?

For details, you can refer the site

What does the TRP Scheme, 2006 provide?

  1. The manner in which and the period for which the Tax Return Preparers shall be authorized
  2. the educational and other qualifications to be possessed, and the training and other conditions required to be fulfilled, by a person to act as a Tax Return Preparer,
  3. the code of conduct for the Tax Return Preparers,
  4. the duties and obligations of the Tax Return Preparers,
  5. the circumstances under which the authorization given to a Tax Return Preparer may be withdrawn, and
  6. any other relevant matter as may be specified by the

How are modifications made in the scheme?

Every Scheme framed by the CBDT under this section shall be laid before each House of Parliament while it is in session to make the same effective.


If both the houses decide in making any modification of Scheme, then the Scheme will have effect only in such modified form.

Similarly, if both the Houses decide that any Scheme should not be framed, then such Scheme will thereafter be of no effect.

Accordingly, the CBDT has, in exercise of the powers conferred by this section, framed  the TRP Scheme, 2006, which came into force from 1.12.2006.

As per this scheme, Tax Return Preparer means any individual who has been issued a Tax    Return Preparer Certificate and a Unique Identification Number by the Partner Organization to carry on the profession of preparing the returns of income in accordance with the provisions of this Scheme.

What did we learn so far?

Thus, Tax Return Preparers are the people who work as per the Tax Return Preparer Scheme, 2006 to assist an assessee in filing his or her return of income. The manner in which they can help an assessee is as specified in the Act. The TRP has to sign on the Return Form filed by him. Apart from this, there are several classes of people who are disallowed to act as a Tax Return Preparer as specified in the Tax Return Preparer Scheme.

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