Suzuki Swift Eco Car: With the quest for green cars growing among the environmentalists, buyers and European Union member states, the 2020 – 2021 Suzuki Swift is the car to go for. Taking into consideration the fuel economy, pricing and size, Swift has a higher chance of selling more in the Thai eco-car market. The swiftness in this Swift is well shown through its sloping roof and wraparound windscreen. Sportiness is more pronounced by looking at the swift design.

Suzuki Swift Eco Car
Suzuki Swift Eco Car

Is Suzuki Swift Eco Car Better?

Standing on 16-inch alloy wheels and weighing only between 875 – 910kg, this compact hatchback fits 5 occupants. Just as the exterior tells, its interior is as spacious as the cargo space. The 2018 Suzuki Swift isn’t a ‘complicated car but it strictly complies with the 23km/l fuel consumption rate and 100g/km carbon emission.

With a ground clearance of 120mm and a wheelbase of 2450mm, this Swift model from Autofun is stable enough to take any trip challenge in the urban and rural. Turning to the entertainment section, the external device’s connectivity combined with the 5 powerful speakers will keep you entertained from your Android and Apple devices.

So, does the new model Suzuki features make it better?

The Exterior

All the models come with a camouflaged rear door handles. The large front grille is garnished with a horizontal chrome slate that extends to both sides. Co-joining the bonnet and the front face to the sides are large LED headlamps. At the bottom are fog lights housed by a glossy hard plastic stretching just above the bumper to both sides.

The Interior

Suzuki Swift Eco Car Interior
Suzuki Swift Eco Car Interior

Sliding in the cockpit, the continuous black tone may make one to change his good intentions. However, the interior structure and seat upholstery with beautiful patterns will keep you attracted to the car. The small drops of contrast on the dashboard and the button controls placed on the leather-wrapped steering are some of Suzuki’s little efforts to make the interior more impressive.


In terms of technology, Suzuki Swift GLX has it all you need to fall in love with it. Its 7-inch infotainment touchscreen will not only help you navigate any city street but play any music and listen to different radio stations. And if you thought the audiobooks are interesting, the voice recognition will fascinate you more. With voice recognition, you can make calls, select the best music and search for any city street without touching the screen.

The Safety Systems

Suzuki Swift Eco Car Safety System
Suzuki Swift Eco Car Safety System

Going by the safety systems standards, Suzuki Swift GLX is among the best small compact eco-cars Thailand. As the adjustable seat belts hold you firmly to the seat in case of any impact, the Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) will bring the Swift to a stop immediately.

Other safety systems worth admiring include Blind Spot Monitoring, rear cameras, Lane Departure Warning, Adaptive Cruise Control and Stability Control System.

This hatchback comes equipped with engine options; the direct-injection turbo engine with a fuel consumption rate of 5.1L/km and the DualJet engine. Both engines are mounted to a CVT transmission system.


In a more restrained economy and living in an era when the environmental hazards make the world we live in a threat, availability of eco-cars leaves many with no choice. Volkswagen Polo GT, Renault Clio RS and Ford Fiesta ST may rival the Swift but in terms of fuel efficiency, Suzuki Swift is far apart.

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