Bitcoin is an astounding phenomenon and surprising itself. The digital coin has possibly shown some fantastic and surprising facts about digital currency. It has openly challenged the traditional system and government and provided evidence about not relying on banks. In addition to this, blockchain technology enables so many opportunities for industries and health care to transform themselves with Bitcoin. You must be curious about how the world deals with the first cryptocurrency

Five Surprising Facts About Bitcoin For Everyone

All the below mentioned points will make you invest more in bitcoin as people have gained knowledge in cryptocurrency. Like this platform, you can learn more about bitcoin. These unique points are valuable and suitable for new traders to experience digital coins. Digital coinage has demand in the virtual market, and everyone should look at the significant points.

Let’s get ready to dive into the unique and shocking facts of Bitcoin. 

20% Of Total Bitcoin Are Lost 

According to the data and firm analysis, around 20% of Bitcoin is stuck in the users’ wallets. It is a positive point for the system and Bitcoin, but a negative for the people as they will never possess rights to the 20% of Bitcoin. Today this 20% is enjoyed by the people who purchased it in 2009 and 2010. The term loss does not mean anything negative but a positive point for the people who want to understand how much Bitcoins are available in wallets. 


Several individuals think that it can have some extraordinary abilities, so they want to store it for retirement. The positive long-term return in Bitcoin makes individuals more Emphasis upon storing it for their old days. So if you want to have your wonderful retirement, you have to come under the category of that 20%. Likewise, you can also make a lot of Fortune for your retreat days and enjoy your time with constant intensification and monetary benefits. 

Millions Of Transactions 

Worldwide, millions of people are involved in Bitcoin, and since it was launched, around 668 million transactions have taken place. Yes, it is a good amount of transactions that have taken place in 12 years. If you take an average of the above figure,50 million transactions are done by the Bitcoin owners every year. The world needs to understand now that Bitcoin is equally important as traditional physical money. The everyday transaction in Bitcoin has increased, and in the coming years, it will climb to another percentage. 

Becoming The First Legal Cryptocurrency 

In between thousands of thousand cryptocurrencies floating in the financial market, Bitcoin has become the first-ever legal tender in El Salvador. On September 7, the country announced that it would accept every transaction done in Bitcoin because it provides Bitcoin as an official permit. The president of the country controversially announced the decision. However, his conversation with the reporters and media team made it very clear that the dollar would remain the exchange medium of the country. 

The government is looking at the promising results of Bitcoin and has decided to open the borders for the national digital wallet. Naturally, many people protested about the whole concept; however, the president gave a brief note of the importance and profits. 

Last Bitcoin Will Be Available In 2140 

Unfortunately, only 21 million units were produced in 2009, due to which the last Crypto coin will limit to 2140. Around 18 million have been utilized; it is assumed that some are still in wallets or lost by the people. It means that the Bitcoin mining work is reduced by half every four years. One great piece of news for investors is that around 90% of the total Bitcoin is in circulation, and it will take only 120 years to produce the remaining Bitcoin. 

The First Purchase 

The funny story behind the direct sale of Bitcoin for products has gained a lot of publicity in the market. The father of two boys purchased pizza for his children. The man at that time did not realize the importance of having a digital coin with him, and due to which he gave his 10,000 BTC to the Pizza delivery man. Today the total price of 10,000 BTC is worth $500 million. Perhaps the primary reason behind the story becoming more critical for the Bitcoin folk.

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