How to Study for open book Examination – a detailed guide

How to Study for open book Examination, Open book examination may seem like easiest thing to do. With your notes and books at your disposal, how hard.

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Study for open book Examination

How to Study for open book Examination, Open book examination may seem like easiest thing to do. With your notes and books at your disposal, how hard the exams can be ? But, there are certain points to pay attention to. Eventhough you have study material, its not necessary that test will reflect exactly what appears in textbook. So this article will focus on how to deal with open book examination. Recently we provide complete details for CA Final Result now check more details for “How to Study for open book Examination” form below…

How to Study for open book Examination, Open book examinations may seem like the easiest thing to do like order essay paper. With your notes and books at your disposal, how hard the exams can be?

Objective behind open book examination

  • To Test whether the student has understood rather than just mugging it up
  • Enable students to locate and identify appropriate information
  • Preparation and organization of notes and other study material
  • Application of information recognized in actual test

How to study for open book examination?

Understanding the subject and how to apply knowledge

Mugging up or just memorizing the concepts wont help you in open book test. This is because, open book tests are devised to seek understanding of concepts by the students. Henc e, the tests don’t ask direct questions like definitions or meaning or advantages etc. Open book exams asks questions like ,how it will have its impact on current situation or similar.

Multiple Choice Questions may be straight ourt answers which may easier to handle, but subjective questions may pose your understanding at stake. Such questions are basically designed to nalyse whether you have thouroughly understood the topic and are able to reflect your knowledge. Such questions encourage understanding at basic level and thinking on the lines of it. So if you think that you don’t need to study for open book test, then be ready for surprise in exam room.


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Locating and highlighting the important points in books or prepare separate notes

Even though you are allowed to go through the books , you just cant carry your heaviest text book and then search for information every time. It might be wiser to mark the important information or jot them down in separate notes. Margin notes , colourful stocky notes, highlighters just make your open book exam easier to handle.

Collecting notes for every lecture and class

Your class teachers and professors have expertise with respect to their subjects, so please pay attention to them and study from their notes. This would give a unique edge to your basic understanding and also a new perspective to think from a different angle.

Preparation and organization of notes

Its advised to prepare your separate notes or mark in the lecture notes. This will require neat organization of your important notes. Stack your notes datewise or in the order of their importance. If necessary separate the most difficult or important pointers from rest of the study material. It is imperative that you should take minimal material which will help you locate vital information quickly. This will enable you to know where to look.

Time management

Calculate the total time and divide it by number of questions. This is the time you should devote to each question. Don’t take more than such time as it will decrease the time to be utilized for rest of the questions. Thats why its important to identify important points beforehand, which will facilitate easy locating.

Selection of questions

This is an important step as it is directly related to time management in the exam. You need to answer those questions first for which you don’t need to refer notes. This would save time to flip through your notes or textbooks. This organization of question would certainly leave you with the question which require notes to refer to.

Where you cant find an answer still, leave that question for time being and come back to it once all other questions are done.

Reviewing your answers

If you are lucky to have still tie left, you can refer double check your answers, especially where you think that questions were difficult or confusing. Look for any unanswered question.Also the questions which were tricky, should be checked once again to ensure that you have answered it right.


Whether without or with books, you are always needed to study the subject. Open book examinations are basically devised to test the understanding level and application ability of the students. So it is imperative on the part of the student to learn and apply the knowledge in the examination.

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