Procedure For E-Filling Of Tax Audit Report. Details for E-Filing of Tax Audit Report From Below. We are Providing Full Procedure For E-Filing of Tax Audit Report Without Any Software.

Procedure For E-Filling of Tax Audit Report

The procedure of e-filing of tax audit report can be broadly divided in few steps as mentioned below:

  • Chartered Accountant is required to create his account on E-filing site This would be a special logi Designed for ‘Chartered Accountants’. A separate log-in as ‘Chartered Accountant’ is required for e-filing of Audit report although auditor may have their personal login on e-filing site to file their own Income Tax return. The procedure for the same is discussed here under:
    • Open the web-page:
    • Click on tab ‘Register Yourself’ and Registration Form would appear.
    • Select the User Type. For example: “Tax Professional – Chartered Accountant” and press “Continue”
    • At this stage, three steps would be reflected at the top of the window – (i) enter basic details (ii) Registration Form and (iii) Registration successful.
Tax Audit Report Income Tax
  • Enter the basic details such as ICAI Membership no., date of enrolment, surname, Date of birth, PAN etc. and attach the digital signature of the Chartered Accountant.
  • Fill up the registration form and set the password.
  • Click “Submit” and activation link would be sent to the e-mail ID of the Auditor.
  • Click on the link – account would be activated and Auditor will get his User ID.

Procedure for e-filing is discussed here under:

  • Login of Chartered Accountant would be opened at the beginning
Tax Audit Report Income Tax
  1. Would Go to : e-file – Upload Form.
Tax Audit Report Income Tax
  • Enter the PAN of Assessee and PAN of Chartered Accountant.
  • Select form name and Assessment Year.
  • Attach XML file of Form 3CA-3CD/3CB-3CD. Auditor is required to submit Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Account along with Audit report on new e-filing portal.
  • After the above mentioned attachments are done, auditor would be required to sign them digitally.
  • Click on “Submit.” After being successfully uploaded, the form would be sent to work flow of the assessee for his approval.

The form once uploaded by the auditor would be reflected in the work list of the auditee. The auditee then would be required to login to e-filing portal, go to his work-list and accept/reject the form. Once the form has been accepted by the auditee, it would be successfully submitted and auditee will get an acknowledgement number. The e-filing procedure ends here and no further action is required to be taken

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