John Abraham Net Worth 2020 – Car, Salary, Business, Awards, Bio

John Abraham Net Worth is Rs. 220 Crore INR. John Abraham is one of the greatest, finest and the most famous names in Bollywood and other film industries. He is one of the most versatile actors, and had performed in almost all genres of films. With finest acting comes the finest responsibility, Mr. Abraham has maintained all and that too at the top spot when it comes to acting in Bollywood Cinema.

Here, we will discuss about Mr. John Abraham’s profession, career, businesses, earnings, wealth and most importantly his net worth. Mr. Abraham is an actor-stage performer as well as a film producer of Bollywood cinema and International projects. His first Hindi film was released in the year 2003, from then on until now with his finest acting and simplicity, Mr. Abraham has earned massive respect in film industry, as well as a massive amount of net worth. Net Worth, in simple terms means Current Assets minus Current Liabilities. Let’s have a predicted look over Mr. John Abraham’s wealth which can further give us an estimated amount of his net worth.

John Abraham Net Worth

The total net worth of Mr. John Abraham is estimated to be 34 Million USD, which in Indian Currency is approximately 2205750000.00 Indian Rupee (i.e. approx Two Hundred and Twenty Crore INR). Also the net worth of John Abraham has seen a rise of about 105% over the past few years. Also he endorses various brands and major part of his incomes comes from brand Endorsements and personal Investments. Apart from his earnings and maintaining such a huge net worth, Mr. Abraham is also a great donor when it comes to charity. A large amount of his income is donated to various charity programmes and campaigns. He is also one of the highest tax payers in the country.

John Abraham owns different Businesses apart from acting and film making, which includes:

  • Fat Abraham Burger restaurant in New Delhi
  • Football Team – Mumbai Angels(Indian Super League)
  • Own Brand of Vodka (Pure Wonder Abraham)
  • Perfume and a fashion line called “John Abraham Seduction”.

John Abraham Net Worth

John Abraham’s Assets:

House: John owns a beautiful duplex house in the posh location of Bandra which is located at Mumbai. This house is spread throughout an area of 5,100 sq ft and accomplished in two floors. This house has been designed by Abraham, John & Alan who are his father and brother. They are the men who are behind such luxurious house that has been enhanced with simplistic design.

Cars: John Abraham is very passionate about cars and Bikes. Also, the Car collection of John Abraham is Quite Large. John Abraham owns few of the best luxury cars in the world. The Car brands owned by John Abraham are Lamborghini Gallardo, Audi Q3, Audi Q7 along with Yamaha R1 bike, Yamaha VMAX and Suzuki Hayabusa. The Cost of the Cars ranges between Rs.1.5 Crores to Rs.2.5 Crores.

Average earning/ remuneration:

Estimated net worth Rs. 220 Crore INR
Movie remuneration Rs. 14-15 Crore INR
Brand Endorsement fee Rs. 9 Crore INR
Personal Investment Rs. 890 Crore INR
Income Tax Rs. 22 Crore INR
Luxury Cars and Bikes Rs. 9 Crore INR

Dependency of John Abraham’s Net Worth:

In case of any celebrities, a lot of their earnings depend on fan following. John Abraham is one of the most popular actors in the world of cinema. Apart from acting, Mr. Abraham is also a film producer and holds different businesses across the world. Thus, we can be very positive that the net worth of John sir will keep on growing through the years.

About Mr. John Abraham:

If you are a John Abraham fan, you might know some of the following things about him which are listed below:

John Abraham was born on 17th December, 1972 in the state of Kerala, India. His real name is Farhan Abraham.

John completed his graduation from Jai Hind College, Mumbai and also a post graduation in MBA from Mumbai Educational Trust.

He made his acting Debut with the film “Jism” which was released in the year 2003.

John is the Indian brand ambassador for Brands Like Yamaha and Reebok.

His film Vicky Donor had been honoured by National Award for the Best Popular Film Providing Popular Entertainment. John was the producer of the film.

During his school days, John conceptualized a cell game which was named “velocity”. This game was later programmed by a company named small devices.

First Name John
Last Name Abraham
Full Name John Abraham (जॉन अब्राहम)
Profession Actor
Age 47 years old (2020)
Official Twitter Handel Twitter
Birth Date 17 December 1972
Height: 1.82 m
Birth Place  Aluva
Spouse: Priya Runchal (m. 2014)
Country India
Estimated Net Worth in 2020
220 Crore INR
Estimated Annual Salary 15 Crore

Most popular films

John’s most popular films are as follows:

  • Jism
  • Dhoom
  • Kaal
  • Taxi No. 9211
  • Dostana
  • Luck by chance
  • New York
  • Race 2
  • Madras Cafe
  • Wazir
  • Force 2 and many more

Everyone has got some little secrets or truths about their life but when it is about our favourite person, we develop a keen interest in going through the pages of our favourite person’s life book. We hope we have given you the brief yet attention grasping reading stuff from John Abraham’s life.

At the end, we wish John a successful year ahead with lots of achievements and a good health and lots of love. May he keep achieving his goals and keep growing his net worth always!