Interview of Vivek Choudhary – CS Professional Topper June 2016

Interview of Vivek Choudhary - CS Professional Topper June 2016. Read Interview of CS Professional 1st Ranker June 2016 – Vivek Choudhary.

Raju Choudhary

Interview of Vivek Choudhary

Interview of Vivek Choudhary – CS Professional Topper June 2016.ReadInterview of CS Professional 1st Ranker June 2016 – Vivek Choudhary.Read CS Professional June 2016 Toppers Interview. CS Professional Topper June 2016Vivek Choudhary Interview taken by Team . Recently CS ProfessionalResult is Declared and here we are providing Interviews of CS Professional Toppers June 2016. We also Provide Marksheet or Marks Statement of CS Professional June 2016 1st Ranker – Vivek Choudhary. Now you can scroll down below and Check Interview of Vivek Choudhary – CS Professional Topper June 2016.

Interview of Vivek Choudhary – CS Professional Topper June 2016

Interview of Vivek Choudhary CS Professional Topper June 2016

Q 1. HelloVivek Choudhary, first of all we would like to congratulate you on becoming the 1st rank holder in CS Professional.

Thank you sir!

Q 2. How are you feeling now?


It’s a feeling which I never expected I shall experience. After I saw my result, I was very happy and excited about my performance as I had lived up to the expectations of my parents and made them proud. The feeling of seeing that “PASS” word on the mark sheet is a very big achievement in itself as it is one of the most competitive examinations of the country. The rank glorified it and gave me a very big reason to celebrate.

Q 3. What was your first reaction as soon as you got to know that you have secured 1st rank?

I checked only my result at the website, I did not expect to get any rank. In fact, it was not required since for me becoming a Company Secretary itself was a huge success and it gave me immense pleasure. As soon as the result was declared, I called up my parents and then celebrated with my friends. The news of securing the 1st position came from one of my friends who had actually visited the website to check the top rankers. At first, I could not believe him. Then, I personally checked the website to confirm, and to my surprise, I was there on the top. It was a very different and ecstatic moment for me where I felt that all my hard work and dedication had paid off. It was a perfect gift that day from Lord Krishna. I had to call back everyone to actually share my happiness.

Q 4. Did you inform your parents on phone?

My first call was to my parents simultaneously with two different phones as I could not wait to share the news with them. The have been a constant support and a source of inspiration to me. I idolize my parents as they have given me guidance at every point of time in my life and I feel that whatever I have achieved today is because of their blessings.

Q 5. In this whole journey, who inspired you and whom would you like to thank and make a special mention?

I draw inspiration from various people around me- my parents, some of my best friends and other people as well. I shall specially like to thank my cousin brother who is currently pursuing UPSC examination. He has been a constant support to me, guiding me at each and every step. A big thanks to Ashish Mittal for my success.

Q 6. And who helped you in your studies whom you look forward to.

Since I did not take any tuitions, some of my friends helped me a lot to actually structure the entire preparation. When I started studying, I had absolutely no clue about how should I proceed. One of my cousin brother, Digvijay Kedia helped me a lot with concepts, notes and study resources.

Q 7. Do you Site, How Help you?

This is one of the best forum for clarification of various issues in these professional courses. It brings together the members and aspiring students. I would refer to this forum for clarification on various amendments in tax laws, companies act etc.

Q8. What was your study pattern / strategy that you followed for CS Professional that you would like to share with your fellow members?

CS has a huge and a comprehensive syllabus which may make it difficult to ace this exam. All that is required is persistence, perseverance and a lot of patience. Never give up.

I followed the approach of smart study rather than just concentrating on hard work. Before I sat down for studies, I shall have a look at the previous year papers and gauge the relative importance of each chapter. CS has a very peculiar and interesting pattern. Each of its 9 subjects is linked to one another in some aspect. Many a times, you shall find many chapter that are common or deal with the same topic. Hence, I chose to begin with Company law since that would have covered more than 400 marks in the examination!!!

Regarding tuitions, I did not take any. I just concentrated on self-study and the study material provided by the institute. It’s important that you go through them at least once. I would use private tutors’ material only for last minute revision.

Q9. What are your future plans now after the CS Professional?

I am currently pursuing PGDM (MBA) from IIM Lucknow. I want to be an investment banker. But that is not my ultimate goal in life. My dream is finally to contribute towards the development of the society through education. I believe that education is the guiding light for improved standards of living and if I am asked to define my ultimate goal concisely, it would be to bring out a revolution in education.

Q 10. You might have seen stress among your peers and friends. So, what did you do to cope up with that stress?

Stress is not uncommon in the professional courses and I believe some level of stress is necessary lest you should become casual. To cope up with stress, I would never think of the probable outcomes or never make estimates about my scores. Stress can be best handled through a proper planning and being regular in your studies. Even after giving the exam, I shall never discuss the paper with anybody and start preparing for the next one. It’s also important that you have sound sleep of at least 5 hours during your exams and stay healthy.

Q 11. What would be your message for your juniors and your fellow members?

While pursuing CA and CS, We come across several bogus facts regarding the employment conditions or pay packages and stuff. Also, there are people who talk about the futility of the articleship/training. I shall just like to say that one should avoid such random estimations. CS is still one of the most coveted profession in our country and has now also gained widespread recognition due to amended Company Law. Just concentrate on your technical knowledge and professional development.

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