Interview of Pooja R. Pareek – CA Final Topper Nov 2014, Read Interview of CA Final 2nd Ranker Nov 2014 – Pooja R. Pareek. Read CA Final Nov 2014 Toppers Interview. CA Final Topper Nov 2014 – Pooja R. Pareek Interview. Hi Friends Recently CA Final Result is Declared and here we are providing Interviews of CA Final Toppers Nov 2014. We also Provide Marksheet or Marks Statement of CA Final Nov 2014 2nd Ranker –Pooja R. Pareek. Now you can scroll down below and Check Interview of Pooja R. Pareek – CA Final Topper Nov 2014.

Interview of Pooja R. Pareek – CA Final Topper Nov 2014

Interview of Pooja R. Pareek – 2nd Ranker Nov 2014

How does it feel to be at the top? 

Ans. I am simply happy and very happy because my parents are happy

Did you ever consider gender as a limiting factor/contributing factor in achieving your goal?

Ans. No.


CA Final Topper Nov 2014 Pooja R. Pareek

According to you, what are the intrinsic and external factors contributing to your outstanding success in the final exam

Ans. At first, I would like to thank my parents who have guided me throughout this journey – especially my mom who was aware of my entire schedule and timetable. She was the one who guided me of what tasks I needed to cover up. Th en, I would like to thank my professors who have given me a very good guidance. During my articleship also, I got constant help and support of my principal as well as my seniors. So, the guidance which I got from my parents and during the articleship period – deserves special mention that inspired me throughout this journey.

What strategy/study plan did you follow while preparing for the exam

Ans. First of all for 6 months you have to forget everything apart from studies. Th e fi rst thing is to stop using all social networking sites for 6 months.I made a strategy of not to be in touch with the social networking sites – I even stopped using my smartphone. I had even stopped attending social functions. While studying the practical subjects in the morning, I used to listen songs, which provided good energy for studying. Th en I used to have my lunch and watch TV at the same time -I specially watched comedy shows that helped to freshen up my mind. I kept half an hour each day for myself. During exam studies, I had the habit of taking tea in order to rejuvenate my stamina and sometimes my intake for tea increased from around 6 to 7 cups

Now, the strategy of studies vary from person to person. I used to study only one subject in a day. I used to allot 15 days for each subject and aimed to complete the entire subject within those 15 days only.

How have been the inputs provided by the Institute contributed to your success in the examinations?

Ans. I used practice manual provided by institute and really it helped a lot in examinations. Also attended seminars of Institute, they also helped to clear your concepts.

What are your aspirations for the future? Do you have any specific career choice?

Ans. I would like to do some professional courses and would prefer doing job.

Do you think the Chartered Accountancy Course is the gateway to achieving professional excellence?

Ans. Yes.

How would you motivate the youngsters joining this course?

Ans. It has been almost 5 years now that I have started my journey. People considered CA to be a very boring and lengthy career choice, but for me, these 4-5 years were the most beautiful and memorable moments of my life which I enjoyed throughout the course. I came across new people and got to learn many new things. So I would suggest to join this course and not loose your hope. I would suggest students to take up the articleship seriously and clear one’s concepts in each and every subject which would help to crack one’s examination. Also, one should do one’s work whole-heartedly so as to fulfil ll one’s aspirations

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