Interview of Sanjay Nawandhar – CA Final Topper May 2014

Interview of Sanjay Nawandhar – CA Final Topper May 2014, Read Interview of CA Final 1st Ranker May 2014 –Sanjay Nawandhar. Read CA Final May 2014 Toppers

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CA Final Toppers May 2014

Interview of Sanjay Nawandhar – CA Final Topper May 2014, ReadInterview of CA Final 1stRanker May 2014 –Sanjay Nawandhar.Read CA Final May 2014 Toppers Interview. CA Final Topper May 2014 – Sanjay Nawandhar Interview. Hi Friends RecentlyCA Final Result is Declared and here we are providing Interviews of CA Final Toppers May 2014. We also Provide Marksheet or Marks Statement of CA Final May 2014 1st Ranker –Sanjay Nawandhar. Now you can scroll down below and Check Interview of Sanjay Nawandhar – CA Final Topper May 2014.

Interview of Sanjay Nawandhar – CA Final TopperMay 2014

Interview of Sanjay Nawandhar from Jaipur

Q.How does it feel to be at the top?

Ans. Well, it feels great. A feeling that cannot be described in words. More important because I had missed AIR1 by 1 mark in IPCC. It feels like being a celebrity. Life has changed overnight but I know that though change is overnight but it is a result of years of hard work.

CA Final Toppers May 2014


Q.According to you, what are the intrinsic and external factors contributing to your outstanding success in the final exam.

Ans. Most important factor that helped me succeed was support of my parents and sisters. Then my teachers, who helped me throughout. My friends have also helped me a lot. Proper planning, discipline and hard work were the important ingredients put in by me to achieve this success.

Q.What strategy/study plan did you follow while preparing for the exam?

Ans. The strategy was completion of entire course. All the portions and topics of syllabus were completed. Generally students make the mistake of selective study based on trend analysis. In CA Finals studies, time management is very important because one has to manage articleship training, tuitions as well as self-studies. Students often ask me how many hours did I study? I would like to answer it here that I never set my target in hours but I used to set daily target of work or chapter or portion of syllabus that I have to do. Three readings before the exams and complete reading during the exam was strategy adopted by me.

Q. How have been the inputs provided by the Institute contributed to your success in the examinations?

Ans. Inputs and materials provided by Institute were very helpful. I always used to go through the module to ensure I had completed the entire syllabus. Further the practice manuals are also required to practice the concept learned. The RTPs, Case Laws and supplementary provided for amendments are very important and should always be covered. Further I also practiced question papers of past 4-5 attempts from the Knowledge portal of site of Institute and compared my answers to suggested provided therein to see areas I needed improvement.

Q. What are your aspirations for the future? Do you have any specific career choice?

Ans. I will start my career by taking up a job after evaluating the various options I have.

Q. Do you think the Chartered Accountancy Course is the gateway to achieving professional excellence?

Ans. Yes definitely it is. The thorough conceptual understanding required to clear the exam combined with practical knowledge gained during training makes CA course a gateway to achieve professional excellence.

Q.How would you motivate the youngsters joining this course?

Ans. I would like to say to all youngsters that it is a course that will give you a strong conceptual base as well as practical knowledge in areas of accounts, finance, taxation, corporate law and auditing. CA is a very reputed profession in the society. It will require proper planning, discipline and hardwork to become a CA.

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