Interview of Kunal Jethani – CA Final Topper May 2014

Interview of Kunal Jethani - CA Final Topper May 2014. Read Interview of CA Final 1st Ranker May 2014 Kunal Jethani Read CA Final May 2014 Toppers Interview

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Interview of Kunal Jethani

Interview of Kunal Jethani – CA Final Topper May 2014.ReadInterview of CA Final 1st RankerMay 2014 – Kunal JethaniRead CA Final May 2014 Toppers Interview. CA Final Topper May 2014 – Kunal Jethani Interview. Hi Friends Recently CA Final Resultfor May 2014 Exams areDeclared and here we are providing Interviews of CA Final Toppers May 2014. We also Provide Marksheet or Mark Statement of CA Final May 2014 1st Ranker –Kunal Jethani Now you can scroll down below and CheckInterview of Kunal Jethani – CA Final Topper May 2014

Interview of Kunal Jethani – CA Final Topper May 2014

Interview ofKunal Jethani


Q.How does it feel to be at the top?

Ans. Wow… feels great ……to be part of Chartered Accountancy profession. And when it came with AIR-2 it was just icing on the cake. President of ICAI, Director BOS and all other dignitaries congratulating me personally made my success all the more special and memorable.

Q.According to you, what are the intrinsic and external factors contributing to your outstanding success in the final exam


Ans. There cannot be an exhaustive list of such factors. But surely patience and firm determination are the key pillars to achieve heights in any sphere. Among external factors, on one hand getting well versed with topics, sincere articleship for practical experience and on other hand, keeping in line with amendments help. So, basically it requires mix of both smart and hard-work. And not to forget, I believe along with my hard-work it is blessings of family, friends and all others that has added to it.

Q.What strategy/study plan did you follow while preparing for the exam?

Ans. Strategy was to keep it simple. One or two subjects at a time and understanding basics before

Getting into technicalities of topic is crucial to be in touch of that subject for long-term. Keep in mind that Presentation skills and terminology are as important as theoretical knowledge of subject.

Q.How have been the inputs provided by the Institute contributed to your success in the examinations?

Ans. Definitely, most important factors in my CA final success are publications from Institute, be it practice manual, study material, RTP, book on case laws, journal and all other such informational articles. These go a long way in bridging gap between student’s knowledge of subject and Institute’s expectation regarding level of preparation and manner of presentation. And practical exposure to real business scenario’s provided under articleship is key to refine our theoretical knowledge.

Q.What are your aspirations for the future? Do you have any specific career choice?

Ans. The feeling of becoming member of this fraternity is overwhelming and its taking time to get used to be called “CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT’. There isn’t any specific choice at this moment, because there is much to learn from experts, but surely aspiring to serve industry for coming years and keeping pride and dignity of profession ever so high.

Q.Do you think the Chartered Accountancy Course is the gateway to achieving professional excellence?

Ans. Surely yes, PM Mr Narendra Modi, a great visionary while addressing members on CA day, highlighted the fact that , Chartered Accountants have a great role to play in economic progress of this country. Truly, diverse knowledge that a student acquires during his chartered accountancy course surely goes a long way in building up a strong base for a promising professional career ahead. After completing CA Course, several avenues open up for a Chartered Accountant- be it in finance sector, taxes, accounting and auditing and the list goes on.

Q.How would you motivate the youngsters joining this course?

Ans. Beginners need to firstly love and respect this profession. It is surely one of the toughest courses but they must understand and complement the fact that it is for the same reason, a Chartered Accountant commands the level of respect in society that he actually does. “What’s worth having, is worth fighting for.” Enjoy 4-5 years of student life under Institute and at the same time, realize importance of this period in laying the foundation of your professional career. All the best to all upcoming members of profession!!!!

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