The Covid-19 pandemic has continued to spread all over the world. All learning institutions around the world have been closed, and online learning has is embraced. In such times of the pandemic experience, parents have a role in helping their children in their online studies as they return to the classrooms with a blend of classroom and online learning. Some guardians may opt to keep their children away from school to protect their vulnerable children from contracting the coronavirus until the vaccine is entirely administered to a large part of the population.

There are various ways the parents may help their children learn if their children have some aspect of online learning.  In this article by 123 Homework we have discussed some of the ways parents can use to help their children succeed in their studies.

Provision of a better learning environment

Many people have been distracted from their typical working environments. The people, therefore, work from home due to the coronavirus pandemic. Everyone, including children, has also felt the effect. Every parent is aware of how hard it is to work at home due to distractions. There are also various distractions for the children trying to study and focus on their educational work.

Therefore, parents should provide a user-friendly learning environment for their children to learn without distractions, which will help them focus on their work. For example, a parent may give some spaces with a desk and chair in different rooms such as the children’s bedroom or a corner of their home office. Children are therefore able to learn in their own space.

Researching on various test sites

Children learning online can access various learning resources that help them to prepare for some online tests. Some websites are used in different countries, and they help remind the children of the multiple things they learned throughout schooling. The children will learn with some mock exams and therefore know the area they need to improve to succeed in their studies. 

Develop a schedule

When the pandemic was beginning, many parents designed their homes to fit the schools’ conditions and made some schedules like their children’s school.  The school-type program failed. Children require a learning routine that they can easily adjust to. Stress is minimized when parents get creative, and the children will not quickly get tired as they adapt to the new routine of studying.


Having regular breaks

Parents should give their children some breaks in their studies at home to help the children get bored. The break could be done at an interval of ten to fifteen minutes. Regular breaks help the child to concentrate on their studies.

Communication with the teachers

Some of the schools are conducting online classes for the children to read at home, which helps them be in regular contact with their teachers. When teachers constantly communicate with their students, they bond, and the students can understand whatever their teachers teach them.


The strategies above are some of the main ways children learn and understand their studies well in their online studies.

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