Download Provisional GST Registration Certificate – Important info. GST Certificate will be sent to the user once the GST Registration completed at GST Portal. The Process ofGST Certificate in India has been provided belowImportant information Related to GST Registration Certificate by GST Registration Process is stopped till 24th June 2017, Now GST Registration or GST Migration Window will be re-open from 25th June 2017 and continue for neXt 3 months as per official news by CBEC…..From 27th June 2017 registered dealers can download GST Provisional Registration Certificate by using ARN Number (Application Reference Number). Currently GST Registration Status is also stopped till 25th June 2017. Check more details about this news from below…

How to Download GST Registration Certificate

How can I view or download the Registration Certificate?

To view or download the Registration Certificate, perform the following steps:

1. Login to the GST Portal with the valid credentials.

2. Click the Services > User Services > View or Download Certificates command.


3. The View / Download Certificates page is displayed. Click the Download button to download the certificate.



Open the downloaded certificate to view the Registration Certificate.


Important information Related to GST Registration Certificate by

1. If you are a Taxpayer having received Acknowledgement Reference Number (ARN Number):

  • You should be able to download the Provisional Registration Certificate from “Download Certificates” at GST website from 27th June 2017.

2. If you are a Taxpayer, who has saved the enrolment form with all details but has not submitted the same with DSC, E-Sign or EVC:

  • You will receive the ARN at your registered email ID, if the data given are successfully validated after 27th June 2017.
  • In case of validation failure (data like PAN not matching), you should be able to login at the same portal from 27th June 2017 onwards and correct the errors. You can refer the registered email for details of the errors.

3. If you are a Taxpayer, who has partially completed the enrolment form:

  • You can login at the portal on the above mentioned date and complete the rest of the form.

4. If you are not an existing Taxpayer and wish to register newly under GST

  • You would be able to apply for new registration at the GST portal from 25th June 2017.

Click here to download GST Registration Certificate (Link available from 27th June 2017)

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