How A DUI Lawyer Can Help Your DUI Charge: Have you been caught driving under the influence? If so, you probably have a few weeks until you have to show up to court date. While many people think that there’s nothing they can do about the DUI charge, there is still a strong chance that either the case can be dismissed or the charge can be downgraded. However, you need to know what to do to defend yourself in court properly.

How Hiring the Right Lawyer Can Help

Most people will not have the legal experience to assess the case properly. A DUI lawyer can take a look at your case to evaluate what you can do. There may be mistakes that the police officer may have made, which can help you dismiss your case. If the charge is severe, the lawyer can figure out a way to downgrade the charges.

You cannot just hire any lawyer. You want a lawyer that is experienced with DUI cases. These lawyers have worked with hundreds, if not thousands of clients that have faced the same charges. They understand the complex law surrounding DUI cases. They have gone through the trial and errors and know what works and what doesn’t.

DUI Lawyer

What If Things Seem Bleak?

It may seem pointless to hire a DUI lawyer if you don’t think you have much of a defence for your case. Even if that’s a case, it will help to at least consult with a lawyer to learn about the things you can do to drive again. If you’ve been caught with a BAC of 0.05, then you’ve probably been given a 90-day suspension with a 1-year follow-up suspension.

However, you can still drive within 60 days by signing up for the Ignition Interlock Program. This is a program where you install a device in your vehicle. It works like a breathalyzer, and your vehicle can only be started if you pass the test. If you miss your window to sign up for a program and understand how it works, you’ll have to deal with the lengthy one-year suspension.

The Consequences of a DUI Are Serious

A DUI isn’t something you want to take chances with. On top of the fines, you can expect an immense hike in your auto insurance rates. There may be other consequences like not being able to drive out of a given area. In many cases, it’s far more affordable to hire a lawyer to help you out with your upcoming DUI case.


It’s also possible that your job may be at risk. In Alberta, there aren’t any laws that protect you from being fired if you’ve been convicted of a crime. You don’t want to take the chance of having a DUI on your record. You must get a lawyer if some part of your job involves driving, even if it’s an industrial vehicle.

How A DUI Lawyer Can Help Your DUI Charge

What If Your Offense Isn’t Serious?

In some cases, there may be a plea agreement on the table for minor offences. For example, if your BAC was under 0.05 and you weren’t driving erratically or endangering other people, the charges will not be that severe. You may decide to take a potential plea agreement and figure that it’s not worth hiring a lawyer for your DUI case.

Even in this case, it’s still worth consulting with a lawyer. Don’t forget that your auto insurance premiums can still be affected. You can expect to pay thousands of dollars over several years due to increased auto insurance rates. Minor DUI charges are easier to defend against, so it may be wise to hire a lawyer.

To sum up, a DUI lawyer can help you in many ways. A good lawyer will help you save money, help downgrade serious charges, and keep your record clean. Every situation is different. You might be facing your first or second offense. You may have been caught with a 0.05 BAC or a 0.08 BAC. Whatever the situation is, the best thing you can do is to start talking to a lawyer that can help.


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