The growth of digital currencies has been phenomenal. Thanks to the incredible year that has brought Bitcoin on the pedestal. With passing time, we see many people are getting accustomed to the various digital currency-based terminologies. Many people are now getting lured to digital currency as investors. The onus falls on the popularity of Bitcoin and ETH. We now see a good growth of institutional and private investment in these coins. Everyone wants to leverage the world of digital coins. For such people, they must understand digital coins in a big way.

We also see many people now can understand the various jargon easily. If you are not among such souls, this post is for you. Here you can explore the common terminologies about digital coins.


The coin you hear in digital currency is Bitcoin, and the technology that supports this coin is Blockchain. It is a decentralized ledger responsible for recording the different transactions or information blocks in simple language. Moreover, it is done with proper validation, immutable, and time spread methods. Besides Bitcoin, this technology supports many more digital coins, including ETH and many more other coins.


Altcoin remains an alternative and a coin that further forms the same. It simply refers to a group of digital coins dealing with different alternatives as seen over the coin for forming Altcoin. It often refers to an array of digital coins that are seen coming along with digital coins other than the known BTC. We have more than 5K of altcoins that remain the alternative coins that remain created worldwide.



These are primarily the digital coins that aim to stabilize and have a low amount of volatility. These remain pegged with the currency and the commodity, including gold and any other asset. Some of the top stable coins include Ether, Binance USD, TrueUSD. Fiat, Dai. Crypto, PAX Gold, and HUSD. Fiat.


These often remain the spaces that help collect a wide range of Cryptocurrencies. This further helps in storing and retrieving, and using different Cryptocurrencies. These are of two types – cold and hot. The former operates offline, the latter online. It would help if you had a key to open the same.


These are digital tokens and the abbreviation of non-fungible tokens. These represent several tangible items that come from different collectable sports cards meant for virtual real estate and different digital sneakers. These are often recorded over blockchain technology that remains a distributed ledger that includes decentralized, verifiable and immutable. As per the popular exchange called CoinDesk, this token helps in recording over Blockchain that remains distributed over the ledger. As a result, we have seen people gaining big, which has helped people gain a whopping amount of 70 Million USD.

Satoshi Nakamoto

He is a mystery man or group of people called with this name responsible for investing in Bitcoin. He was the man who came up with the whitepaper in 2009, which he introduced as P2P Cash System. The P2P version of the cash further helps send the online payment option without anyone in the middle to another group. It comes without the support of any financial institution.

It comes with the solution that comes with several lost benefits without having a credible third party that is seen preventing the overspending of the same. It comes with the double-spending solution to this problem using a P2P network. The network offers a good number of people in this regard. Similarly, we have the term – Satoshi in the BTC circles. It is abbreviated as SAT that remains the smallest unit of BTC that goes to around 0.00001 Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Pizza

Remember, the software guy from LA procured two pizzas using 10K of Bitcoins, which is not less than around 365 Million USD today. It came in May, and that particular day is called BTC pizza day.

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