Credit Notes OR Debit Notes to be issued by ISD: A registered person is required to issue credit note or debit note under certain circumstances. GST is considered as an indirect tax for the whole nation that would make India one unified common market. It is a tax which is imposed on the sale, manufacturing and the usage of the goods and services. It is a single tax that is imposed on the supply of the goods and services, right from the manufacturer to the customer.

Credit Notes OR Debit Notes to be issued by ISD

Any input tax credit required to be reduced on account of issuance of a credit note to the Input Service Distributor by the supplier shall be apportioned to each recipient in the same ratio in which the input tax credit contained in the original invoice was distributed. This appears to be a very cumbersome provision. For this purpose, the ISD shall also be required to issue an “ISD credit note” to other establishments, in the same month in which the credit note issued to ISD by any supplier is included in GSTR-6 return of the ISD. Where the amount so apportioned is in the negative by virtue of the amount of credit under distribution being less than the amount to be adjusted, such amount is added to the output tax liability of the recipient. Where the amount of input tax credit distributed by an ISD is reduced later on for any other reason for any of the recipients, the same process shall be followed.

If any credit is distributed to a wrong establishment, it can be rectified by issuing ISD credit note to the recipient to which it was wrongly issued and issuing an ISD invoice for the said amount to the recipient which is correctly entitled for such credit. Both the documents should be reflected in GSTR-6 of the ISD in the same month.

Any additional amount of input tax credit on account of issuance of a debit note to an ISD by the supplier shall also be distributed to the recipients in the month in which the debit note issued to ISD-office is included in the return in FORM GSTR-6.In this case, unlike in the case of credit notes, it is not necessary to distribute the credit to other establishments in the same portion to which credit pertaining to original invoice was distributed.

Section 21 provides that, where the Input Service Distributor distributes the credit in contravention of the provisions contained in section 20 resulting in excess distribution of credit to one or more recipients of credit, the excess credit so distributed shall be recovered from such recipients along with interest.

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