8 tips on how to study company law at IPCC level – IPCC Study Tips. Hello friends we will be discussing 8 tips on how to study company law at IPCC level, these tips can be used by you at any level and for any theory subject. here we are sharing very interesting article on  how to study IPCC Company law, Business etc, You can also watch Video for this article from below link. this article and video is prepared by “CA Neeraj Arora”.  Now you can scroll down below and check more details regarding “8 tips on how to study company law at IPCC level”

8 tips on how to study company law at IPCC level

Tip 1.

From where to study, I have always advocated that the studying should always be done from the modules provided by the institute, the study material of the institute has 170 pages and if you study from that you will have a fair estimate how your paper will look like. Also the updated practice manual is very helpful, for example there are questions on one Person Company and section 8 of the act.

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Tip 2

Fix your target in advance. Believe me if you study with dedication, you can finish the company law in 4 days, given that the only subject you are studying is law. You have to cover 170 pages in 4 days roughly 40 pages in each day that means 40 pages in 12-18 hours, once you have broken the whole procedure into parts you will find it easier to chase the targets. Always remember the quote failing to plan is a plan to fail, so if you cannot plan your targets in advance look out for my video related to the topic of planning.

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Tip 3

Once you have set your target, do not give up. Do not consider it law, and do not consider whether the syllabus is old or new, just start reading, let’s say you have a target of reading 15 pages in 3 hours, keep on reading until you attain the target, do not give up mid-way. Keep the reading casual do not try to retain a lot, just maintain basic understanding levels.

Tip 4

In the second reading, we will start memorizing the chapter, so in the second reading specially law, we will try to retain the sections and case laws, especially those of first chapter, so how to retain these laws? Whatever you read in the first chapter, keep your hand on the text of the book and try to establish connectivity or try to visualize it, only then you will be able to memorize it. Second reading is the most important reading, try to retain whether you read about public company or private company or about section 3. I personally suggest that you remember the case laws, case laws carry both weightage and marks, if anyone guides you that they are not, they doubt your ability to do it. Definitions of OPC, memorandum, prospectus are all important, they must be remembered. Make a list of all the important sections 3,8 12, 14 so on

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Tip 5:

This point will create a USP for you, a unique point separating you from all other examinees, making of charts and summaries in your second or third reading. Which you will make in the exam as well. Now study materials and practice manuals also contain these charts these charts increase the chance of passing. Higher the number of charts, higher the marks, also create short notes side by side, which will help you in the future.

Tip 6

Once you are done with your readings, charts and summaries, you will do the questions, assumes you have done 1 pages, in two hours, in these 15 pages you must have come across some questions, do at least 2 questions with proper format while doing the chapter, in the same manner in which you will be attempting them in the examination. Try to follow the time limit, for every mark you have 1.6 mins, try not to override that. Why you should be doing this? This will increase your confidence, also you will come to know exactly where you stand after learning the chapter.

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Tip 7.

Do not leave the book once you have completed the target, use your mobile or your laptop to make revisionary points or videos for yourself, this will be beneficial for you before you appear for the examination as a situation of panic will not arise

And lastly tip 8

Whenever you appear for your examination, always attempt full 100 marks question paper, without this, it is really difficult to score good marks, regardless of whether you know the answer or not, write something in the answer sheet, use your common sense to answer certain questions with common sense.

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