1. Installing A Cold Air Intake

It is common knowledge that for a car to run efficiently, it needs an adequate supply of air. However, the problem with a majority of inbuilt air intakes (particularly in older vehicles) is not efficient. Therefore, if you are looking for that extra boost, consider replacing the old units with efficient cold air alternatives. 

The million-dollar question is; why cold air? The colder the air the more oomph the engine produces through combustion. In fact, taking this simple step can boost the power from 5 to 20 horsepower. This is not bad. 

2. Performance Chip 

Any recent vehicle (at least those built in the last decade or two) is fitted with inbuilt computers to regulate basic functions such as air to fuel ratio, timing, anti-lock brakes, and more. If there was a way to override factory settings, you can make your engine produce bigger combustion. Although, there is a way to achieve this – that is installing quality aftermarket performance chips. The chips allow users to manually adjust functions. 

3. Replacing The Exhaust 

For combustion to be successful, the engine needs to remove the exhaust (combustion gasses). It is not different from us, human beings. We breathe in air, use it to produce power, and breath out the by-products. However, we cannot run any faster if we replace our noses with a bigger nose, but in vehicles, you will achieve this. In other words, your vehicle will greatly benefit from a higher-flowing exhaust. In fact, it can even improve efficiency. 

This upgrade can work wonders for those with 4 X 4 vehicles (those designed to tackle rough terrain and need all the power produced).

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4. The Spark 

One of the most ignored pieces of equipment in a vehicle is the spark plug. They are small but perform a huge task. The primary function of spark plugs is to provide a spark to enable combustion. However, just like other parts in a vehicle, they wear out and begin to lose efficiency. If you begin to experience spark problems such as ignition misfires, you should replace them immediately. In fact, it is wise to consider replacing them with Iridium units. They conduct electricity just as well as copper plugs but last longer than those of copper. 


5. Use The Power Of Forced Induction 

It is a known fact that a vehicle will benefit greatly from seamless airflow to boost combustion. We know how the Intake and exhaust factors play a huge role. With this, it is time to cover the last piece of the puzzle, which is the forced induction system. This is a system that allows a person to maximize the potential of a vehicle’s ability to increase cold intake, by forcing a large amount of air directly into the engine. 

This is an important upgrade, especially if you are driving a 4 X 4 vehicle. This is an upgrade that should be on your list if you are looking for extra horsepower.

Once you have enhanced the performance of your vehicle add a personalised number plate from newreg.co.uk to complete the upgrade.

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