YouTube is a crowded digital space and has thousands of content creators. Every day thousands of hours of content are uploaded to the platform, and millions of people scroll past it. Only a few videos strike the right chord with the audience and become viral.

Make Your YouTube Video More Attractive

If you look at some of the most viral YouTube video content, you will find a pattern. All of them are pleasing to the eyes and are highly attractive. Irrespective of whether you are creating YouTube videos for marketing purposes or want to gain personal publicity, it is important to take a planned approach to YouTube video making. Here are five tips that will assist you in the path of gaining YouTube popularity.

Procure the Right Equipment

If you feel that your YouTube videos are not attractive enough, chances are that you are using inappropriate equipment. While you do not need to purchase the most expensive camera and lights right away, a foggy or outdated camera will give you hazy results. These days, many smartphones provide stunning 4K quality video recording.

When you intend to use your phone for filming YouTube videos, we recommend that you do your research on the video recording quality of a phone before buying it. If your budget permits, you can invest in a video camera. That way, you can have greater control over the settings and record longer videos without worrying about memory usage.


While procuring the equipment for your YouTube videos, you cannot ignore the role of lighting. A combination of well-placed lights makes the scene brighter and more attractive. Depending on your taste, you can either buy a ring light or go for a series of set lights.

Add Theme Related Elements

Promotional YouTube videos look much more attractive when they have elements that convey the brand identity. These include the use of brand colors, themes, or taglines. If you are creating a YouTube video on a particular festival, season, or based on a current affairs topic, make sure that the video has elements that represent the theme.

For example, the visual appeal of any Valentine’s Day-themed video can be improved by the addition of a Cupid icon. For a video saluting the sacrifice of the COVID warriors, the use of a nude color palette will make it more attractive. Before you get to creating a YouTube video, ensure that you are clear on the intended use of your video. That way, you plan the content accordingly.

Add Music to Your Video

Video simultaneously caters to the audio and visual senses of an individual and is highly popular. The music of a video clip plays an important role in setting the mood for the video and making it attractive. When you create a YouTube video, pay attention to the type of music, its volume, and other finer details.

The placement of your song is another important aspect of video making that you cannot ignore. While some people prefer to place the music at the beginning of the video, others use it to emphasize the end screen. Placing a song in the middle of the video can assist in highlight a crucial junction, show the passage of time, or invoke certain feelings in the viewer.

If you can use the appropriate music, it will allow you to make seamless transitions from the intro to the body of the video or between scenes. If you use a particular type of music in your videos, it will establish a trend and help you to build a digital brand image.

While using music for your YouTube videos, you need to be especially careful and avoid copyrighted music. You can either compose your music or choose from the YouTube media library of royalty-free music. Alternatively, you can pay for the license and use any popular song that you like. Whichever approach you take, it is important to say on the right side of the law when creating your YouTube video.

Do Not Ignore Graphics

Graphics play an important role in deciding the visual appeal, and you cannot ignore their role in YouTube videos. If you are creating a serious explainer video, we recommend that you use brand logo graphics. You can also leverage infographics and other industry-relevant graphics that make you come off as professional.

If you are creating lighter content, you can use silly graphics to induce humor and lighten the mood. On the other hand, if you are working on listicle videos, the use of graphics will make the video better organized and more attractive. It also simplifies matters for those viewers who are keen on taking notes from your video.

If you are looking at the long-term growth of your YouTube channel or brand, then create your graphics or outsource the work to a freelancer. That way, you will come up with a professional logo that followers will recognize immediately. As your brand grows, you can sell merchandise with the graphics or look up other ways of monetizing the popularity.

Use Intros and Outros

Today, an average viewer has much lesser patience than someone in the past and watches a video for a few seconds before deciding if it is worth their time. That is why content creators need to come up with attractive intros that will have the user glued to the screen for more. There are several YouTube intro maker tools that you can leverage to create a buzz in the first 10 seconds of the video.

You can consider front-loading the content so that the best parts of the video are shown in the initial part and viewers are attracted by it. It is also a good idea to leave your viewers in a cliff-hanger at the end of the intro. That way, they will feel curious to watch the ending.

Another tested way to improve the aesthetic appeal of your video is by creating outros. The outros can have CTAs and other relevant content that will break free from the monotonicity of video viewing and give your viewers something to act upon. Outros can also be used to sum up the video content or convey the core message in a visually appealing manner.

With the above tips, you can improve the visual appeal of your video and make it more attractive. That way, you overcome the first hurdle in your path of video creation. Post that, you need to work on optimizing the video content, cross-promoting it, and ensuring that it reaches the target audience. As you take long strides in your path of high-quality video making, we hope that his article was helpful to you.

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