3 Ways to Start Making Money with Youtube: We all enjoy Youtube because you can find answers to all of your questions there – how to make money, how to DIY a random task, find a song by the lyrics that we remember and so on.

Content users enjoy using Youtube because they can make money out of it. If you use your Youtube account the right way and do research, you will find multiple ways through which Youtube will pay you. check out Top 50 Richest Youtubers.

1) Paid promotions 

If you have reached thousands of likes and as many subscribers, you can work with brands and provide paid promotions. Your analytics need to be appealing to a brand to qualify to offer paid advertisements. Brands need the assurance that they will get their money’s worth and get the exposure they seek if they work with you. Having thousands of subscribers and views on Youtube will let them know that promotion on your channel will reach thousands of potential customers.

If you are just starting out, one quick way to get views on your Youtube videos and kick them off to a good start is to purchase them from Buzzvoice. If you want to buy views at an affordable rate, visit their website. Once you have the views, you will be on your way to make money from Youtube through paid promotions.

2) Youtube partner program


Another way that Youtube can pay you is to register to be a part of their partner program. To get money through Youtube premium revenue, you need to curate content watched by viewers who are premium subscribers.

Channel membership- If a content creator is over eighteen and has at least one thousand subscribers, they can make money on Youtube. All a content creator has to do to get paid for having subscribers is to be eligible according to the rules of Youtube. It is why content creators ask people to subscribe to their channels.

Youtube shorts fund- Unfortunately, this applies to content creators that live in particular regions. To qualify for the fund, content creators must be at least thirteen years. Youtube will reach out to the people that they feel are dedicated content creators and produce original work. Your content must cause a buzz in the Youtube community for you to qualify for the fund. Also check Jonathan Pubg Net WorthAmit Bhadana Net Worth and PewDiePie Net Worth.

3) Advertising Revenues

Skipping through ads on Youtube is second nature for most people, but those ads could be the bread and butter that your favorite Youtuber lives on. If you have many subscribers, you will want to appeal to your followers and advertise on your page. The ads can be videos that play before your content, or they could be in the middle of your videos. In addition, multinational cooperations will often want to do overlays on upcoming Youtubers’ content.

To conclude 

There are several ways one can make money on Youtube, but you need to be eligible. If you choose to work with Youtube in the partner program, you will have to jump through hoops. The content you create must meet all their standards, and they will review your page before you are accepted. You could also dedicate yourself to content creation and hope to be picked for the Shorts fund. One sure way to make money on Youtube is to get thousands of subscribers and work with brands.

Youtube is an advertising avenue that many companies are willing to use, and all you need is to convince them that your content will reach their target market. It is easier to grow your subscribers than to qualify as a Youtube partner, so keep that in mind as you look for ways to make money on Youtube.

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