As of 2024, Indian Motivational speaker Vivek Bindra’s net worth is estimated to be $11 million (Rs. 90 crores in Indian Rupees). Bindra has created most of his wealth from his motivational speeches and his business training. He also has clients from 25 countries and he handles over 50 companies and everyone pleases him. He is not looking to stop anywhere soon. It’s looking as if he has just started to raise his bar and he has a long journey awaiting him. Must Check Sandeep Maheshwari Net Worth.

Bada Business Pvt. Ltd. is a company founded by Dr. Vivek Bindra, a renowned Indian motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and business coach. The company offers a variety of services, including corporate training, leadership development programs, and online courses. Dr. Bindra is also the author of several bestselling books on business and management.

Controversy with Sandeep Maheshwari

One of the primary concerns is that Bada Business’s marketing practices are misleading and deceptive. The company often makes exaggerated claims about the success of its programs and the potential earnings of its students. Critics have also accused Bada Business of using high-pressure sales tactics to persuade people to enroll in its courses.

Vivek Bindra Net Worth

There is still a lot you need to know about him so if you want then keep reading. Vivek Bindra is a Motivational speaker and YouTuber who has a net worth of $11 Million (Rs. 90 Crore INR). This figure is based on a variety of sources, including his income from motivational speaking, business coaching, and his company, Bada Business.

NameVivek Bindra
Net Worth (2024)$11 Million
Net Worth In Indian Rupees₹90 Crore INR
Bada business net worth$50 Million
Bada business net worth in Rupees₹410 Crore INR
ProfessionSpeaker, You Tuber
Monthly Income70 Lakhs +
Yearly Income8 Crore +
Last Updated2024
Vivek Bindra Net Worth


This is difficult to pinpoint his entire personal wealth, including investments, properties, and earnings from various sources like motivational talks, books, and YouTube. Estimates range from $10 million to $15 million depending on the source.

Dr. Bindra’s income from motivational speaking is estimated to be around ₹80 Lakhs per month. He also earns a significant amount of money from Bada Business, which is estimated to have a monthly revenue of ₹0.5 crore. In addition, Dr. Bindra owns a number of properties and investments, which contribute to his overall net worth. Must Read Amit Bhadana’s Net Worth 2024 from here.

Bada business Net Worth

As a private company, Bada Business Private Limited’s full financial details are not readily accessible. While public reports indicate a revenue range of 100 crore to 500 crore INR, they may not capture all aspects of the company’s financial health.

Vivek Bindra Assets

House: He holds various properties around the country. He has a very huge and very beautiful house in New Delhi where he currently lives with his family. He has owned many real estate properties in Mumbai and Noida where he goes sometimes.

Cars: He doesn’t have a huge collection of cars but he has a few of them. Some of his cars are really old and relics. He has a Volvo XC90 which is a special car. You may also read Kartik Aaryan Net Worth.

Vivek Bindra Net Worth New

Vivek Bindra Net Worth Growth

The CEO and founder of Bada Business Pvt, Dr. Vivek Bindra has an estimated net worth of $11 Million (Rs. 90 crores Indian Rupees) in 2024.

YearNet Worth (Million)
Vivek Bindra Net Worth in 2024$11 Million
Vivek Bindra Net Worth in 2023$10 Million
Vivek Bindra Net Worth in 2022$9 Million
Vivek Bindra Net Worth in 2021$8 Million
Vivek Bindra Net Worth in 2020$7 Million
Vivek Bindra Net Worth in 2019$6 Million

Vivek Bindra was born on 5th April 1978 in New Delhi, India. He works as a motivational speaker and he also trains others in business management. His motivational speeches were one of a kind and people really admire and listen to his words. He is considered India’s leading leadership consultant.

His early life was not an easy one. After the death of his father his mother married another guy and he was left alone but he never gives up. He was brilliant in his studies and always topped his school. Though he was a bit disgraceful and blunt towards many things that have never stopped him.

Vivek Bindra Social media Accounts

InstagramAlmost 3.5M FollowersCheck Out
YouTubeAlmost 20.8M SubscribersCheck Out
LinkedInN/ACheck Out
PinterestN/ACheck Out


  • Vivek Bindra’ Was born on April 5, 1982, in New Delhi, India
  • Vivek Bindra’s Height is 5 ft 7 in (1.75 m.)
  • Vivek Bindra’s Weight is 68 kg or 150 lbs
  • Vivek Bindra is a Motivational Speaker
  • Vivek Bindra’s Annual Income is 5 Crore +
  • Vivek Bindra’s Net Worth is $11 Million as of 2024


As for the conclusion, we can say Vivek Bindra is a phenomenon. What he is doing today doesn’t seems possible to many. He made his name all on his own, his hardworking spirit and patience paid him big time. Now he is considered a kingmaker who makes gold out of dust. His speeches bring the best out in everyone which makes him special.

He still has a long way to go and we wish him the best of luck for his future. These are just some of the top questions about Vivek Bindra. If you have any specific questions or areas you’d like to explore further, feel free to ask!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the net worth of Vivek Bindra?

Vivek Bindra’s total net worth is around $11 million (Rs. 90 Crores).

How much does Vivek Bindra make annually?

Vivek Bindra earns an estimated salary of Rs 6 Crore Per Year.

What is the monthly salary of Vivek Bindra?

The monthly salary of Vivek Bindra is 40 Lakhs.

Who is Dr. Vivek Bindra?

Dr. Vivek Bindra is a motivational speaker, business coach, and author. He is the founder of Bada Business, a company that provides training and resources to entrepreneurs and business owners.

How old is Vivek Bindra?

Currently, Vivek Bindra is 41 years old (5 April 1982).

What is the height of Vivek Bindra?

The Height of Vivek Bindra is 1.75 M (5′ 7”).

What is Dr. Bindra’s message?

Bindra’s message is that anyone can achieve success in business if they have the right mindset and the willingness to work hard.


Balance Sheet

Assets:9 Crore +
Gold Reserves:50 Lakhs +
Luxury Cars:3 +
Luxury Watches:7 +
Stock Portfolio:7 +
Crypto Investments:5 Lakhs +
Investment:45 Crore +
Royalty Income:30 Lakhs +
Business Income:9 Crore +
Other Income:4 Crore +
Loans & Liabilities:12 Crore +
Annual Expense:40 Lakhs +
Taxes Paid:5 Crore +

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