Amit Bhadana Net Worth 2020 – Youtube Earnings, wiki, Awards, Bio

Amit Bhadana Net Worth is 25 Crore INR: Earlier it was assumed that the people in only technical professions like Doctors, Engineers, Chartered Accountants, etc. could compete in the society and be successful. Nevertheless, this man went against this trend and broke many records just by entertaining the stressful common person; he is none other than Mr. Amit Bhadana. He is also known as India’s Finest Funny Vide Video Star. Now Check Out NET WORTH OF AMIT BHADANA:

He is now the most successful person in his field with a very high income. He has more than 10 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. It is one of the biggest YouTube channel. In terms of number of subscribers, he exceeds the legendary Bhuvan Bam (BB).

Here, we will discuss about Amit Bhadana’s profession, career, earnings and most importantly his wealth and income.

Amit Bhadana Wiki

Amit Bhadana is a YouTube Prankster.

Many people still do not know what a youtuber or Vlogger is and this man has started his living out of it. YouTube is a video sharing website and someone who is a frequent producer and appears in the video is known as youtuber.

Amit Bhadana has completed his Law from Delhi. Initially, he had made a video with one of his college friends and has uploaded the same on Dubmash. In a few days, he found that his video had gone viral. Therefore, he went on exploring this field and uploaded more and more videos and came up with his own YouTube Channel named – ‘Amit Bhadana’. He is now one of the most successful YouTuber and one of the highest earning comedians in the country as well as across the globe. He is having millions of followers on Instagram and Facebook.

Amit Bhadana Net Worth

The total net worth of Amit Bhadana is estimated to be 3.5 Million USD, which in Indian currency is approximately around 25 Crore INR. The major source of his income is his YouTube Channel. He is also earning from the directly paid advertisements which he advertises in between his videos. It has been observed that the net income and net worth of Amit Bhadana has seen a rise of about 1800% in the last year! So amazing, isn’t it?

Amit Bhadana Net Worth

Amit Bhadana’s earnings:

Amit Bhadana’s monthly earnings are between 25k$ to 35k$. Annually, he earns around 150k$ to 180k$. On an average, it comes to around 700$ to 900$, that is approx 40,000 to 60,000 INR per day from YouTube Advertisements.

Amit Bhadana’s source of income and Stats:

For every advertisement played on the YouTube in the form of video, Google pays money to the up-loader. The amount of money paid varies from country to country. The rates are higher in the western countries like USA, Australia, Germany, etc. In India, the advertisement rates are less as compared to the western countries. Therefore, on an average he earns 30USD – 40USD or Rs. 2500 INR for every 1 lakh video views. Also the ad is not played each and every time the video is viewed.

Amit Bhadana’s YouTube Earning and Stats:

Total Video uploads 66+
Subscriber 19+ Million
Video views 151+ Crore
Monthly views 3+ Crore
Estimated Monthly earnings Rs. 16+ Lakhs
Estimated Yearly earnings Rs. 8+ Crores

Amit Bhadana estimated earnings by months

Month Estimated Earnings
August 2020 $ 41.1K
July 2020 $ 28.3K
March 2020 $ 30.4K
February 2020 $ 22.4K
January 2020 $ 76.9K
December 2019 $ 36.2K
November 2019 $ 24.4K
October 2019 $ 64.5K
September 2019 $ 57.9K

Dependency of Amit Bhadana’s Income:

Bhuvan Bam is not less than a celebrity. Also he has the highest number of subscribers on YouTube Channel. Considering his current performance and the annual growth of his channel as well as of the individual, we can be very positive about his net worth which will be growing through the years.

About Amit Bhadana:

If you often visit YouTube, then you might already know some of the things about Amit Bhadana that are listed below:

Amit Bhadana was born on 7th September, 1994 in the capital city – New Delhi, India.

He has completed his schooling from Lovely Buds Public School, Johripur, New Delhi and Bachelor’s degree from Delhi University.

First Name Amit
Last Name Bhadana
Real Name अमित भड़ाना
Profession YouTuber
Age 26 years old (2020)
Official Twitter Handel Twitter
Birth Date 7 September 1994
Height: 1.63 m
Birth Place Bulandshahr (Uttar Pradesh)
Spouse: Not Married
Country India
Estimated Net Worth in 2020
25 Crore INR
Estimated Annual Salary 2-3 Crore


His YouTube channel which has over 20 million Subscribers, which even exceeds the subscriber list of the magnificient BB.

He uploaded his first video on FaceBook and after getting a very good response, he started posting dubbed comic videos. Making and posting videos was not his interest earlier. Even his family wanted him to concentrate on his studies instead of his choosing comedy as a career. However, seeing the overwhelming response from his followers, he became passionate and started working in this field.

He has received Dada Saheb Phalke award for best YouTube Creator of India. His song “PRICHAY” is the record-breaking song of the year 2019. His channel is very hit specifically because of his Haryanvi accent.

Everyone has got some little secrets or truths about their life but when it is about our favourite person, we develop a keen interest in going through the pages of our favourite person’s life book. We hope we have given you the brief yet attention grasping reading stuff from Amit Bhadana’s life.

At the end, we hope and wish Amit a successful & hilarious year ahead.