As of 2024, American football cornerback and wide receiver, Travis Hunter’s Net Worth is estimated to be $6 Million. Travis, a highly triumphant individual, has become the most prosperous person in his occupation through long-term dedication, hard work, and determination. His net worth continues to rise rapidly each year due to endorsement contracts with various labels. 

Hunter’s collaborations have made him an effective figure globally, and are predicted to grow his net worth by 40% in the next 3 years. Travis has overcome challenges and obtained accolades for his outstanding work, validating his skill in his domain. Must Read Floyd Mayweather Net Worth

Travis Hunter Net Worth

NameTravis Hunter
Net Worth (2024)$6 Million
ProfessionAmerican football cornerback
Current team: Colorado Buffaloes football (#12 / Wide receiver)
Monthly Salary$20,000 +
Yearly Income$0.2 Million +
Last Updated2024

Travis Hunter House

Travis (Born in West Palm Beach, Florida, United States) and Leanna have a cozy residence costing $1 Million in Colorado with a stylishly decorated main area, spacious living space, and tastefully designed kitchen. There is also an entertainment cellar with a minibar, foosball table, home cinema, and gaming room. Leanna’s room on the first floor is adorned in pink and white. They also have a guest room upstairs for welcoming family and buddies.

Travis Hunter Income

Travis Hunter Net Worth Growth

Travis Hunter Net Worth in 2024$6.0 Million
Travis Hunter Net Worth in 2023$5.5 Million
Travis Hunter Net Worth in 2022$5.0 Million
Travis Hunter Net Worth in 2021$4.5 Million
Travis Hunter Net Worth in 2020$4.0 Million
Travis Hunter Net Worth in 2019$3.5 Million

Reported Estimates:

  • $2 million: This figure is often cited by sources like Forbes and Net Worth Club India, likely based on traditional athletic earnings like scholarship value and potential endorsements.
  • $30,000 per game: Some reports mention earning this amount during his time at Jackson State, though the accuracy of this specific figure is unclear.
  • $700,000 annual earnings: Again, this estimate lacks concrete confirmation but aligns with potential income from NIL deals and scholarships.

NIL Value:

  • $1.8 million: Hunter ranks #4 among college football players in terms of NIL valuation according to This includes potential endorsement deals, sponsorships, and other commercial opportunities.
  • Total NIL valuation of $5.3 million: This figure, from Bleacher Report, combines Hunter’s individual NIL value with the NIL value of Deion Sanders’ son, Shedeur Sanders, who transferred to Colorado alongside Hunter.

Travis Hunter Facts

  • Born: 18 May 2003, West Palm Beach, Florida, United States
  • Age: 20 years old
  • Current team: Colorado Buffaloes football (#12 / Wide receiver)
  • Education: Collins Hill High School
  • Class: Sophomore
  • Major: Psychology
  • Height: 6 ft 1 in (1.85 m)
  • Weight: 185 lb (84 kg)
  • Profession: NFL Player
  • Annual Income: $1,772,059
  • Net Wealth: $6 Million as of 2024


What is the net worth of Travis Hunter?

Travis Hunter’s net worth is around $6 Million.

How much does Travis Hunter make annually?


Travis Hunter earns an estimated salary of $0.1 Million per Year.

How much does Travis Hunte per match salary?

He charged $30,000 per game.

What is the age of Travis?

Travis is 20 years old. (b.18 May 2003)

How tall is Hunter?

Hunter is 1.85m tall.

What is the eye color of Travis Hunter?

Travis Hunter has black-colored eyes.

Is Travis married, and with whom?

No, he is unmarried but is in a relationship with Leanna.


Travis Hunter Balance Sheet

Assets:$1,00,000 +
Inheritance:$5,00,000 +
Gold Reserves:$50,000 +
Luxury Cars:1+
Luxury Watches:2+
Stock Portfolio:$7,00,000 +
Luxury Yachts:1+
Crypto Investments:$5,000 +
Investment:$1,00,000 +
Business Income:$1,00,000 +
Other Income:$2,00,000 +
Loans & Liabilities:$50,000 +
Annual Expense:$15,000 +
Taxes Paid:$30,000 +

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