As of 2024, American promoter and former professional boxer, Floyd Mayweather’s Net Worth is estimated to be $460 Million. As we have mentioned, Floyd Mayweather’s Net Worth is around $460 million. Recently when he fought with Logan Paul, it is believed that he got $ 30 million for this fight. It was his lowest earning in the last 10 years, mostly earning him over $100 million per boxing fight. Although he is saying that he has retired for the last time, even before this he has made such an announcement thrice. Must read Tony Bellew Net Worth.

Floyd Mayweather Net Worth

The famous American promoter Floyd Mayweather has a net worth of $460 Million. According to various online resources (Wikipedia, Forbes), the most popular American promoter Floyd Mayweather estimated a net worth of around $460 Million.

NameFloyd Mayweather
Net Worth (2024)$460 Million
ProfessionAmerican professional boxer
Monthly Income$3 Million +
Yearly Income$37 Million +
StanceOrthodox stance
BirthPlaceGrand Rapids, Michigan, United States
Career end26 August 2017
Last Updated2024
Floyd Mayweather Jr Income

Do you know that his father was also his manager and coach from the beginning of his life till 2013, Floyd Mayweather fired him from both jobs in 2013, and then after 1 year, he came back again as a coach. As far as retirement is concerned, he is currently retired but there is no confidence in his retirement because he has taken retirement in 2007, then after that, he has taken retirement in 2010, after that he has taken retirement in 2015, and then in 2020 to take retirement again.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Earnings Sources

Boxing Career:

  • Fight Purses: Mayweather’s legendary undefeated record and pay-per-view prowess translated into astronomical fight purses. His bout against Manny Pacquiao alone generated a record-breaking $400 million in revenue, with Mayweather earning a reported $250 million.
  • Endorsements: Major brands like Nike, Hublot, and EA Sports lined up to be associated with the undefeated champion, contributing millions to his income through lucrative sponsorship deals.


Business Ventures:

  • Investments: Mayweather’s savvy investments in real estate, music, and fitness centers have become a significant source of passive income. His astute business decisions have solidified his financial empire beyond the ring.
  • Promotions: Mayweather Promotions, his own boxing promotion company, generates revenue through organizing and promoting fights, adding another layer to his financial portfolio.

Post-Retirement Activities:

  • Exhibitions: While officially retired from professional boxing, Mayweather still participates in lucrative exhibition matches, showcasing his skills and drawing in large crowds, generating significant income.
  • Public Appearances: He commands high fees for guest appearances at events, conferences, and openings, capitalizing on his celebrity status and public demand.

Other Sources:

  • Merchandise: His own clothing line, “The Money Team,” generates revenue through sales and licensing deals.
  • Social Media: With millions of followers, Mayweather could potentially monetize his online presence through sponsored content or partnerships, though the extent of this is not publicly disclosed.

Floyd Mayweather Net Worth Growth

YearNet Worth (Million)
Floyd Mayweather Net Worth in 2024$460 Million
Floyd Mayweather Net Worth in 2023$423 Million
Floyd Mayweather Net Worth in 2022$385 Million
Floyd Mayweather Net Worth in 2021$375 Million
Floyd Mayweather Net Worth in 2020$355 Million
Floyd Mayweather Net Worth in 2019$320 Million


What is the net worth of Floyd Mayweather?

Floyd Mayweather's total net worth is around $460 Million.

How much does Floyd Mayweather make annually?

Floyd Mayweather earns an estimated salary of $30 Million per Year.

How much does Canelo make per fight?

$30 million – $40 million.

What is Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s nickname?

Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s nickname is Money.

How old is Floyd Mayweather?

Currently, Floyd Mayweather is 47 years old (24 February 1977).

Has Floyd Mayweather Jr. ever lost a fight?

However, some people believe that he lost his fight against Jose Luis Castillo in 2002.

What is the height of Floyd Mayweather?

The height of Floyd Mayweather is 1.70 m. (5’ 7”).


Balance Sheet

Assets:$100 Million +
Inheritance:$3 Million +
Gold Reserves:$1 Million +
Luxury Cars:10 +
Luxury Watches:20 +
Stock Portfolio:$500,000 +
Luxury Yachts:3 +
Crypto Investments:$2 Million +
Investment:$200 Million +
Royalty Income:$4 Million +
Business Income:$100 Million +
Other Income:$5 Million +
Loans & Liabilities:$2 Million +
Annual Expense:$3 Million +
Taxes Paid:$2 Million +

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