As of 2024, American football wide receiver, CeeDee Lamb’s net worth is estimated to be $25 Million. CeeDee Lamb has made a successful career in the football industry where he has just started a couple of years ago in this field. He has made this much net worth in a short period because he has signed a major contract with the Dallas Cowboys. He has signed a contract with the team for $14.01 million for four years. It has also included an amount of $7.7 million signing bonus.

CeeDee Lamb makes money from the contract amount that he receives from professional football teams for playing football. As per the reports, he has made a net worth of $21 million with millions of dollars annually. It was their first contact with the team and he is going to sign his net contact for a high amount. Must Check Tony Romo Net Worth.

CeeDee Lamb Net Worth

NameCeeDee Lamb
Net Worth (2024)$25 Million
ProfessionAmerican football wide receiver
Monthly Income $1,50,000 +
Yearly Income $2 Million +
Current teamDallas Cowboys (#88 / Wide receiver)
Dates joined2020 (Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Cowboys), 2017 (Oklahoma Sooners football)
Receiving yards 3,616
Last Updated2024
CeeDee Lamb Biography

CeeDee Lamb is one of the rising football players in the industry. He has played college football for The Oklahoma Sooners football and performed well on the college football team. He was selected for the professional team Dallas Cowboys in 2020. He was selected in the 2020 NFL Draft in the National Football League.

He has signed the contract with this team for an amount of $14.01 million for four years with a $7.7 million signing bonus. He has been playing football for the Dallas Cowboys since his selection to the football team. He plays football as a wide receiver. He played a good match in his debut performance when he played against the Los Angeles Rams on NBC Sunday Night Football. He has also played 2021. In the first week of the season, he played against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.


He has played good college matches and became one of the leading players in the college. He became a Pro Bowl in 2021. He has gained popularity in the industry because he has given good performances during professional matches. He started playing football a couple of years ago professionally and made a good start in his career. Must Read Lamar Jackson Net Worth.

CeeDee Lamb Net Worth Growth

YearNet Worth (Million)
CeeDee Lamb Net Worth in 2024$25 Million
CeeDee Lamb Net Worth in 2023$23 Million
CeeDee Lamb Net Worth in 2022$21 Million
CeeDee Lamb Net Worth in 2021$19 Million
CeeDee Lamb Net Worth in 2020$17 Million
CeeDee Lamb Net Worth in 2019$16 Million

As of 2024, CeeDee Lamb’s estimated net wealth is over USD 25 Million. This makes him one of the richest celebrities in the United States. CeeDee Lamb’s net wealth has consistently increased over the years and it’s expected to continue growing in the coming years. His wealth has more than doubled since 2022, showing his enduring popularity and business acumen.

CeeDee Lamb has been featured by Forbes as one of the highest-paid American American football wide receivers, showcasing his immense commercial success. I hope these answers provide you with a good overview of CeeDee Lamb’s wealth and its various aspects. If you have any more specific questions related to his wealth, feel free to ask!

These are just some of the top questions about CeeDee Lamb. If you have any specific questions or areas you’d like to explore further, feel free to ask!

CeeDee Lamb Income

CeeDee Lamb Facts

  • CeeDee Lamb’ Was born on April 8, 1999, in Opelousas, Louisiana, United States
  • CeeDee Lamb’s Height is 6 ft 2 in (1.88m)
  • CeeDee Lamb’s Weight is 99 kg or 200 lbs
  • Profession: American football wide receiver
  • CeeDee Lamb’s Annual Income is $3,502,503 +
  • CeeDee Lamb’s Net Worth is $25 Million as of 2024


What is the net worth of CeeDee Lamb?

CeeDee Lamb’s total net worth is around $25 Million.

How much does CeeDee Lamb make annually?

CeeDee Lamb earns an estimated salary of $1 Million per Year.

What is the Monthly salary of CeeDee Lamb?

The height of CeeDee Lamb is 1.88m. (6’ 2”)

What is the eye color of CeeDee Lamb?

CeeDee Lamb’s eyes color is Black.

How old is CeeDee Lamb?

Currently, CeeDee Lamb is 24 years old (8 April 1999).

What is the height of CeeDee Lamb?

The height of CeeDee Lamb is 1.88m. (6’ 2”).


Balance Sheet

Inheritance:$0.3 Million +
Gold Reserves:$50,000 +
Luxury Cars:2 +
Luxury Watches:10 +
Stock Portfolio:$0.3 Million +
Luxury Yachts:1 +
Crypto Investments:$100,000 +
Investment:$20 Million +
Royalty Income:$6 Million +
Other Income:$20,000 +
Loans & Liabilities:$0.5 Million +
Annual Expense:$250,000 +
Taxes Paid:$25,000 +

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